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The Annual Sunday Schools…



PARK ROAD C.M. CHAPEL. I The annual tea and competitive meet- ing in connection with the above Sunday School was held on Wednesday, March 24th. In the afternoon the children sat down to an excellent tea, and did ample justice to the good things spread before them. In the evening, a competitve meeting was held, under the presidency of Mr Owen Edwards, Rosehill, while Mr John Lloyd,M.A., acted as conductor. The adjudicators in the various competi- tion were as fellows:—Rev. E. J. Parry, Rev. E.'Vaughan Humphreys, Rev. S. T. Hughes, Mr Robert Griffith (Alaw Erddyn), Mr J. R. Thomas, Mr Rhys Jones,"and Mr T. L. Evans, The con- ductors of the singing were Mr Lewis Williams and Mr Owen F. Roberts. Ac- companists, Miss Madge Price and Miss Dolly Richards. Secretary, Mr D. R. Williams. The awards were as follows :— Scripture examination, under 25, 1, Mr Lewis Williams and Miss Ruth Evans; 2, Miss Jennie Jones. Recitation for children under 8, 1, Emrys Williams 2, Elwyn Roberts 3, Dick Roberts. For the best attendance in the Band of Hope, Gracie Richards, May Evans and Kittie Evans equaL Solo for children un'der 12, 1, Lloydie Griffith; 2, Lewis Edwards and Jack Roberts. Bestcollectors for the Foreign Mission Society, 1, May and Kittie Evans; 2, Emrys Williams. Answering questions on the history of Elias, Emrys Williams, Elwyn Roberts, Dick Roberts, Annie Williams and Gwyneth Richards. Scripture examination (open), Miss B. A. Williams. Singing on the Modulator, preliminary class, 1, Jennie LI. Lewis; 2, Dilys Griffith; 3, Lloydie Griffith. Junior I class, 1, Kittie Evans; 2, May Evans 3, L. A. Richards. Solo undar 8, 1, Nellie Catherine Ro. berts and W. David Williams 2, Dick, Roberts and Elwyn Roberts; 8, Emrys Williams. Recitation under 12, 1, Lloydie Griff- ith; 2, Gwyneth Richards. Recitation under 18, 1, Etta Mary Griffith; 2, Lizzie Ann Richards. Essay (open), Miss B. A. Williams. Essay, under 25, 1, Mr Lewis Wil- liams and Ruth Evans equal. Solo under 15, 1, Gwilym Roberts 2, Gracie Richards. Answering questions on the history of Crist, Gwyneth Richards, Dilys Griffith, Lloydie Griffith, Esmie Hughes, Lewis Edwards, and Jack Roberts. Recitation under 16, 1, Kittie Evans 2, May Evans 3, Gwilym Roberts. Solo over 15, 1, Lizzie Ann Richards. Best map of Canaan, 1, Lewis Charles Edwards; 2, Lizzie Ann Richards 3, Lily Jones. Writing the 150th Salm, 1, Gwilym Roberts 2, LIoydie Griffith; 4 Dilys Griffith. Quartette, Mr O. F. Roberts' party. For the best to repeat a story, 1, Herbert Dempsey. Best verses to the Prodigal Son," Miss B. A. Williams. Scripture examination. Class VI., 1, Kittie Evans 2, May Evans 3, Gracie Richards. Class V., 1, Richie Griffith 2, Herbert Dempsey; 3, Lloydie Griffith. Class IV., 1, Dilys Griffith; 2, Jack Roberts. I TE PARTI PARK ROAD. Mewn bylaw le caed te gwir dda, J A lawenha y galon, A cbwiorydd lu yn gweini'n lIon, Gyfranant wych ddanteithion. Y bara brith yn seigiau bras, 0 hyfryd fias dymunol; A phawb yn Hawen yn y wledd, Mewn hedd-yn uchel ganmoL I'R ARWEINYDD MEDRUS. I Gwr mawr ei ddawn, uchel ei glodV I'w LJoyd-trwy gymoedd Cymruv Doed iddo yn cl ei asen fwyn, I fod yn diriorf deulu. -—GRIFFITH WILLIAMS I