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The Annual Sunday Schools…



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CAERSALEM C.M. CHAPEL. I On Wednesday, March 24th, the scholars and teachers of the above Sun- day School sat down to their annual tea pai ty, which was provided by the kind ladies of the chapeL In the evening a competitive meeting was held under the presidency of Mr Owen Griffith, Beulah Hill, whilst Alder- man T. Martin Williams, J.P., acted as conductor. The musical adjudicator Mr David Roberts (Telynor Maw- ddwy), and Miss Mami Roberts, London H use, accompanist. Other adjudicators were :-Rev. E. Vaughan Humphreys, Rev. E. Afonwy Williams, Rev. S. T. Hughes, Mr W.Watkin Davies, Mr John Roberts, Ripon House, Mr Henry Free- man, Mr Elias Williams. Secretary, Mr John Lewis, Glanaber Villas treas- urer, Mr Morris Jones, Cynfal, The following were the awards:— ESSAYS. Under 21, Miss Sarah Williams, 7, Porkington Terrace. Under 16, equal 1st, Nellie Jones and Jennie Jones. SCRIPTURE EXAMINATION. Under 21, 1, Sarah Williams 2, Jane C. Davies, Glasfor Tetrace. Under 16, 1, William Jones, Fron House 2, Nellie Jones. Class VI., 1, Iorwerth Roberts; 2, Robert H. Williams, Aelydon. Class V., 1, Hugh L..Roberts, Cae- fadog. Class IV., 1, May Roberts and Betty Lewis 2, Eluned L. Jones and Myfanwy C. Jones 3, Eliza M. Jones. DICTATION. Under 18, 1, Gretta M. Jones; 2, Nellie Jones. Under 18, 1, Betty Lewis 2, Eluned L. Jones 3, Myfanwy C. Jones. WRITING. Over 10 and under 16, 1, Iorwerth Roberts; 2, Gwennie Lloyd Jones 3, Betty Lewis. Under 10, 1, John Robert Lewis 2, Lizzie M. Jones; 3, Robert P. Jones. ANSWERING QUESTIONS. Rhodd Mam. Class II., 1, Doris Davies and Griffith Williams; 2, Maggie Richards and Florence Jones. Rhodd Mam. Class III., 1, Robert P. Jones 2, Idrisyn Roberts 3, Hughie Lloyd. RECITATIONS. Under G, 1, Ida Jones; 2, Morris Griffith 3, Emrys Roberts. Under 15, 1, Nellie Jones; 2, Eluned L. Jones; 3, May Roberts. Under 10, 1, Lizzie M. Jones and Idrisyn Roberts; 2, Doris Davies 3, Griffith Williams. MUSIC. Under 13, 1, Evan Jones ) 2, Robert Henry Williams. Under 16, 1, Jennie Jones,BronyHyn Gretta L. Jones. Under 13,1, Eluned L. Jones; 2, Betty Lewis 3, Myfanwy C. Jones. Under 9, 1, Idrisyn Roberts 2, Robt. P. Jones; 3, piwen Jones and Maggie Richards. Under 6,15 Mair Wynne Jones 2, Ida Jones 3, Emrys Roberts.