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amman ? asm? ???F' ?'?% B ENT??ST?t ??JF H? ?E??If°?r??)t??!t**?tS? THE a STAR a SUPPLY a STORES. Finest Fresh & Danish Buttera .————————-E s Smoked & Pale Dried Bacon. ■mini nr .—ll |W ff. lrM. ||jw,I WE WANT YOUR CUSTOM. 2, Belle Vue, High St., Baf mouth Fruits in Heavy Syrup. Apricots 7i1-ld, 8jd, 10-d per Tin Pears ad, 9d, 10d per Tin Peaches 7d, 8d, 10d per Tin El Reward, LOST—LADY'S GOLD HALF-HUN- 8 J TER WATCH between Hendre Hall and the Tennis Courts (by way of the grass land.) Finder will receive the above reward on returning same to Hendre Hall.

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