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DOLGELLEY AND BARMOUTH I WESLEYAN CURCUIT QUARTERLY MEETING. The above meeting was held at the Ebenezer Wesleyan Schoolroom on Wednesday, April 7th. Rev. E. J. Parry, the superintendent minister in the chair. Representatives from the various churches were present. It was resolved that Mr J. R. Williams Mor-awel, Barmouth, be elected as circuit steward in the place of Mr 0. W. Morris (deceased). Mr R. R. Jones, B.A., Dolgelley, was appointed circuit chapel secretary for the coming year. The Sunday School schedule was,read by the Rev. R. Conwy Pritchard, in the absence of the circuit Sunday School Secretary, Mr E. G. Owen. A discussion on the Sunday School work was opened, many members taking part. The sum of C45 13s. 2d., was collected towards Foreign Missions during the year in the circuit. Messrs G. E. Owen, and J. Pryce Jones, were thanked for their services as auditors of these accounts. Mr J. Pryce Jones was unanimously elected treasurer for Foreign Missions. Messrs R. Lloyd Williams, Cilmynach and R. R. Thomas, Dolgelley, were appointed delegates to the Synod, which is to be held at Dolgelley, May 2nd to 6th. Unanimous invitation was given to and received by the Circuit Ministers to stay another year in the circuit. A notice of motion was putdown for the next meeting, re a new minister's house at Dolgelley. It was unanimousley resolved that a resolution of protest against any inter- ference with the Welsh Church Act be forwarded to the Prime Minister and Mr J. Haydn Jones. Also that a resolution supporting the effects of Mr D. Lloyd George on Temperence be sent to the Chancellor of the Exchequer, the Prime Minister and the member for this division. Resolution of sympathy, be sent to the families of the following who have died during the quarter :— Messrs 6. W. Morris, Glanglasfor J.P. Jones (loan Glan Menai) Harlech Mrs Owen, Mawddwy House, Dolgelley; Mrs Jones, Shop, Arthog; Mrs David Jones, Ciogwyn Terrace, Harlech Mrs Owen, aBontddu Mrs Jones, Victoria Hotel, Llanbedr. It was resolved that a Circuit Conven- vention be held in the Autumn. Mrs David Roberts, Arosfa, very kindly entertained all the delegates to an excellent tea. Messrs D. J. Lewis and Richard Barnett proposed a vote of thanks to Mrs Roberts for her kindness, as well as to Mrs E. J. Parry, Mrs Pugb and Mrs Williams, Marine House, for presiding at the tables. A very success- ful meeting was brought to a close by Superintendent.

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