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OTSA R MOUTH. Gold Mines.-The Clogau Gold Mines has been restarted. Prayer Meeting.—On Friday night, at the Baptist Chapel, an united prayer meeting was held under the auspices of the Free Church Council. Welsh Singing.—The Welsh singing on Marine Parade last Sunday evening was greatly appreciated by a large num- ber of visitors. Success.—Miss Enid Jones, Pentre- mawr, a pupil of the Barmouth County School, has gained a first-class diploma in* cookery. laundry work, and house- wifery at the Liverpool College of Domestic Science, The Volunteer Corps.-TI)e scores registered at last week's shooting prac- tice were Messrs. William Graham, Glanwilliam House, 98; Robert Lioyd, builder, 96;, F. Robertson, Barmouth Junction, 95. To Visitors.For the Barmouth Moun- taineering Guide to Cader Idris and the Range of Rhiniog Mountains to Diff wys, and also bass and trout fishing. Apply to David Griffith, 2, Henblas, Bar- mouth.—Advt. • Special Petty Sessions.—On Wednes- day last at a special police court, before Alderman T. Martin Williams and J. Pryce Jones, Esqrs., a boy, age 14, named Robert Thomas Roberts, farm servant from Dyffryn, was charged by P.C. Morgan Jones with having stolen a bicycle fiom the Cromlech Hotel, Dyf- fryn, during the night of the 23rd ult., the property of Mr A. H. Antcliff, a I Birmingham visitor staying at the Cromlech. P.C. Jones stated that he received information respecting the theft on Thqrsday morning, and made inquiries. Later he found the stolen bicycle in possession of the boy Robert Thomas Roberts, at Tynsimddeu Farm. The boy admitted his guilt. The bench severely reprimanded the boy, and bound him over under the First Offender's Act to be of good behaviour, and to pay costs | of returing the bicycle to Jits rightful j owner. s Fishing.—During the last few days excellent. catches of bass has been made in the Estuary. Building. From our advertising col- umns it will be seen that tenders are invited for additions and improvements to Park Road C.M. Chapel. Tenders are to be sent in by Monday to the Rev. E. Afonwy Williams. Interesting. Lovers of Marianne Farningham and John Bunyan ought to read Marianne Farningham in her Welsh Home and" Bunyan Yescerday and To-day," by W. Glandwr Morgan. 6d. and 1/ Had of all Booksellers in the town.—Advt. Personal.—On Monday last Mr Wil- son Roberts received a cablegram from his son, Mr Arthur Wilson Roberts, who is serving with the Australian Contin- gent at the Dardanelles, and recently wounded, stating that be was progres- sing favourably and would be removed shortly to a Convalescent Hospital at Cyprus. < Registration of Visitors.—It is of the greatest importance to all persons who take in visitors that they should see that their visitors fill in immediately on arrival at their houses the Registration Forms, as per law prescribed. The necessary forms may be had at the Advertiser Office. Extra Police.-At the Merioneth Joint Police Committee, held at Dol- gelley, last week, the Chief Constable (Mr Richard Jones) said it was neces- sary to have an extra constable at Bar- mouth in August.—Alderman T. Mart)n Williams said the Police in Barmouth were seriously hard worked, and it would be unreasonable to expect two men to do all the duty at the height of the season. Revival Scenes.—On' Thursday night a prayer meeting was held at Peniel Chapel, which was charactized by a great spiritual fervour. The meeting lasted fot over two hours. Mrs Jones, Islaw'rffordd, Egryn, attended the meet- ing and took part. These meetings are a remnant of the Welsh Revival, and a weekly prayer meeting is being held since the last Welsh Revival. The War Loan.—In the current issue of the Barmouth Church Magazine appears the following paragraph under the local notes:—"Many ot us feel keenly how little we can do in a material sense to help the Empire. Up to this we have given some weekly sum for the support of the Belgian Refugees, and have contributed to various Red Cross Funds. There our usefulness has ended. We cannot enlist. We are not engineers and would be useless in a munition factory. Now however our opportunity has come. We can give the Govern- ment our money. Not only we can do this, but it is our duty to do it. It is a clear neglect of duty if we don't. Many will not be able to give a large sum, but in this business of the War Loan the small sum of the many is as important as the large sum of the few. (jive what you can, and be thankful that you have been allowed to help the men fighting for you. This applies to us all!