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THE i STAR « SUPPLY ■ STORES. 4, ..4.4-" I- J.L.L..4- STAR TEAS.. if Good Family Blend 1/8 per lb. If Delicious Biend 11/10 Superb Blend 2/- „ TRY A SAMPLE. QUALITY PERFECTION. BUY  British (c?L) Map g arine 8d. per i?. I tH'hlS 1 !ia e c: n'laróarme per p. JI Crenut DOU1bliv?ny!t do. 18." J! lb. „ „ J i b. „ „ 1 lb. PERFECT SUBSTITUTE FOR BUTTER. .+- STAR COCOA. SIMPY DELICIOUS. Per |-lb. packet Bd. Per I-lb. Tin 4-Ld. GUARANTEED PURE. COFFEE & CHICORY ESSENCE. 4di. and 8d^. per large bo til y T"'y-v-rV- y -y-y-v- T "V-r- -YT T TV "T V "T T ,c- T PT 2, BELLE VULfg HIGH STREET, BARMOUTH. BARMOUTH U. D. 0. ELECTION, I Next Saturday, March 27th. VOTE FOR THE OLD FOUR RETIRING CANDIDATES who again offer their services, Nos. 3, 4, 6, 7. TRIED AND PROVED.