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BARMOUTH. No Preaching Meeting.—Owing to I the war, the Seion Baptist Chapel have decided not to hold their annual preach. ing meetings this year. Park Road Literary Society.—At a well-attended meeting of the members of the Park Road C.M. Chapel held on Monday night, it was decided to form a literary and debating society for the coming winter. The following were elected as officers :—President, Mr Richard Price, Brynibhel vice-presi- dent, MrElias R. Williams, C.M.,Green- hill treasurer, Mr Lewis Williams, St. Ann's; secretary, Mr D. R. Williams, Glanywern. Outilig.-O,fl Saturday afternoon, through the kindness of Mr D. E. Davies, St. Ann's, the members of the Barmouth Coronation Silver Band had an afternoon's outing to Ty'nygroes with the motor char-a-banc. Refresh- ments were provided at the Tynygroes Hotel,where a miscellaneous programme was gone through. The party returned home about 7 p.m. after enjoying a most pleasant. outing. Sunday School Work.—Mr Ellis G. Owen, Staffordshire House, has been elected superintendent of the Wesleyan Chapel Sunday School in succession to Mr R. H. Roberts, Star Stores, who has left for the Army. Mr David Anwyl James, The Pharmacy, has been ap- pointed secretary of the Baptist Chapel Sunday School in place of Mr Robert Francis Morris, Tanyfedw, who has left to join the Territorials. Undeb Dirwestol y Marched.—Cyn- haliwyd cyfarfod cyntaf y tymor dydd Mercher diweddaf, yn Ysgoldy Eben- ezer. Dewiswyd yn swyddogion am y flwyddyn y chwiorydd canlvnol :-Llyw- yddes, Mrs Edwin Jones is-lywyddes, Mrs Poghe; trysoryddes, Mrs Watkin Owen ysgrifenyddes, Mrs E. R. Jones. Hefyd, ail-ddewiswyd Mrs E. D. Jones, B.A., yn Uywyddes y Snowdrop Band, a Miss Jones Owen yn ysgrifc-nyides. Off to India.-Cot,p. Robert Peters (Craignos, Park Road), now with the 6th Hamp. Battery Expeditionary Force, Garlington Racecourse, near Ports- mouth, sent us the following letter last Friday:—Just a line to wish the Bar- mouth young men luck in their head- quarters at Newtown and Northampton We are off to India on Saturday in place of the Indian troops who are at the Front. We have been to France with horses and bringing in wounded back." Wedding.—On October 5th; at St. Mark's Parish Church, New Ferry, by the Rev. Hubert Lowry, Mr W. 0. Ed- wards, Ty Fry, Barmouth, to Miss Clara. Roberts, New Ferry. Mr Edwards is an old Barmouth boy, and holds a re- sponsible position in the London Cily and Midland Bank. The bride, was given away by her aunt, Miss Roberts (matron of the Port Sanitary Hospital, New Ferry). Miss Edwards, Ty Fry attended on the bride; Mr Humphrey Roberts, B.A., Liverpool, supported the bridegroom. Among the guests were Master William Martin, Barmouth, and Miss Morris, Liverpool. AlI their friends wish Mr and Mrs Edwards every happi- ness and prosperity. Harvest Thanksgiving.—The special preacher at the St. David's Church, next Monday, will bo the Rev. Rees Jones, the Rector of Llanbedr and Llan- danwg. District Meeting.—Last Wednesday at Christ Church Schoolroom,2the quar- terly meeting of the Barmouth, Dyffryn and District Meeting of the C.M. Sunday Schools was held. The chair was taken by the Rev. S. T. Hughes, Christ Church. The matter under discussion was" On r duty to be true to the prayer meeting." The Chairman delivered a stirring address. Alderman T. Martin Williams, J.P., was elected chairman for the coming year. Ministers Conference.—Last Thurs- day at the residence of the Rev. Edwin Jones, the first meeting of the session of the united ministers conference was held under the presidency of the Rev. E. Vaughan Humphreys. On the pro- position ot the Rev. E. Afonwy Wil- liams, seconded by the Rev. Edwin Jones, a warm and hearty welcome was extended to the Rev. E. J. Parry, Wesleyanj, Minister, on bis advent to the town. Marriage.—On Friday last, October 9th, at the Wesleyan Chapel, Dolgelley, I by the Rev. E. J. Parry, Barmouth, a marriage was solemnised between Mr John Williams, Llangefni, and Miss Jenny Jones, Ecclefechan (assistant at Mr Francis Morris, St. Ann's). The bride was attended by Miss Maggie Williams (sister of the bridegroom), and Miss Jenny Griffith (cousin of the bride), whilst Mr Harry Jones and Mr Meurig Griffith, Epworth Terrace, Barmouth, supported the bridegroom. After the ceremony the party sojourned to Eldon House, where a reception was held, after which the newly wed left for Liverpool for their honeymoon. Mr and Mrs Williams were the recipients of numerous presents. All their friends wish them happiness and prosperity. Red Cross Sewing Committee.—The .weekly meeting of the local Red Cross Sewing Committee took place on Tues- day last at the Belle Vue Hall. A large number of ladies attended, and some very useful and well made garments were brought back finished. Mrs Heath is hoping to forward another large consignment to Headquarters early next week. During the week the following subscriptions have been received £ s d Mr W. W. Greener 2 2 0 Rev. R. Lloyd Roberts, M.A., 110 Lady E. Legge 1 0 0 Miss Zenda Denton (collection) 0 5 0 1Miss Jones, 1, Fronfelen Ter., 0 2 6 Miss Owen, Garth Owen 0 2 6 Total £ 4 13 0 Total £4 13 0 Mrs Jones, Auer House, material. Mrs Jones, Meirion House, shirts. Mrs Jores, Manchester House, stock- ings. Further subscriptions will be most gratefully received and acknowledged by Mrs Gwynoro Davies, Hon. Treasurer, or Hon. Secretary, and to be devoted entirely to buying material and wool. The need is very urgent, as the sums already subscribed will not last very much longer. GWENDOLYNE DENTON, Hon. Secretary, Barmouth Red Cross Sewing Committee Personal.—Amongst the visitors stay- ing at Barmouth at present is Mr and Mrs Pritchard Morgan, the well-known mining expert. Many of our readers will remember Mr Morgan, who lived for some time at Brvntirion, Bontddu, and worked the well-known gold mine, "Mount Morgan." Mr Morgan was for many years the representative of Mer- tbyr, South Wales, in the House of Commons. We are glad to see him looking so well. Barmouth Terriers.—At the opening j meeting of the Welsh Society, held j under the auspices of the New Road and Milford Road Welsh Churches at Newtown, last Thursday evening, we noticed that some of the Barmouth Terriers took part, namely Mr J. Parry Jones, Glanllyn, and party a trio by Messrs, Jones, Griffith and Jones, and one of the accompanists was Mr Griff Jones, Barmouth. We are glad to think that the Barmouth boys are making themselves at home in Newtown and taking their place in the social life of the town. The Art Picture House.—An excep- tionally strong programme was submit- ted to the patrons of this popular place of amusement by Mr Walters, the popu- lIar manager, this week. Included in the programme was the Vitagrapb drama, "Whimsical threads of Destiny," in two parts, and also the Edison drama,"What shall It profit a man," and the humorous element in the programme was particu- larly strong, including a Keystone comedy, and the Vitagraph comedy in two parts, Beauty unadorned." For the week-end there is the splendid poli- tical drama in three parts, called "Bid for a throne," by the Anderson Film Co., and the K.B. drama, Woman's wit," and other films of a varied character make up a programme which, it would be diffi.cult to beat. A film of great inter- est is the Gaumont Graphic which is changed twice weekly. We would draw the attention of our readers to the fact that the Art Picture House will not open next Monday (Harvest Thanksgiving Day) but will be opened on Tuesday as usual.—On the Gaumont Graphic for to- night (Thursday) and the week-end will be shown the first lot of pictures from the front, including the destruction of Melles in Belgium by the Germans. The Germans in the trenches under Belgian fire, and showing the wire entanglements used by the Germans and the destruction of German ammunition waggons by the Belgians. Obituary.—It is with great regret that we have to announce the death of Miss Edwards, of Tryweryn House, Marine Road, and late of the Royal Hotel, which took place on Monday morning last, at the age of 68 years. The late Miss Edwards was the only daughter of Capt. and Mrs Griffith Ed- wards. Miss Edwards came from an old and respected Barmouth family. She was of a quiet and genial disposition, and well-liked by all who came in con- tact with her. She had been ailing for some time and death ensued as stated. The lost oT her mother was a sad blow to her, and 'she really never was the same after. Her devotion to her mother and brothers during their long illness was beautiful to behold, she nursed them tenderly to the lasu. Miss Edwards was one of the oldest members of St. David's (Welsh) Church. The funeral, which will be a public one, will take place at Llanaber, to-day (Thursday). The funeral arrangements are in charge of Mr Richard Roberts, Ivy House. War.-William Finnigan, Water St., left on Monday to join his old regiment, the 1st King's Own (Liverpool) Regi- ment, which is stationed at Blackpool. Mr Finnigan served in this regiment during the Boer War.—On Monday, William Evans, Glandwr Lodge, left to join the Territorials at Newtown. Wedding.-On Monday, September 28th., at St. Mary's Church, Dolgelley, a pretty wedding was solemnized be- tween Mr William Day, 28, Grosvenor Row, Waltbamstow, and Miss Grace Roberts, Henblas, Dolgelley, -the youngest daughter of the late P.C. John Roberts, Dolgelley. The officiating minister was the Rev. John Lloyd, M.A., Rector of Dolgelley. The bride was given away by Mr W. H. Rowlands, late of Barmouth, whilst her sister, Mrs Rowlands, Torrent Walk, accompanied her as bridesmaid. Mr Rowlands (brother-in-law) acted as best man. After the ceremony, which was at- tended by a large number of guests, a reception was held at the Torrent Walk Hotel, after which the netfly wed laft for Liverpool for their honey- moon. The presents were costly and numerous. Mrs Day is well-known to a large number of friends at Barmouth,. she being the only sister of Mrs Rowlands (late of Last Inn), and of the late Inspector Roberts, who was stationed for many years at Bar- mouth. Barmouth Library.—The quarterly meeting of the above Institution was held on Friday evening last, under the presidency of Mr W. O. Gale In the report of the Book Committee it was stated that a magnificent gift of 37 new books bad been presented to the Cir- culating Department by Mrs Keightley of Glanraawddacb. Through the ex- treme generosity of Mrs Keightley and other kind supporters of the Institution, not only are the tables of the Reading Room well supplied with periodicals and magazines, but the shelves of the Cir- culatingDepartment are kept up-to-date, this no doubt accounts for the increas- ing number of books circulated. A new volume was also received from Mr Tbeakstone of Llanaber, while a new Directory of North and South Wales was presented by the Publishers. Sir Edmund Buckley kindly presented a Map of the War, with small flags indi- cating the position of the opposing forces in the field. The Map is con- spicuously placed in the Reading Room, and much consulted by the members. The Secretary was instructed to convey a most hearty vote of thanks to all the donors. The report of the Finance Committee was submitted and con- sidered most satisfactory. The report showed an increase of C21 9s. 7d. balance in favour of the Institution as compared with the corresponding period of six months last year. The Secretary submitted his report for the quarter. Notwithstanding the drop that took place both in receipts and attendance on the outbreak of the war, the quarter's total showed an increase in all depart- ments. It was resolved that in future all the papers and periodicals purchased by the Committee should be equally divided between Mr Edward Davies, and Mr Rhys Jones, as both bad been mem- bers of the Institution from its first inception. Rev. Gwynoro Davies pro- mised to present the Cymro," and Mr Rhys Jones the Genedl."