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'11 J't1..c", 1"1 I', #k t'01 g 0 tL- 'rf:¡ )?LJ "??T?"? ???o? _l One long' strii ,(rcrle against tliat worn-out 1iserable feeling', those drag'g'ing back- t a..ches, headaches, a.nd rheumatic painS) t which iriake. the daily round so hard! ? Nothing' undermines the health so seriously as kidney disorder. l,c)i- when thekidnevsare weak or disemed they ?!SO!t the blood instead of pu.tfying it, just as a poisoned fiber poisons the water that passes through it. For the kidneys are. the b?ood-fUters— ? from birth to death the blood is continuatty <. streaming thrpugh them to -be filtered. ? ]n it fcac?t:'? the kidneys it is )aden t impurities; when it eav*, s t t. 'ie kidneys it is the ;purest blood in the od-) its waste water, excess uric acid tn d urea have been filtered out by the + .;idnrys, and are afterwards passed from t through the bladder as urine. t the kidneys remove about i o grains of uric acid and urea, and 3 ?-:i-< f wau''r fromthe ¿,)Ci'Y day. nt \i(rn the kidneys are weak or dis- i .ssd, they begin to tosp their power of ,oparatjng the urine from the blood. Then <t the urinous waste 'teft in 'the blood begins t to spread disease to a!! parts of the body. feels dt -owsv-iiid hpavv, and grows irritable ar.d miserable. t The uric acid and urea begin to settle inf I the musctes and joints, causing irrigation, t and the stiffness and pain of rheumatism, t or may form into grave!-stones, bringing en the into!erab)e pain of rena) cohc as the I crones pass from the kidneys to the Y bladder. j[ The urinary system is disordered; c' ve Ii y >cd ¡ ",ên' is noticed in the water, 4 which may be cloudy or discoioured. the t patient may have to get up every ha!f- hour or so during the night to relieve the b';adder, or renef mav be attended with din'tcuity and pain. Theurinai-y channels may become clogged with urinous waste, causing par- tial or comp)ete stoppage. The excess water left in the I blood gets into the loose tissues about the ankles, under the eyes, and in lh hface,onthebae]<:sof the hands, or in the timbs, and ? the patient rapidly becomes drop- sical. The heart seems affected, the hands and feet are always cold, and the patient may be subject to bad attacks of giddiness. Kidney disease is hard to cure because it so often reaches a serious stage. before It is found out. But \f you take your trouble in time, before the kidneys get too seriously involved, the disease may be per- manently cured. At the first appearance of any of the above symptoms, the patient should, commence with a thorough course of Doan's Backache Kidney Pills, which ac!; upon the kidneys and bladder like laxative medicines act upon the bowels; they promote a free now from the kidneys, so that deposits of uric acid poison are flushed out, leaving the system clean and healthy. The medicine should be per- severed with untii every sign of kidney weakness has disappeared, for as long as .the least trace remains a retapse is always to be feared. During treatment the patient should drink freely of ordinary water, and must avoid taking anything that may excise the kidneys or bladder. Diet is of great importance; this is dealt with in the handbook entitled D!M.!Mo/ the Kidneys and Blad(ley,a copy of which will be sent free on application. Dean's Baclmcl¡c Kidney PH!s are sold in one size 2/9 a box, 6 boxes for 13/9. salll loose. Of all chendsts and store,s, or dircct fnan Co., 8, Wells-st., London, W. Don't ask for backache or kidney pills-ask <f!.<f<f<h/ for Kidney Pills, othNwise you cannot blamo the dealer if there is any mistake. ?????B???????ss?s??s?sK?y"nx ? \??F;?P,?': < t ? < \\t??\S''? V???'\?\?/? t?OF???:?\?0?????/??S G 'J -o; 'nl."< ???????????????????? ?? ?!???i?!?? 1Ii!lIIIIIUlllill II II III 11111 I! IIg IFWh atever you èf£J at a Chemist's? ? I Whatever you' n::r at a Chemist's, Ii M- JD L?e jF 8L<< <J!'Ajn?iM.TJLJFL<ttS J ? I- De E. JAMES I ? ? The Pharmacy, BARMOUTH ? = c?M of the famous = a "REXALL" PHARMACIES ? of 7vl¡¡'clz there are néarly 800 in the British Isles. ? 1LJERE yo" ?'? ?"? the best o? everything-m ? E j"? drugs and toilet preparations and new kinds of ? = chocolates, tOQ—better than you ever tasted before.. = ?????????? I P H .A R Ad .A C Y 01 P H A R M A C Y = y0!<? ?OM?y t'g/MM?g? g???y t/ yOM <TM <:0< M)0fg ?/;CM S??S?g(7. ¥4 Yo?er tizottey i-efunded gladly if you a-ye itot iiiore thait sizlis,6ed. A_? ,?. ? ?..?_??——————————?. ? ?????????????????????????????? II!! HI ? ? ?? ? '? ? ?' .? ? ?' ? ?\ EDWIN EAY, ¡ Lardscape Spec!a!!st, :s Garden Desigiior-, Etc. ROCK GARDENS OLD ENGLISH, And other forms of Gardening of high- est quality carried out. P?.??E?@ REM?MJ?T?? f?J?! Lt!? j b?!i!JE.!w s&E??wM!&!J. PLANTS, TREES & SHRUBS I supplied at reasonable rate. — ADVISE G!VEN. HEATHER BANE, BARMOUTH ?? ?? <??B'NE?!&B S ?a I O EN i] AND OPTICIAN. U?HILE taldngthis opportunity ? 01 Kbankiug the numerous friends and custumers for the support given him in the past at the old address, begs to announce that be will continue the above trades at his new address NORTHflELD ROAD, BARMOUTH, where be is ready to undertake all classes of repairs. Watches and Optical Work a spec!a!aty. Note Address: WERN, NORTHFIElO MAO. Orders by post promptly at- tended to. MOBLEY & Co ? ? lori:t ? ? GRAND SELECTION OF NEW SEASON S GOODS JUST ARRIVED. J I JAFFA ORANGES. I GRAPES, LEMONS, DESSERT APPLE, BANANAS, I COOKING APPLE, WALNUTS, BRAZIL NUTS, MONKEY NUTS, COB NUTS, CHESTNUTS, ICOKERNUTS, FIGS, DATES, ETC.' ALL KINDS OF TINNED FRUITS PICKLES, ETC. TRY OUR MILITARY PICKLES. THE FRUIT StORE S, HIGH STREET, BARMOUTH II -.b. 1 "iIGII_ XMAS STATIONERY Now'is bbe time to otdef Private Xmas Cards L atest designs, variety and cheapness as usual. Sample books free onappli catioa J. EVANS & NEPHEW, Stationers, I HIGH STREET Barmouth. ? TO BE LET. j)j F1HO LET, 1, Sea View Terrace. ? I Appiy—J. Pryce Jones, Bee Hive, Bai,iiioutb. ry10 LET, smail house at Brynawe JL Terrace.—Apply, Marine House, jt FpO BE LET.—COVENTRY COT. ? JL TAGE, Park Road. From Nov. ? 12, 1914. Apply, Edward Williams, ?j Ceylon House, Bat-mouth. ? rp0 LET, 1, Aelfor Terrace, Lock-up, j JL Shop or OfBce. Immediate ? possession- Apply, E. GrifSLb, 1, ? Aeifor Terrace. FFlO BE LET.—HENDRECLOCH- _i YDD HALL, Danaber. Contain. ing 4 bedrooms, 2 atcics, 1 bathroom, drawing room, dining room, smoke room, kitchen, pantry, scuHery, ce!!ars, and motor shed if required. Rent £45. ? App!y—E. Biakey, Surveyor and Estate Agent, Barmouth. Di 'I'l a u'p P)ant." Hawlyfr ar Ganu gyda'r Tannau. GAN — ?' Dewi Mai o Feirion, BisteMStu Festin!og. (Beirniacl y Canu Penhillion vn Eistedd- tod Genhadiaetbol Aberystwytb.) Pris 6c., drwy y Post 7c. I'wgael gan yrAwdwr,neuynyr Abprm'tW g>tn Mri. J. Evans & Nephew, Bookseilers, High Street. For the best Wiew Poat Cards Go to the Original Stationers and Publishers— J. EVANS & MEPHEW, j Hagh Street, Who have an unlimited Stock of Framed Views, Purges, Dorothy Bags. Guide Books, Maps, &c., &c. atso Agents for ? ? ? t??'? c??" ?? SWEETS PRINTING. I For all kinds of Printing Call at the Advertiser Office, Water Street S LIST. ? MEMDiNS BELTS and H"RMKS USE BIFURCATED RIVETS. No iic-eli to punch hol(.,s. ',imPIv drile Rivets, ?,, i d bend back the prongs. Neat and strong. Of all local fror, niongers, or send I/- fo r box (accorted) to- ?! Biftsrcated and TubHtaf ..I