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BABM3UTH. ■ F'e:.COQ. — La-d Weeli a Belgian Re fug* e I, yii in the town tescued a child who ')-. d  Mini fallen over the Qvay. Mimical—List week Mr y J IV* (harpi ) f'u'flI!».! an eng"gemen«. at, an Eisteddfod held at Gwyddelwt-rn, Denbighshire. Interesting L wers of M n-ianne F Mningham aed J -hn i'unyan ought to r ad Marianne Farniugham in lier WeIs!i Home" and Bunyan Yescerday and T > day," hy W. Glmdwi Morgan 6 I and 1/ Had of all Booksellers in he town.— Advt. I Concert On Friday (to morrow) •veiling, a grand concert will be held at the Assembly Rooms, the proceeds of which will be banded over to the Red Cross Society. The following artistes will take part — Miss Bessie PI irgreaves (the popular soprano at last season' Empire Serenaders Concert Party), Miss M'dge Desmond, Mons Camille Del- mout-e (of Liege), Mr Ellis M. Evans (Eos Ma wddach), Messrs. Pare and Bowden, Mi Hany Kirk and M Cbas. Elstree; violinist, Dr. J R Heath; harpist, Mr St'anley Jones. The accom- panist will be Mrs Wade Roberts, L R.CM. The chair will be taken at 8 o'clock by Mr T. W. Piggoft, J P. Dun't forget to secure your ticket early for this grand entertainn)ent and thus swell the funds of Red Cross Society, which has done such excellent work for our troops in the present crisis. Tickets '2s.. Is,, and a limited number at 6d. I I To Visitors For the Bar mou h Moun- taineering Guide to Cader Idris an d t he Range of Rhiniog M untains to Diffwys, and also bass and trout fishing. Apply to Divid Griffith, 2, Henblas, Bar- mouth—Advt. Bicycle Aocident.-OL) Friday night,a Belgian Refugee staying in the town met with a bicycle accideet. It appears that the young lad lost contrul of his bicycle whilst coming down Puikington Hill, with the result that he was dashed against a wall, causing fracture of his right arm and other ii juiies. On Strike.- On Monday morning, the extra men who are cngtged by the U ban Council connecting the new water mains on the Quay went on strike and demanded an increase in their wages. The amount given by the Council was tl (less Insurance). An increase of 1/- was given, whereupon the workers returned to their work. Important to Farmers --Tbe Army has decided that- in view of the possible shortage of agricuituial labour for the bay harvest, fUI long will be given to a limited number of soldiers of ) he New Armies and of the Territorial Foice for work in the hay ha vest as clit,ustane(Is may permit. The furlough will last only for such number of days, 1101, exceeding fourteen, as the soldiet. is actua Iy tequired for haymaking The employment of soldiers will' be subject to t,be following c()tjdit,ioiis:-(I) That suitable labour cannot be obtained in the locality (2) that the farmer will tHdedake to pay each soldier 4/- a day it the soldier provides his own board and lodgings, and 2/6 a day if board and lodgings are provided by the fanner ^3) 1 bat the larmet wi'l p; ovide conveyance ICI and from the Railway Station. No chatge will be made to the farmer for Railway expanses. Every endeavour will be made lo ensure that the men re- leased have been accustomed to Ctitrii \v li., F.-tners shou d "pply to local L hour Exchanges for the number of men they want. The Sale of Bread Mr Richard Jones, Chief n list able, has issued a bill c I ling the attention of all bl ead sellers to the :t aet that all bread must be weighed in the presence of the pur- chaser. The notice reads that bread must be sold by weight only whether delivered in a shop or at the premises of the purchaser. Any person who sells bread otherwise than by weight is liable to a penalty of two pounds. There is no staudand weight of a loaf. By cus torn a quartern loaf is understood to weigh 4 lbs. and a half quartern loaf 2 lbs. and purchasers who lequire a 4 lb. or 2 lb. loaf should ask for a 4 lb. or 2 lb. loa f as the case may be, and then re- quest that the bread shall be weighed in their presence. Do not ask merely for a loaf," but a 4 lb. or 2 lb. loaf." Correct weighing appliances must be provided in shops where bread is sold, and upon vehicles in which bread is con- veyed for delivery. Any seller of bread who refuses to weigh bread when re- quested by a purchaser is liable to a penalty of five pounds. The only ex. ception from the requirement to sell bread by weight is in the case of 'fancy' bread. Complaints as to infringements of the Bread Act should be addressed to Richard Jones, Chief Constable, Dol- gelley.