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BARMOUTH. Sale of Work.-Our readers should not forget to visit, the sale of work, which is to be held on Wednesday next (December 1st) at the Caersalem Schoolroom, full particulars of which can be seen in our advertising columns. The Army.—Mr John Lewis, son of Mr John Lewis, Ceilwart, Llanaber,who is at present employed as Traffic Inspec- tor on the Birmingham and Midland Tramways, has joined the North Midland Royal Engineers. Christmas and New Year Cards, large assortment of patriotic and local views just arrived. Albums of private XmaS" cards sent ou b for selection to any address. Don't forget your friends in the Trenches.—E. DAVIES, Bookseller, 1, Belle Vue Arcade, Barmouth. Enlisting.—Mr Abel Roberts, Gollen, Northfield Road, who has during the last seven years been in the employ of Mr J. N. Roberts, Inveruga, has joined the Army Service Corps (Motor Trans- port Branch), and left on Monday last for Wrexham. Advertising the Town.The Adver- tising Committee have set apart a good sum of money for the advertising of the town as a winter resort, and such adver- tisements have already appeared in a number of the leading provincial news- papers. I Puneral.-The Funeral of the late Mr Griffith Jones, Brynmair, Llanaber, took place on Friday last at the Horeb C.M. Cemetery, Dyffryn, the officiating ministef being the Rev. E. Afonwy Williams, pastor of Park Road C.M. Chapel. The duties of undertaker were carried out by Mr Richard Roberts, Ivy House. Barmouth Red Cross Meeting.—The first weekly meeting of the above was held in the Belle Vue Hall onWednesday last, Nov, 17tb. There was a good attendance, mostly of the ladies who worked so hard last winter. The following garments and donations were received :-Miss Snow, Beach House School, 5/ Miss Castle, do., 2/6 and 1 pair socks; Miss Dorothy Barton, Graigfacb Cottages, 2 pairs mittens. The undermentioned garments were handed in complete for forwarding to Headquarters :—16 prs. socks, 2 prs. mittens, G prs. cuft's, 2 prs. pyjamas.—It was arranged to hold the meetings in future ättheChurcbHall at 2 p.m.every Wednesday (kindly lent for the purpose by the Rector. More help in knitting socks and, making garments is desired. --GWENDOLYN E DENTOK, Hon. Sec. Home from the Dardanelles. On Friday night, Private Tommy Owen, Snowdon View, who was with the 1/7 R.W.F. at the Dardanelles, and was wounded on August 10th, arrived home for ten days furlough. PLe. Owen bad for the last six weeks been a patient at a hosdital at Whitchurch, near Cardiff. Christmas Cards.—Have you ordered I your Private Crrds ? The most up-to- date are as nsual at J.Evans & Nephew, High Street. Wonderful 1/- boxes, &c. —Adv. I Cutiau.—Nos Wener nesaf am 7 o'r ¡ gloch traddodir darlith yn y Cutiau gan y Parch. Gwynoro Davies ar ei ddi- hangfa drwy Belgium atteg toriad allan y rhyfel. Gwneir casgliad at anfon anrheg i fechgyn y Cutiau sydd yn y fyddin. Dowch yn llu. Police Court.—The oply cases down for bearing at the monthly petty sessions held on Friday last before Alderman T. Martin Williams and Morris Evans, Esqrs,, were in which Evan Evans, Siloam Buildings, Bar- mouth, and Edward Price, Level Crossing, Dyffryn, were summoned by John H. Lewis, Sohool Attendance Officer for the Barmouth and district School Managers, with neglecting to send their children to school regularly Both cases were adjourned for a month so as to enable both parents to have an opportunity of improving in sending their children to school. Enlargements.—There is nothing like a good enlargement of absent friends. Evans & Nephew,High Street, supplies a beautiful black and white en- largement, 18 x 14. Complete in oak frame forlO/- Art Picture House.—Episode 6 of The Master Key" :The young mining engineer at once concludes that either Ruth or the conspirators, or both, have recently occupied these rooms. He is informed of the mysterious abduction of a young woman, the description of whom tallies exactly with that of Ruth. The hotel detective and Dore search Chinatown. They see Drake enter a Chinese shop, and follow him. Mean- while, Mrs DarnaU and • Wilkerson, having discovered that the deeds are not in Ruth's possession, send Drake to win her confidence. While Dore goes for police assistance, Sing Wah escapes with Ruth to the bay. The police raid the opium den, but a Chinese woman pulls a trap and drops Dore and the detective into the water under the den. Swimming to a boat, they reach the bay, and discover Ruth in the clutches of Sing Wab. Ruth is rescued by her lover. Tha Snowdrop Band.—A miscellan- eous meeting was held at the Caersâlem Schoolroom on Thursday, under the presidency of Miss M. Jones Owen. The hymns were given out by Misses Gwen Lloyd Jones and Lottie Owen. A portion of the Scriptures was read by Miss L. A. Richards. Pianoforte solos were given by Misses Gwennie Morsh, Hilda Thomas and Beti Lewis, also recitations by Misses GwennieWilliams, Lloydie Griffith and Gracie Richards. Miss Jones, Aelfor Cottage, read a paper on The War." A solo was rendered by Miss Maggie Roberts. The duties of secretary were undertaken by Miss Nellie Jones. The Late Mrs Jones, Hyfrydla.— The remains of the late Mrs Jones, Hyfrydle, were laid to rest at Llanaber Churchyard onWednesday last, the 17th inst. The chief mourners were Mrs Williams End Miss Vaughan, l,Handlith Terrace Mrs and Miss Pugb, Fernleigh; Mr and Mrs Jones, Bodgwilym Mr,Mrs and Miss Davies, Fronbyfryd Mr and Mrs Jones, Auckland House Mr Morris Jones (son); Miss Mary Jones(daughter) Owing to circumstances, Mr Ed. Jones, Manchester (brother), could not attend. The officiating ministers were the Revs. Gwynoro Davies, E.VaughanHumphreys and E. Afonwy Williams. The family wish to thank all kind friends for the sympathy with them in their bereave- ment. The Dardanelles.—A letter from Private William B. Griffith, Vulcan Villa, to bis parents (Mr and Mrs Robert Griffith), states that he shares his little dug-out in the East with Sergeant Ed. Price, Glasfryn John Pat-i-y Jones, Glanyllvn; Edward Thomas, Church Place Robert Henry Lewis, Brynawel W. R. Lewis, Glanywerydd Cottage; and Tommy Loxton, Central Buildings. Private Griffith adds that they had a Church parade, and a Welsh service afterwards which was conducted by the Rev. Idwal Roberts. Boy Scouts Association (Barmouth Branch).—Following the inauguration of the Boy Scouts Moyement which took place at the Belle Vue Hall a fpw weeks ago, a meeting was held at the Council School on Wednesday, November 17th, when Mr Thos. W. Piggott, J.P., Pron- aig, presided. Previous to commencing the business of the meeting, the Bar- mouth Troop of Scouts, numbering twenty-six, were addressed by the Rev. Gwvnnrn Dnvips. Mr Thns W Piorcrnffc J -1 no ? J.P., Alderman T. Martin Williams, J.P., and Mr Ernest Lloyd. The boys stood smartly at attention while the speakers impressed upon their young minds the importance at all times, under all cir- cumstances, of playing the game"—be honest, straightforward, clean in body and mind, in fact, live up to the excel- lent requirements of the Scout Law." By so doing they would be more manly and grow up to be better citizens in every way. The boys paid the greatest attention to the several speakers who spoke in a lucid simple manner. We venture to prophesy that some of the excellent advices given will be remem- bered by the boys for a long time to come. After the boys were dismissed, Mr T. W. Piggott was unanimously elected to the chair. Mr Piggott explained the purport of the meeting, viz., to further what he considered to be one of the best movements that could be started in the town. ELECTION OF OFFICERS. The following officials were then elected President, Mr T. W. Piggott, J,P. Vice-president, Alderman T. Martin Williams, J.P. Treasurer, Mr Rees Jones, Moss Bank. Scout Masters, Messrs D. Caradoc Evans, D. R. Williams, and Owen, National Provincial Bank. Secretary, Mr J. Jones, The Library. COMMITTEE. It was decided to form a committee of nine, with all the officers as ex-officio members. The following were elected Mrs 0. W. Morris, Glanglasfor; Mrs Roberts, Inveruga Mrs Davies, Haul. f i-yn the Rev. R. Lloyd Roberts, M.A., R.D., the Rev. Gwynoro Davies, Mr D. Roberts, manager, N.P. Bank; Mr Ernest Lloyd, Micymor and Councillor R. W. Jones, Meirion House. It was resolved that the Committee should provide the Troop with hats, ties, knots, badges and staves in the first instance and that the rest of the kit, pants, shirts, &c be supp.ied later on. In most places the boys have to supply their own kit, and it is expected that the Barmouth boys will provide some of the necessary articles. Arrangements will have to be made later on for a week's camping, for which j it will be necessary to accumulate a fund; this was generously started at the meeting and includes :— £ s. d. Mr T. W. Piggott 2 0 0 Mrs O. W. Morris 1 1 0 Mrs Morgan, Ballymacora 1 1 0 Miss Patchett, Alltfawr 1 1 0 Sir Edmund Buckley 10 0 Mr Ernest Lloyd, Minymor 0 10 6 Mr H. J. Wr-ht, J.P 0 10 0 Rev. Gwynoro Davies 0 5 0 Mr J. Jones, The Library 0 5 0 Mr G. E. Owen 0 2 6 Mr Richard Davies, Fronbyfryd 0 2 0 Miss Jones, Minafon 0 1 0 Mr M. G. Roberts 0 1 0 ze8 0 0 Should there be any others who feel an interest in the welfare of the boys, and wish to support the movement, any contribution to the funds will be grate- fully acknowledged through the medium of the Barmouth Advertiser. I