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Barmouth CountyI School Governors.


Barmouth County School Governors. MONTHLY MEETING. The ordinary monthly meeting of the above Governors was held on Monday afternoon. Present:—The Rev. R. Lloyd Roberts, M.A., Rural Dean (chairman); Alderman T. Martin Williams, J.P. (vice-chairman) Mrs Gwynoro Davies, Mrs 0. W. Morris the Rev. Z. Matber, the Rev. Gwynoro Davies, Messrs. Edward Williams, John Morgan, R. W. Jones, C.C., John Roberts, C.C., Rbys Jones, John Davies, Dyffryn the Rev. E. Jones Edwards, Artbog; Mr R. Jones Morris, J.P., Mr JobnOwen, Mr J. J. Thomas, Talsarnau Mr Edward Griffith, C.C., Harlech and the Rev.W. M. Griffith, M.A. with Messrs. E. D. Jones, M.A. (headmaster), and R. Llewelyn Owen (clerk). RECORD ATTENDANCE. Out of a possible number of 22 Gover- nors, 18 Governors attended the meet- ing, which, during the last few years, has been a very unusual record. ACCEPTANCE. I Letters were read from Mrs 0. W. Morris, Glanglasfor, and Mr J. J. Thom- as, Talsarnau, accepting the office of co- optive members on the Board of Gover-. nors. The Chairman said he was very pleased to see both members present that day. CADET CORPS. I The Clerk reported that the question of establishing a Cadet Corps in connec- tion with the School bad been adjourned since the last meeting. The Headmaster said be bad received a long letter from the Board of Educa- tion on this matter. He suggested that a small committee should be appointed to go into the matter fully and to bring a report to the Governors. On the proposition of the Rev. Gwyn. Oro Davies, seconded by Mr John Rob- erts, it was decided that a small com- mittee should be appointed. The following Governors were appoin- ted :-the Rev. R. Lloyd Roberts, M.A., Alderman T. Martin Williams, Mr R. Jones Morris, Mr R. W. Jones, and Mr Rhys Jones. LEWIS LEWIS' REQUEST COM- MITTEE. The Clerk reported that he bad writ- ten to the Teachers of the Barmouth Elementary School requesting them to appoint a representative on the above Committee, but no reply bad yet been received. Ultimatety it was decided to let the matter drop. THE RECENT AUDIT. I Alderman T. Martin Williams said he observed on the reading of the last Governors' meeting that no record bad been made of the excellent manner in which the Governors' books had been kept by the Cierk (Mr R. Llewelyn Owen) He believed that such a record should be inserted in the minute books. FINANCIAL. I The Clerk reported that there was an overdraft at the Bank that day of X200 16s. 3d., which was much less than it was at the same period last year. There was a deficiensy of C2 10s. 9d. on the instructions given in cookery at the School classes, and this matter was re- ferred to the Ladies' Committee. ADVERTISING. I The Finance Committee recommended to continue advertising the school in the Barmouth Advertiser and to discon- tinue advertising in a contemporary from Carnarvon. After some discussion, it was decided, on the proposition of the Rev. Gwynoro Davies, to refer the matter back to the Finance Committee for further con- sideration. TRIENNIAL INSPECTION. The Clerk submitted a long report on the Triennial Inspection of the County School, which was considered most satisfactory, and reflected great credit on the teaching capacities of the whole staff. FREE PLACES RESULT. The Headmaster read out the result of the Free Places Scholarship Examin- ation which took place recently, and the six free places had been awarded to the successful scholars. SCHOLARSHIPS. The Headmaster reported that twenty-three candidates bad sat for the free places examinations and thirty- seven candidates for the entrance scholarship examinations. STOCK TAKING. Messrs. R. W. Jones and Rhys Jones were appointed to go through the stock taking of the school. VISITING TEACHERS' SALARIES. Mr Edward Williams suggested that the Governors should take into con- sideration the question of increasing the salaries of the visiting teachers at the School. The Headmaster said that the Visit- ing Teachers gave every satisfaction. On the proposition of the Rev. Z. Mather, seconded by the Rev. E. Jones Edwards, it was decided to refer the matter to the Finance Committee. On the proposition of the Rev. Gwyn- oro Davies, seconded by Mr R.W. Jones, it was unanimously decided that the question of the School finances should beaconsidered at an early date by theFin- ance Committee. NO DANCING. A letter was read from Miss Logan, Penrhyndendraeth, asking whether the Governors would grant her permission to hold dancing classes at the School. No action was taken in the matter. THE PRICE OF GAS. The Clerk reported that the Barmouth Gas Company bad sent a circular, an- nouncing that the price of gas would be increased by Gd. per 1,000 cubic feet. Ql Alderman T. Martin Williams said that he bad seen in the Barmouth Ad- vertiser that the Urban Council had decided to sent a protest against the increase. On the proposition of the Rev. Z. Mather, seconded by the Rev. R. W. Jones, it was unanimously decided to protest against tbe increase. THE NEW COUNTY EDUCATION SCHEME. The Rev. Z. Mather, who bad been asked to explain the New County Edu- cation Scheme, playfully referred to Clause 36, which read that the .County Council should out of the sum set apart for the management of property and business purposes, pay the third class return railway fare from their usual place of residence of members-attending meetings of the County Council or their Education Committee when such atten- dance was necessitated for the purposes of this Scheme, and Mr Mather said, in order to be consistent, that the Scheme should have provided to pay the travel- ling expenbes of Governors attending the Governors' meetings. Mr Edward Williams said be should like to know why distinction was made between the County Education Com- mittee and the County School Gover- nors. Alderman T. Martin Williams—Why do members of Parliament receive £ 400, and.the County School Governors nothing? Rev. Z. Mather, in referring to Clause 62, wished to defer his remarks until a future meeting, when there would be more time. But he said that if the Clause was carried out that the School ,would be soon too small and they would have very soon to enlarge it. He referred to a remark made by MrBrynmer Jones that it was a disgrace that some of the Welsh butter should be put on the market as a Welsh product. Mr John Morgan said that be en- dorsed what the Rev. Z. Mather bad said on agriculture, especially dairy work and he said that there was a large amount of inferior butter on the Welsh market. SYMPATHY. On the proposition of Mr John Mor- gan, seconded by Mr Rbys Jones, a vote ot sympathy was passed with Mrs D. Charles Edwards, Hafodybryn, in her indisposition. The Governors sa t for two hours.