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BARMOUTH HAS ITS ANSWER Barmouth has its answer now. There was a dauot once as to whether the cures, about which Barmouth residents spoke so heartily, were lasting cures Did the people stay well ? That was the great question. And here is the answer, cured to stay cured, given in the word of a Barmouth resident. Mr H. Roberts, who lives at the Glan- y-Llyn Temperance Hotel, near the Station, Barmouth, has spent thirty years or more on a merchant ship, being an officer for twenty years. He has sailed to all parts of the world, and was shipwrecked once off the coast of Ireland about twenty years ago in a gale, when he was lucky enough to escape in a lifeboat. On January 30t,h, 1909, Mr Roberts said Some time ago I was suffering from heavy, drag- ging pains in my back and a general feeling of lassitude and weariness. There were also other troubles which proved to me that my kidneys were not acting properly. After trying various medicine and finding nothing which seemed to do me any good I was take Doan's backache kidney pills. I am plessed to say that they did me mote good than anything I had previously used, and from that time to this I have never bad any serious sign of the complaint. I heartily recommend Doan's pills to any- one who is troubled as I was." (Signed) H Roberts. On March 29th, 1915 —over six years latei,Mi- Roberts said :—" Doan's pills cured me of kidney complaint over six years ago, and I am glad to say I have kept well since." As we grow older the kidneys grow weaker and less able to cope with their important work of filtering the blood and flushing out the poisonous uric acid, which is the cause of so much suffering, Doan's pills are an invaluable medicine for backache, rheumatism, grave), dropsy, stone and all urinary disorders. Price 2/9 a box, 6 boxes 13/9, of all dealers, or from Foster-McClellan Co., 8, Wells Street, Oxford Street, London, W. Don't ask for backache or kidney pills,—ask distinctly for Doan's backache kidney pills, the same as Mr Roberts had.