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Art Pictures Pavilion EEEEEEE; PROMENADE, BARIVOUTH. EEEEEEi= GRAND RE OPENING FOR THE SEASON TO-NIGHT, THURSDAY, MARCH 24, at 8 .—— ————— — Doors open at 7.80 p m. —————————— SPECIAL PROGRAMME OF PICTURES FOR T-onight (Thypsday) INCLUDING The ITetei^aii.. The Pride of Battery B. The Haunted House. British Troops in France. Gaumont Graphic. ENTIRE CHANGE OF PROGRAMME FOR Friday & Saturday Nights, INCLUDING THE AFGHAN RAIDERS. Battle of the Weak. For King and Country. Gaumont Graphic. And the First Instalment, 2,000 feet, of the Great Serial Play, X^iAoille (THE GIRL OF MYSTERY) Complete in 12 Parts, will be shown twice weekly till complete. Admissionz 6d & 3d. MATINEE, SATURDAi AFTERNOON AT 3 O'CLOCK. —um wiiiiim-—— rTTnrrnMB— for Merioneth Alf, Wilkinson, Lion Gai,a g e, Barmouth Plums j gg are never so nice as eg stewed and served with f Brown & Po i son's 'Patent* ffA j  Corn lour si-. [ ^\$Lmade ■ into a??f? J j Vrvrm. ^e^c'i°us Blanc-5^ 0 ^JW V T Prudential Assurance Company, timitea. Chief Office: HOLBORN BARS, LONDON. I Sumiliary of the Report presented at the Sixty-Sixth Annual Meeting held on 4th March. 191.4 I ORDINARY BRANCH.-The number of policies issued during the year was 65,751, assuring the sum of L-6,318,813, and produc- ing a new annual premium income of £ 424,353. The premiums received during the year were L-5,035,625, being an increase of £ 115,107 over the year 1913. In addition, £ 10,315 was received in premiums under the Sickiiess Insurance Tables. Tho claims of the year amounted to £ 4,014,658. The number of deaths was 9,351. Tho number of endowment assurances matured was 24,966, the premium income of which was £ 136,7^5. The number of policies in force at the end of tho year was 922,505. INDUSTRIAL BRANCH.—The premiums re- ceived during the year were 18,176,202, being an increase of £ 301,746. The claims of the year amounted to L-3,373,850, including 1798,360 bonus additions. The number of claims and surrenders, inelud- Jjig 6,731 endowment assurances matured, was 592.883. The number of free policies granted during the year to those policyholders of five years' standing and upwards who desired to discon- tinue their payments, was 103,514, the number in force being 1,947,556. The number of free policies which became claims during the year was 46,364. The total number of policies in force in this Branch at the end of the year was 20,085,010 their average duration exceeds thirteen years. The assets of the Company, in both branches, as shewn in the balance sheet, are L91,202,344, being an incrcse of L4,209,341 over those of 1913. The outbreak of hostilities in August last placed upon the Directors the grave responsi- bility of deciding what charge, if ani, should be made to policyholders on active service. -I After careful consideration it was decided to charge no extra premium in respect of exist. ing policies on the lives of those engaging for the period of the war, and in respect of exist- ing policies on the lives of other members of the regular forces it was decided that f,250 of assurance on any life should be exempted from the payment of extra premium. In the Ordinary Branch a reversionary bonus at the rate of JE1 10s. per cent. on the original sums assured has been added to all classes of participating policies issued since the year 1876. In the Industrial Branch a bonus addition will be made to the sums assured on policies of over five years' duration which become claims either by death or maturity of endow- ment from the 5th of March, 1915, to the 2nd of March, 1916, both dates inclusive, as follows:- # -¡ BONUS ADDITIOK PREMIUMS PAID FOR. TO SUMS ASSURED. 5 years and less than 10 years £ 2 10».percent. 10 „ „ 15 R5 15 20 ;E5 20 25 R7 I OR. 25 30 „ Bio „ 30 35 £ 12 10s. 35 40 915 40 „ „ 45 „ 220 45 »> tt tt '» 50 C30 50 „ „ „ 55 „ £ 40 „ 55 „ 60 „ JE50 60 and upwarda £60., The six Prudential Approved Societies formed under the National Insurance Act 1911 have done important work during the year, and the membership continues to in- crease. Since the commencement of the Act the Agency Staff has distributed benefits ex- ceeding 13,000,000 to the members at their own homes. Balance Sheet of the Prudential Assurance Company, Limited, being the Summary of both Branches on the 31st December, 1914. LIABILITIES. £ s. d. Shareholders' capital. 1,000,000 0 0 £ ø. d. Life assurance fund- Ordinary Branch 47,024,190 5. 8 Sickness insurance fund 13,562 8 9 Life assurance fund- Industrial Branch40,649,318 9 8 -87,687,071 4 1 Investments reserve funds 1,750,000 0 0 Courts (Emergency Powers) Act Reserve 300,000 0 0 Claims under life policies inti- mated and in course of payment 233,518 0 7 Annuities due and unpaid 3,171 13 4 Balance of bonus under life policies reserved for distribu- tion. 228,582 15 10 £ 91,202,343 13 10 ASSETS. £ s. d. Mortgages on property within the United Kingdom 8,882,496 5 5 Mortgages on property out of the United Kingdom. 336,449 2 9 Loans on parochial and other public rates 13,412,347 14 8 Loans on Life interests 1,193,287 0 11 Loans on Reversions 96,502 18 3 Loans on stocks and shares 76,385 2 0 Loans on Company's policies within their surrender values 3,221,385 7 9 Loans on personal security nil Loans to Educational Institu- tions secured on income, etc. 43,969 19 1 Investments ] Deposit with the High Court (X24,400 2% per cent. Consoli- dated stock) 17,568 0 0 Carried forward. £ 27,280,391 10 9 ASSETS (Continued). 2 s. d. Brought Forward ..27,280,391 10 9 Investments (continued) — British Government securities 1,413,368 1 5 Bank of England Stock 143,117 2 10 Municipal and county securi- ties, United Kingdom 1,682,752 10 7 Indian and Colonial Govern- ment securities 4,621,551 12 10 Colonial provincial securities 1,371,547.15 11 Indian and Colonial municipal securities 3,577,816 8 5 Foreign Government securities 5,411,862 18 11 Foreign provincial securities 789,465 10 11 Foreign municipal securities 4,115,813 0 6 Railway and other debentures and debenture stocks and gold and sterling bonds— Home and Foreign 21,247,943 14 6 Railway and other preference and guaranteed stocks and shares -.3,193,674 17 2 Railway and other ordinary stocks and shares 2,865,148 2 6 Rent charges. 605,472 4 2 Freehold ground rents and Scotch feu duties 4,766,452 6 6 Leasehold ground rents 9.143 11 7 House property 4,200,467 19 11 Life interests 34,626 14 6 Reversions 1,338,434 10 7 Agents' balances 6,647 16 0 Outstanding premiums 627,723 11 8 Outstanding interest and rents 115,010 13 4 Interest, dividends and rents ac- crued but not payable 622,743 1 0 Bills receivable nil Cash On deposit 20,000 0 0 In hand 'and on current accounts 1,241,167 17 5 £91,202,343 13 10 The values of the Stock Exchange securities are determined, under the regulations of the Company, by the Directors. These values have been compared with the middle market prices on December 31st, 1913, subsequent purchases being taken at cost price, due al- lowance being made for accrued interest, and the difference is more than provided for by the Investments Reserve Funds. If We certify that in our belief the Assets set forth in the Balance Sheet (compared with standards available at the rate indicated) are in the aggregate fully of the value stated therein less the Investments Reserve Funds taken into account. No part of any fund has been applied directly or indirectly for any purpose other than the class of business to which it is applicable. T. BURN, Actuary. THOS. C. DEWEY, Chairman. A.. C. THOMPSON, General Manager. G. 111. MAY. Secretary. W. j. LANCASTER, tdirectorq. F. SCHOOLING, ) We report tbat with the assistance of the Chartered Accountants as stated below we have examined the foregoing accounts and have obtained all the information and explana- tions that we have required, and in our opinion such accounts are correct and the fore- going Balance Sheet is properly drawn up so as to exhibit a true and correct view of the state of the Company's affairs according to the best of our information and the explana- tions given to us and as shown by the books of the Company. No part of any fund has been applied directly or indirectly for any purpose other than the class of business to which it is applicable. 0 PHILIP SECRETAN W. lL NiCHOLI S fAtldtors. We have examined the Cash transactions (receipts and payments) affecting the accounts of the Assets and Investments for the year ended December 31st, 1914, and we find the same in good order and properly vouched. We have also examined the Deeds and Securities, Certi- ficates, etc., representing the Assets and Investments set out in the above account, and ye certify that they were in possession and safe custody as on December 31st, 1914. deates, etc. ihat they were ?DELOITTE, FLENDER, GRIFFITHS & CO., Chartered ?ccoMttta?. 1!?16th February. 1915. For further particulars apply to Mr W. H. Mallet, Superintendent, Port- madoc or to the. tfoJlowing Assistant SUperiDterdents :Messrs. W. Evans, Myrtle ifouse, Dolgelley J.BR, Hughes, BI. Festiniog J. H, Davies, Criccieth, and H. Davies, Pwlleli; or one of tbe agents:—Messrs. G. Hughes, Llanfor; E. D. Hughes, Bala; E. !Morgan, Llanuwchllon; David Jones and Evan E. f' Evans, Dolgelley; [D, J. Owen, Fairbourne; Richard Davies, Barmouth; and Owen Lewis, Harlech.  I ? y" niiuw ?? ???? TM&. MOST VALUABLE REMEDY ever discovered. (JonYiDf'iu? Medical ■H■ ??' f Ths S?. s's? < ??. omee? ? Kneivn far TestimoNv with each botUc. JLp' CW OUGHS, 3 COLOS, Eil'ovtuully cuts short attacks of I COLDS, SPASMS, HYSTERIA, PALPITATION. J9 -AlS I ittAy 0.8"ICi A true Palliative, in lIP'sXA KSUHALGJA, TOOTHACHE, JBF GOUT, RHEUMATISM.  V? A AtliS /J**a Gharm ia r™ <rv/, for a 7 MB A ?.?;?. ''? ?'D? L'??!?HCEA, [ tttD?.? Coiilas n????t?f?M"? ? Jm W?.\ CHOL?A a? —-——1'jmflfr ?'-  ???? ?YSEMTSRV. p/s//c/)f?/s?,i/i.h2/9,?/s.?