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JES-WLsixacsss Morris I CAMBRIAN ESTABLISHMENT. A £J' f!.rJ' IV1n, BARMOUTH. General Drapers, Milliners, Costumiers, Merchant' Tailors, and Outfitters. ?? ?'S??* i.d.ii-iUi.b? d.??tS. 2,2,. Real WELSH FLANNELS, TWEEDS, SIill vVLS, ETC, it A T T ERN S F HE EON APPLICATION Parcels of U?e Va?ue of 20/- and upwards Carriage Paid to any part of the Ring?om The Public Boot tores. 2, B, EACH ROADG BARMOUTH, Has a large Stock of the :j;lJfí1l Footwear that England can produce, for the coming Season, in- cluding Lotus Boots & Shoes, /iK Jjm, Ariel, ?\ iBfeMf Bective, W FAccea sin, Royal Golf Boot, I tK jBMk ;] RunweU, tho workingnutn's friend, Delta, S ^0^ Latest Lotus Production in reach of all 10/9 to 13/9. Children's in great variety. Tennis Shoes, Rubber Shoes, etc., etc P??EPAIREi with best Leather, and §PlF best workmanship. W ILL! AM JONES, Proprietor. Jolin i^ofoertSj HOUSE, SIGN, AND Ornamental Painter, GLAZIER AND PAPER-HAGER I Bipons House, Barmouth. Jatest Designs ii-i Wall Taper kept in Stock. Jobbing Work of every description promp^y attended to. Venetian Blinds Renovated and made as new Estimates Free. .1 I II Rome front fionh for Visitors to Condon. Mrs. CORMJFEDWARDS-REES, MEIRION," 51 ? RedclifFe Road, (Off Fulham Road), South Kensington, London, S.W. Frequent Eiectric Trains and Tube, both from Euston and PaddiJJgton to South Kensigton Station. Close to Olympia. Bases from South Kensington Station to RedeliiTe Road. Schol:ast;ic. I' County School, BARMOUTH* (FOR BOYS AND GIRLS HEADMASTER EDMUND D. JONES, M.A (Lond.) Assistant Masters JOHN LLOYD- M.A W A. BEDDOWS, B.Se. I WALTER B. WILLIAMS, B. Sc Senior Mistress: MISS L M. M. ADAM, M.A. Assistant Mistress MISS MARY DAVIES, B.A. Cookery Mistress MISS BLODWEN GRIFFITH. Music Mistress MISS F. WILLIAMS, j Drawing Master: A. J. HEWINS Tuition Fees or Day Scholars 1?1 10s per term. Prospectus &c on Application from H. LLEWELYN OWEN, Barmouth Clerk «Bratra2Sgt«nC«SBn«gigaraagang3MKIM«KreMgt^^ ,» 1.1. WILLIAMS GefieraS and Fancy DRAPERf 2, Ty'nycoed Buildings, BABMOOTH. -n_- Risin Resort. BAR J TI. ESTATE (12-1 MILES FROM BARMOUTH). FREEHOLD BUILBtMSITES FOR SALE, OR ON LONG LEA BE. Desirable Plots for the Erection of Private Resicleiees Also La.nd, Unfurnished Houses, and Apartments to Let Unrivalled Scenery. Healthy, Bracing Climate. Good, Pure Water Barmouth Junction Estate is situated near the Mawddach Estuary, and within easy distance of the Fairbourne Golf Links, Arthog and Afon Mcrfa Waterfalls For particulars apply to S. ANDREWS & SON, Estate Office, Arthog, Dolgelley or to E. BLAKEY M.I.E.E., Jubilee Road, Barmouth.   The Bexall Pharmacy. SPECIALITIES. -n "13 EXALL'S ORDERLIES, "THE NEW APERIENT." 7d. and Is. a Box. TOEXALL'S ECZEMA OINTMENT-For all kinds of Skin Diseases. Is. Jf^EXALL'S NERVE TONIC—A General Pick -me-up. Is. JL? Pt EXALL'S DYSPEPSIA TABLETS—For Indigestion, &c. Is. and 2s. R EXAIUS FOOT BATH TABLETS-For Tiring Feet. 7;td. EXALli'S FOOT POWDER-For Perspii ing Feet. 71-d. l EXALI/S FOOT POWDER—For Perspiring Feet. 7.d. JI) EX ALL'S COLD TABLETS—For Influenza, Colds, &c. 10d j^>EXALL'S NASAL CATARRH TABLETS. Is. a Box. EEXALL S SHAMPOO PASTE (Superior to Powder). Is. a Pot. ONLY OBTAINABLE AT 13AVID E. JAMES, ?*<!  ?' '?? T??T  ??. ?TF? _—_————— CHEMIST, -———-———-—————- The Rexall Pharacy, (OPPOSITE THE GREEN GARAGE,) BARMOUTH -,i'I.a;- :¡ ".I:!zw¡¡: 'o¡s.!í 'q¡'ii.:a | A. H. ^ssrATJGrB.. PERFECT FITTING PERFECT TEETH. EXTRACTIONS -"s-?o? ADVICE FREE,  BARMOUTH BRANCH: i EVERY MONDAY. rMr THOMAS, j 2, GLAN MORGAN, t HIGH STREET WORK GUARANTEED: FIVE YEARS. ——— TERMS TO SUIT PATIENTS CONVENIENCE, f Ø',¡'CI ;i1" H. R. DA VIES, Ha-Itep & General Outfitter, OXFORD HOUSE, & t tt S Lt) & S m 'Th.jtfr (LATE MANCHESTER HOUSE), <2^* BARMOU T 1-1. Sole Representative to the Allan Line R. M. Steamers and Canadian Pacific Line. The best and most direct route to all parts of Canada and U.S.A. f