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Pi p3,F1t,-ne)'c; t;:3. Apartments, c o m f o i ■ t ab! e PI o id e A like Apartments. Hi?h?y recom- mended. Sea and mountain view. S n n n v aspect. Centrally situated.— MBS.CAPT. OWEN, Liys Llewelyn, Bar- mouth. Board OR APARTMENTS.—Mrs. .) Henry Freeman, Glanmeon, Bar Closc? to Sl,-i t I,on month, Close to Beach and Station Bar- Ii mouth. Close to Beach and Station. Sea and mountain view. Ap- ply, Mrs David Owen. APARTMENTS.—43ea and Mountain A_ View two minutes' wa!k to Promenade. South aspect. Large airy rooms. Terms Moderate. — riIrs E, HUMPHREYS, 1, Fronfelen Terrace Barmouth. ROSEl HILL, BARMOUTH.—Com- fortable Apartments—or Board. Central position. Highly rccommencied. Apply- Mrs EDWARDS. p *0 0 M F 0 RTABLE APARTMENTS  Moderate terms. Central position Close to Beach and Station. For terms, etc., apply J Office of this paper.  AP ARTDfENTS.-Comfortahle Home- ? HkeApartrnents. Highly recommended Sea and Mountain view Sunny aspect. 1 mile walk. Apply, Mrs R. Davies, Fronhyiryd Llanaber. Barmouth. e- ■JO E! A R M HOUSE APARTMENTS—TO LET. Henclrecloehydd "Farm, LIanaber. 2 sitting room and 3 bedrooms. Beautifully situated. Sea and mountain view. 5 minutes walk to sea, about If miles from Barmouth station. Apply—Mrs J. Morns APARTMENTS or Furnished House. .A Foot Dinas 0!eu. Grand views. Phillips, Sea View. GENTLEMAN'S FURNISHED House to be let, with linen and silver, containing 3 reception rooms, 8 bedrooms. Standing in its own grounds and having an elevating situation, overlooking Cardigan Bay. Apply L," office of this paper. A PARTMENTS.-Aceommodation for Cyclists. 3 minutes' walk from Beach Station and Post Office. Bath (hot and cold, Mrs Sergt. Rowlands, River's Lea Barmouth. FURNISHED House.—To let.—8 bed- rooms, b entertaining roonis, oath (h.&c.). 2 or 3 rninutes walk from sea front and station. Sea and mountain view. Apply-" ,V. office of this paper. BURNISHED HOUSE TO BE LET. & 4 Sitting Rooms, 12 Bedrooms. Bath, etc- Every convenience. Mountain and Sea view. Apply, Mrs. Mobley, 8 Porkington Ter Apartments. — isgoed, Marine j? Road, Barmouth, Apply, Mrs. T. Parry. BRONLLYS, Marine Ro,,i(I.-Corn fort- able apartments, near sea. 7 bedrooms, Terms moderate. Apply, Mrs Breeze. Apartments.—with or without A_ Board. CvclistsAccommoda?ion. colc,Mi-s Evan Wil- liams, Bodlyn, Barmouth. APARTMENTS. — Count) y House -1.1 JL'< .t- :"J. lOUD,) J ou"e A APARTMENTS. Bathroom, (hot and cold. Sea view. ennis. Apply, D. E. Davies, Barmouth. ,& W PARTMIINTS.-Snowdori View, Bar- mouth. Close to Beach and Station. Sea and mountain view. Apply, Mrs B. O well MONA, BARMOUTH, entrance to .iU. Promenade. Facing sea. Board or Apartments. Terms reasonable. Home com- orts. Apply, Arundale, Proprietor. A PARTM.I-DNTS.-Close to Promen- r"i- ade and Station. Moderate terms. Apply, Mrs Morris G. Roberts, Henddol, Northlield Road. f P ARTMENTS.-Pem broke House '.i Barmoutb, 10 Bedroom 3 Sitting-rooms. Commands an excellent view oft he Estuory and Cader Idris Range of Mountains. Five Minutes walk from Station and Two Minutes from Beach Apply,—Mrs Inspt. Watkin. Owen.. WHITFIELD HOUSE, The Estuary, Barmouth. Facing the far-famed Bar- mouth Bridge, with excellent views of the sea, river Mawddacli and the Cader Range. Bath, hot & cold. Terms moderate, Apply— Mn; Richards. APAH,rrMENTS-I, Sea View Ter- race, Barmouth. Comfortable apartments. Excel lent views of sea and mountains. Apply—Mrs Pugh. ■Hm II HI | || ,| 11|| I III! Ill r .—-M. TO BE LET. FinO BE LET.—Riverscot, Aberam- JL ffra. 2 Reception, 4 Bedrooms, Bathroom, c%-c. Rf?i)t £2J. Apply- Edsviu Biakey, Barmouth. ,| I rJ'° .Bm LET.-c-t>T,o 5, Ðoctm's Build- jL ings. Rent 5/- a week. Apply— Edwin Blakey, Surveyor and Estate Agent, Barmouth.  HNISHmD HOUSE TO LET.— J? The House contains 2 Sitting Rooms and 7 Bedrooms. 2 or 3 minutes walk from Sea-front and Station. Terms moderate. Apply R.' of this paper. TO BE LET—MASONIC HALL BAR- Ld:J liJl.-J:1hc ul' v J.. 1 ..lJ :'it\. MOUTH. Large Room suitable for Pnb- lic Meetings, Auctions, Soirees, Concerts, &c. Terms moderate. Apply,—Secretary, Meirion house, Barmouth. (11013ill L'ET.— Arvon View, Bron- I o tii 12lb of May, 1915. Rent ilig 10 0. Apply,— G. E. Owen, Wern, Barmouth. I r 'O-BJ-IJEll.-=N 2, G¡'vwe).ydd JL Terrace, Beach Road. Apph-— Evan Griffith, Cambrian House. Cl,-It-il,,)I.ittl ?ITLouse. 10 BE LET OR SOLD-No. 4,F?n- l fc!('n Terrace, BarmouLb (House and Garden). The Housp is in good con- dition and the garden affords an exce.. leut building site, having a frontage to wo main roads in the best part ot the town. Apply on the premises. TO BE LET FURNISHED —Sonny- JL side, Fairbourne, Merionethshire, during June, July and September. Close to Bencb, Station, Golf Links, and Tennis Courts. House contains 4 Bed- rooms, 2 Sitting Rooms, H. and C. Bath and usual offices. Moderate terms. Apply—" S," Office of this paper. BURNISHED HOUSE TO LET 3 receptions, bath (h. & c.). Terms moderate. Apply—Mrs Williams, Fron- fair, Llanfair, Harlech. TO BE 5QHi!3> FOR SALE.—Good assortment of genuine Antique Furniture, &c. Apyly, R. Roberts, Ivy House. VISITORS SHOULD NOT MISS' THE DELICIOUS GARDEN TEAS, ?j?A i ? l7..? ? l. A 0 LUNCHEONS, &c. JU 'U ?-? ??±?j\?-L'<< t-j? C?C. GLANYWERN, ARTHOG. FRUIT AND FLOWERS IN SEASON. BOARD & RESIDENCE. i PROPRIETRESS: MISS LEWIS. N .B.-This is Miss last season at G1 any wern. • Œ'fr 2' III un. f9i\ To Visi "llO PS. Those who wish to take home with them I a real and interesting SOUVENIR of Barmouth can not do better th purchase a Copy of the History of Barrnoutl1 and Vicinity" Bv E. ROSALIE dONES, B.A. published in 1909 at 3/G now sold at 2/6 at the Barmouth Library and all Book sellers in tbo tovu. in §gpx ^sssii B H ,Bir Aromatic W POULTRY SPICE 1 ? !NCREASES YOUR EGG SUPPLY. ? Makes HeM !ey, and ensures abund4nc J||§ ? of E.?s all the year jss ?. CASM OF 72. PENNY PACKETS. 5/- ,) J.BEACH&C2, The 1"lilfs, TIPTON. Printed and Published by Morris G. Roberts, Water Street, Barmouth, I CAMBHIM RAILWAYS finnoHMcements. ORDINARY RETURN TICKETS are now issued between certain Cambrain Stations to avoid inconvenience booking of return journey. FACILITIES FOR TOURISTS.  T l gtfti mrt'ffot= T AZ%$ HOLID T T 11 KETS ARE ISSUED Upon production of the Return Halves of Ordinary and Tourist Tickets as follows:— No. 1. 7s. top a Week, 3rd Class INCLUDING ABERYSTWYTH BORTH MACHYNLLETH ABERDOVEY TOWYN DOLGELLEY BARMOUTH No. 2. 7s. fop a Week, 3rd Class INCLUDING DOLGELLEY BARMOUTH HARLECH PORTMADOC CRICCIETH PWLLHELI No. 3. Including the wliole Coast Line between Aber- ystwyth, Machynlleth, Aberdovey, Dolgelley, Barmouth and Pwllheli. Foil ONE WEEK. FOR A FORTNIGHT. 1st Class 3rd Class, 1st Class 3rd Class 21/6 10/6 32/6 17/6 Available for an unlimited number of journeys between the Stations in the area covered by the Ticket. COMBINED RAIL&COACH TOURS FROM BARMOUTH For Embracing Dinas Mawddwy and Dolgelley. Talyllyn Lake, via Machynlleth and Corns. Dolgelley, Talyllyn Lake and Corris. Torrent Walk, Precipice Walk, via Dolgelley. Cwm Byclian Lake and Rhiniog Valley. Beddgelert via Penrhyn or Porfcmadoc. Snowdon via Beddgelert. Snowdon Circular Tour. Llanberis Circular Tour. Bettwsycoed Circular Tour. Bethesda Circular Tour. For full particulars see Rail and Coach Programme For further information respecting the arrangements shewn above, applicatio should be made at any of the Company's Offices or to Mr Herbert Williams, Spt. of Line. S. WILLIAMSON, S. WILLIAMSON, J OswGstry,Ja!yl9?5 General Manager Sa?B? B MBSSt ? S ?? tE?a ?? ? ?? ? ?? Bp" THE LION GARAGE, BfiRMOUTH. ———. Opposite Lion Hotel. ——— ACCOMMODATION FOR 30 CARS. Motor Care for Hire at Moderate Charges. REPAIRS EFFICIENTLY EXECUTED BY PRACTICAL MOTOR ENGINEER Petrol, Tyres and Accessories* MERIONETHSHIRE AGENT FOR THE H FORD" CARS. A, WILKINSON, Proprietor PRINTING. For all kinds of Printing Call at the Advertiser Office. ■ I