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I BARMOUTH HAS ITS ANSWER. Barmouth has its answer now. There was a doubt once as to whether the cures about which Barmouth resi. dents spoke so heartily, were lasting cures. Did the people STAY well? That was the great question. And here is the answer, cured to stay cured, given in the word of a Barmouth resi. dent. On December 19th, 1912, Miss M. Jones, of 3, Penbryn Terrace, Friog, Fairbourne, Barmouth, said:—" I was very much troubled at one time with backache and touches of rheumatism. I could scarcely sleep at nights, and was very restless. I expect my kidneys were affected by a cold I had caught. "My bcitd was painful, and I often felt depressed. I was advised to try Doan's back- ache kidney pills, and I must say these pills eased the pains splendidly. My back was stronger, and I did not feel so tired after the day's work. I could sleep better, too. "I think highly of Doan's pills,and am pleased' to recommend them. (Signed) M. Jones." On February 4tb, 1914—over twelve months later—Miss Jones said:—"I am very well indeed now, I am glad to say. I have recommended Doan' spills to others and am pleased to do so as they are so effective." If YOU have any such clear signs of kidney and bladder disorders as back- ache, urinary troubles, gravel, dropsy, lumbago or rheumatism, persevere with Doan's backache kidney pills until every trace of the dread kidney disease is gone. Doan's Pills assist the urinary system like a laxative assists the bowels. Price 2/9 a box, 6 boxes 13/9, of all dealers, or from Foster-McCIellan Co. 8, Wells Street, Oxford Street, London, W. "I Don't ask for b., W." Don't ask for backache or kidney pills,-ask distinctly. for Dose's backache kidney pills, the same as Miss Jones had.