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?, ? ? I Private TOMMY LOXTON, Son of Mr and'Mra W. S. Loxton, Central Buildings, who was Frost- bitten at the Dardanelles November 29th, 1915 Trooper YERNIE PRICE, Son of Inspector and Mrs Price Enfield, who was wounded during the campaign in German South West Africa. Trooper Price was in South Africa when the war broke out. He was com- mandeered in October, 1914, and at- tached to the Vrybied Commando under General Emmetl for operations against the Dutch Rebels in the Orango River Colony. He was present at the capture of the Rebel Leader De Wet's two sons at Botba's Paths. He also took part in the battle of Vrida TRridge, where the rebels numbered 800 men against 500 of the Vrybied Commando, In this. affray, the rebel General Wesel was cap- tu'ed and tberemmants of bis followers were taken prisoners. The fight iasted for 16 hours, and it was bete that our young townsman was wounded. A blow with the butt-end of a rifle inflicted by a rebel rendering him unconscious, and he suffered terribly from an internal injury, before be waa removed to the base hospital at Vrida. After two weeks at Vrida, flospital be wa"! sent to the D. L. L Hospital at Durban. After a stay of three weeks at Durban recover. ing, he was drafted into the 4th Mounted R)fL?s under Genera! Sir John Duncan Mackprz'e for further active service :n German South West Africa. They embarked on the transports from Cape 'rOWl1 fur Watnsb Bay. From WnISsh Bay they began their trying march for Windauk across the, desert. They were for nearly 8 weeks in a desert being hampered continuaUy by the German aeroplanes and mines and fight. ing with the enemy. They lost hundreds of horses and men owing to the scarcity of drinking water, as the enemy bad poisoned all Lhe WeHs. Young Price was taken bad on the desert, his old injury at Vrida. Bridge being the comptaint, but he pluckily held out, and took part in the great Batt!e of Gibbon. White General Mackenzie marched on Wmdauk from the coast, General BoLba was marching across t.he Kalahari Desert. Eventua!Jy after fierce fighting they surrounded the German forces at Windauk, and captured the town, and took over 3,500 prisoners. Price was taken from Windauk to Shark Island Hospital, where he was operated on. After a stay in the hospital of ten weeks, be was well enough to be transferred to the Maitland Hospital at Cape Town. On his discharge from this hospital the campaign against the Germans bad ended in a complete victory for General Botba's forces. After his trying ordeals, young Price was granted leveto visit the Old Country to recuperate bis health. We all welcome Vernie back to our midst, after doing his dutto his King and country in the wilds of South Africa.