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BARMOUTH COUNTY SCHOOL GOVERNORS. MONTHLY MEETING. The ordinary monthly meeting of the above Governors was held on Monday last. Present:—Rev. David Davies (chairman) Rev. R. Lloyd Roberts, M.A., (vice-chairman); Alderman T. Martin Williams, J.P., Mr John Mor- gan, and Mr William Wynne, with Mr E, D. Jones, M.A., (headmaster) and Mr R. Llewelyn Owen (qlerk). PRIZE DISTRIBUTION. The Chairman said that it was open for the Governors to decide whether the prize distribution would take place this year or not. He understood that other towns had already held them. Alderman T. Martin Williams pro- posed that the prize distribution should take place as usual. The Rev. R. Lloyd Roberts seconded. Mr John Morgan thought it was not advisable to hold the distribution this year under the present circum- I stances. If the Governors decided be wonld willinly fall in with their decision. The Chairman pointed out that the prizes would be given from persons out- side Barmouth. Mr John Morgan hoped the Governors would not go into any debt with the distribution. The proposition was carried unani- mously. It was decided that the question of speakers, etc., should be left to the Headmaster TECHNICAL LECTURES. It was decided that a course of technical lectures should be held at Llanbedr. LOCAL TENDER. It was decided to accept the tender of Mr John Lewis, Cader View, for supplying the School with coal for this year. HEADMASTER'S REPORT. The Headmaster reported that a framed plate of the late Mr Hugh Evans, Penmount, had been presented to the School by Mrs Evans, and on the proposition of Mr William Wynne a hearty vote of thanks was accorded to Mrs Evans for her generosity. PUPILS AT SCHOOL. The Headmaster reported that there were 104 pupils in school during the autumn term, and the number in each, form was as follows Form 1-27 pupils. Form 11—28 pupils. Form 1II-23 pupils. Form IV-13 pupils. Form Y—6 pupils. Form VI- 7 pupils. During the term two pupils had left, but four more pupils were expected to enter the school next term. A CREDIT TO THE SCHOOL. I Alderman T. Martin Williams said it was a credit to the scholars and to the school in general that no complaints were being made as to the conduct of the pupils attending the school. The Headmaster said he was occasion- ally drawing the pupils attention to the duty of good behaviour, and be had been recently informed that the conduct of the scholars was better than ever. The Rev. R Lloyd Roberts said that the conduct of the scholars in the streets was exceptionally good and a credit to any school. Alderman T. Martin Williams agreed and added that no complaints were made in that respect. Mr John Morgan said he could speak from experience that the conduct of the scholars was excellent. He had been travelling by train with the pupils on many occasions, and be bad seen them conducting themselves as they should have done. The, Chairman said it was very en- couraging to the Governors to bear such favourable reports. FINANCIAL. I The Cieik reported that a cheque for » £ 289 10s. Od. had been received from the I Board of Education, which was the bal- ance due in respect of school grants. I MID-DAY MEAL. The Clerk reported that the total re- ceipts realised from the Mid-day Meal during the last term amounted to £ 3 6s. 10d., and the expenditure R3 4s. 5d., leaving a balance of 2s. 5d. The Rev. R. Lloyd Roberts proposed that those responsible for the mid-day meal should be congratulated on such a favourable report. Alderman T. Martin Williams secon- ded, which was carried unanimously.. x RESIGNATION. The Clerk read a letter from Mrs Jane Roberts, Tanyddinas, resigning the post of cleaner owing to ill-health and old age. On the proposition of Mr William Wynne, seconded by the Rev. R. Lloyd Roberts, the resignation was accepted with regret. The Headmaster said he should like to add that Mrs Roberts had always done her work most efficiently. No doubt she was the best cleaner the school ever had, and it would be very difficult for the Governors to have a better one. In reply to a question, the Clerk said that the salary paid Mrs Roberts was £20, and another R4 was paid to another person for helping in the kitchen with the mid-day meal. Alderman T. Martin Williams pro. posed that the Governors should adver- tise for a successor and not to mention the salary, but leave it to the candi- dates to name the salary. As an amendment, Mr William Wynne proposed that the Governors should give a salary of £ 24 to the cleaner and that same sheuld be included in the advertisement. Mr John Morgan seconded, which was agreed to. CONGRATULATION. On the proposition of Aldermrn T, Martin Williams, seconded by the Chair- man, it was unanimeusly decided to congratulate Sir John Gibson, Aberyst- wytb, on the recent honours bestowed him by the King. FINANCIAL. Mr John Morgan said he hoped the Finance Committee would go fully into the matter of reducing the school ex- penditure. It was* a very important matter for the welfare of the school. Mr William Wynne agreed, and said the Finance Committee ought to meet the situation, and up to the present the Committee bad not done their work. Mr John Morgan said he conld make his statement on tise matter that day but be wanted the Finance Committee to go into the matter first of all. Alderman T. Martin Williams said the Finance Committee bad gone into the matter, and if Mr Morgan knew of any way to curtail the school's expenses he was quite at !liberty to bring his method before the Governors. Mr William Wynne said the question before the Finance Committee was how to get more money in, and not how to reduce the school's liabilities. Mr John Morgan said his point was how to reduce the school expenditure. The matter then, dropped.

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