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Barmouth Police Court.


Barmouth Police Court. The monthly pel fy sessions were held on Friday last, before T Martin Wil- liams (presiding) aDd J. Pryce Jones, E quires. INDECENT LANGUAGE. Inspector Ben Evans charged William Thomas, Church Place, Barmouth, with using indecpnt, language on the Marine Parade on Sunday night, May 30 h. In reply to the charge, the defendant pleaded guilty. Watkin Owen, inspector under the B irmout h U. han Dist rid Council,stated that, on Sunday, M <y 30th, he was on the Marine Pallldp; nd saw the defer- dint, with his coat off and swaying his irms about, as if he was fighting and creating a disfut bance. Thp defendant w i3 under the influence of diink He wpnt. up to him and requested him to be quiet, and took him from the Slieltet- is far as the Pavilion He requested defendant to go home quietly, but lie returned again. Defendant used nil t-fc i idecent language. Complaints had made of t he disgraceful conduct at he Shelters on Sunday nigh", and the Free Church Council had also written fiout thp matter. The defendant said he was sorry for he (fence and that it would not occur again. In leply to the Cieik, the witness •i aid that the defendant wiis utidei- the ■. Que nee of drink at the time. The defendant said he was quite The witness said be had a Belgian (,Ilgi.e in COUt t who would prove that he defendan1 wanted to fight with him. The Belgian i-eftigee was then called o give evidence, hut as he could not inderstand English no evidence was I' pn. Watkin Owm informed the Bench hafe latei the same evening the defen- dant was creating a disturbance on the Quay and wanted to fight. The defendant said he did nothing of he kind. The Chairman said tbat, t he Bench ,vei,p dptpl mirwd to put a stop to these lisbehaviour on the Parade, and espe- cially on Sundays. As the defendant had pleaded guilty and regretted his conduct t hey wet ? going to deal lenii 1111y with him this time, and he would be fined 10s and he hoped that this would oe a warning for the future. Watkin Owen applied to the M igis- I I ate's to giant a witness fee for lbe Belgian refugee, as be might bitve lost 4s. or 5s. by boating. The Cleik-I suppose be has no boat of his own. The witness—No, Sir, but he goes out with a boat. The Bench refused the req uest. NON PAYMENT OF RATES. F. W. Anderson, G'olleridge Chambers, Cor poration Street, Biiminglnm, was >u m mo tied by Natbauial J Rchaids, rale collector for the LlangelyninPar ish, for the non-payment of poor rates and special rates. Defendant did not appear. Nathanial J. Richards stated that the rate was duly demanded from the defen- dant, and payment was not furthcoming, hub that morning the defendant had sent a cheque for the amount due. The Clei-k-WlittL oceup"tioii is he Witness-He is an architect and sur- veyor at Birmingham. The Clerk—What amount of rate did he owe your Parish ? Witness— £ 3 10s. 4d. The Chailman-How many times did you apply for the rates due ? The Witness—He was written to four times and defendant never answered once until that morning. The Clerk—Where is his house situa- ted at ? The Witness-At Fairbourne. The Bench adjourned the case for a week.