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WHEN LIFE WAS SIMPLER LIFE WAS LONGER.. When the organs begin to weaken, whether early or late in life, the hard- working kidneys usually tire out first, and should have first consideration. Failing eyesight, stiff achy joints, rheumatic pains, backache and distres- sing urination are often due only to weak kidneys. At the first sign of'weakness give the kidneys prompt attention. Drink water freely to flush the kidneys, and use Doan's Backache Kidney Pills to strengthen them. Go back to the Simple Life, to the sensible habits of your boyhood days. Eat less mat, avoid over-work, excesses and worry,and take more outdoor exercise, rest and sleep. Everybody dreads kidney trouble, but this sensible treatment will keep the kidneys in condition, lengthen life, make it easier, and perhaps avert altogether the more serious kidney diseases. Barmouth people have recommended Doan's Backache Kidney Pills to their friends and neighbours for over 15 years. The good they do and the continual use of home tesimonials inspres aa ever increasing confidence in THIS SPECIAL KIDNEY MEDICINE. All dealers., or 2/9 a box, 6 boxes 13/9, from Foster Me Clellan Co 8 Wells St., London, lv.