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BARMOUTH COUNCIL. I SPECIAL MEETING. I A special meeting of the above Council was held on Tuesday afternoon. Pre- sent :—Mr Rbys Jones, J.P. (chair- man), Messrs Robert Lloyd Williams, Henry Freeman. John Morgan, Ed. Williams and William Owen with Messrs. William Georgp (clerk), R. Llewelyn Owen (deputy-clerk) and T. R. Parry (surveyor and inspector of nuisances) LEASE OF NEW COUNCIL OFFICES. The draft lease of the now Council Offices (Bank Buildings) was submitted and approved subject to certain modifi- cations LOANS. A letter was read from the Yorkshire Penny Bank with reference to the Coun- cil's loans, and it was resolved that the matter should be left to the Clerk to deal with. REFUGEES. I A communication was read from the Refugees War Committee in London asking the Council or an independent Committee to take the responsibility of any Belgian Refugees who might be taken in by a number of lodging house keepers. In reply to a question, the Deputy Clerk said that twelve applications were received, and that Minymor had applied for 120 Refugees. The Refugees would not interfere with the summer season of any watering place. After some discussion, Mr Henry Freeman proposed that the Barmouth Free Church Council should be written to with a view of them taking the mat- ter in hand. Mr William Owen seconded, which was carried unanimously. PILLAR BOX. On the proposition of Mr John Mor- gan, seconded by Mr Henry Freeman, it was decided that a communication should be sent to the Post Office Authorities asking them not to remove the present pillar box in Beach Road but urging on them to fix an extra letter box in the main street. VOLUNTEER TRAINING CORPS. A letter was read from Mr W. A. Maton, hon. secretary to the Barmouth Volunteer Training Corps, giving full particulars of the cost of equipping the members of the Corps. The cost of uniforms for 40 members would be £ 40, and. with rifles, range, etc., the cost would be £78 43. Od. Miss Patchett, Alltfawr, bad shown her interest in the movement by subscribing the sum of X-10. The Chairman said the Corps bad decided to have a shooting range fixed at the top of Graigfach Quarry, and the Corps would be very grateful if the Council would grant them permission to !> fix the range at that spot. Mr Henry Freeman proposed that the Council should accede to the Corps request. Mr Robert Ll. Williams seconded, which was carried unanimously. I The Chairman said the movement was worthy of the best support possible from the Council and from the towns- people, and the Corps were anxious that the Council should make a public appeal on their behalf. Mr Robert Ll. Williams proposed that the Council should make a public appeal on behalf of the Corps. Mr William Owen seconded, which was carried unanimously. The Chairman made an earnest appeal to all the members to join the Corps.

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