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LIST OF VISITORS BORTHWEN TERRACE. The Anchorage, Miss Richards Mr and Mrs Evans, London; Mr Wbiston, Mr Price, Wolverhampton; Mr and Mrs Hobbs, Birmingham; Mr and Mrs Clat- worthy, Warrington POREINGTON TERRACE. 3, Mrs Jane Jones Mr and Mrs Sbepperd, Miss Sbepperd, Mas- ter Arthur Shepperd, Nottingham Mrs and Miss Kennyon,Oldham; Mr&Mrs Thuesneld, Misses Thuesneld, Wednesbury; Mr and Mrs Barnes, family and maid, Malvern 5, Miss Roth well Mr and Mrs Derbyshire and family, Heaton Moor, nr. Stockport; Master. J. 0. Pollitt, Miss Connie Pollitt, Rochdale; Miss Nellie Roberts, Blaenau Festiniog 7, Brynnynon, Mrs V. Humphreys Dr and Mrs Henderson, Miss Henderson, Miss MansReId, Mrs R. B. Henderson, Master Jack Henderson, Bristol; Mr and Mrs Squires, Misses Kathleen, Pbyllis and Joyce Squires, Miss Adnitt, Mr Taylor, Rugby 9, Brynmawddacb, Mrs Morris Jones Mr & Mrs Collins.Mr Collins, junr., London; Mr and Mrs Pedley and family, Derby Glenavna, Mrs Evans Miss Leggatt, M A. Leggatt, Miss Stier, Mr and Mrs Frenkel, two children and maid, London GLANABER TERRACE. 4, Mrs John Lewis Mr Crouch, Miss Sisely, London; Mr Griff- iths, South Wales; M,ss Laynes, Miss Birchenhough, Chester GRAIGFACH. 1, Mrs Lewis Jones Miss Gertrude May Smith, Birmingham WATERLOO PLACE. Llys Llewelyn, Mrs Richard Owen Mr and Mrs Moss and family, Miss Priestly, Walsall; Mr and Mrs Philpott, Nottingham i Bronygraig, Mrs Jones Misses Tanks, West Bromwich Mr, Mrs & Miss Elmor, Derby THE QUAY, Pembroke House,Mrs Insp. Watkin Owen Miss M. Junkel, Mr T. Simons, London; Miss W. Williams, Mr F. Simons, Manches- ter Misses F. and A. Owen, Mr and Mrs Lindley, Manchester Mr and Mrs Clarke and family, Leicester Whitneld House, Mrs Richards Mrs MacCorick and family, Bristol; Mr and Mrs Howard, London Riviera House, Mrs Ellis Morris Mr and Mrs Mann, Warrington; Mr and Mrs Harris, Masters Reggie and Lionel Harris,Handsworth Mr A. Ewing, London; Misses Whittle, Miss Kirk, Miss Carter, Old- ham; Miss Williams, Misses Bill, Miss Hall, Smethwick Morlan, Mrs Robert Jones Mr and Mrs A. E. Clarke and family, Leeds; Mrs and Misses Peters, Walsall Morannedd, Miss Williams Mr and Mrs Lewis, Mr T. Moody, Oldham; Mr and Mrs H. Rendle, West Hartlepool; Mr and Mrs :Almond, Mr J. Almond, Croy- don Mr and Mrs Green, Oldham Wynnstay House, Mrs T. Garnett Rev. and Mrs Rose, Masters George,Alister. Kenneth and Jimmy Rose, Mr Chapman, Blackheath; Miss Eades, Mr James, Lon- don Miss Wilcox, Rev. Deighton, Bristol Arvon View, Mrs Hugh E. Evans Mr and Mrs EIstree and baby CHURCH STREET. 1, Aelydon, Mrs Owen Williams Mxs Jones and Masters Bertie and Billie Jones, Liverpool; Mr and Mrs Ffreneh, Miss Norah Ffrench, Mr C. Ffrench, Sheffield Mr and Mrs Ashton and family, Mr and Mrs Settle and family; Old- ham 3, Aelydon, Mrs Evans Mr and Mrs Thomas, Cambridge Miss Hill, Mrs Fairclough.Miss and Master Fairclough, Liverpool; Miss D. Tryhorn,MissL. Try- horn, Miss E. Cowham. Shenild; Miss Rich- ards, CardiS; Miss Owen, Corris; Mr and Mrs Jones, Festiniog Springiield, Mrs Humphrey Jones Mr and Mrs Chesney and party, WestcliRe- on-Sea Vron House, Mrs Jones Mr and Mrs Mallett, London JUBILEE ROAD. 1, Brynymor, Mrs David Owen Mr W. K. Cooper, Miss S. Bottomly, Mr R. Kenworthy and party; Oldham. MrsStev- son, Miss Bowden, Reading. 2, Brynymor, Mrs Jones Mrs Cordelia Edwards-Rees, Miss Malan Rees, Mr R. G. Rees, Kensington; Mr and Mrs Clarke, Master Clarke, Aston-upon- Mersey Mrs and Miss and Master Herold, Birmingham Minydon, Mrs Rees Jones Mr and Mrs Compton, Miss Eileen Comp- ton, Masters Neville and Keneth Compton, Mr and Mrs Howarth, Misses Mathews, Manchester; Miss Plant,Miss Addison, Miss Bolton, Preston HIGH STREET. Bwlch House, Mrs Capt. Evan Richards Mr and Mrs Jas Dixon, Miss Dixon, Master Maurice Dixon, Heaton Moor; Miss Quirk; Workington; Mr W. A.Whitaker, Miss M. Wenneld, Ilford Glanmeen, Mrs Henry Freeman Mr and Mrs Ball and family, Ashton-on- Mersey Miss Biythe, Miss Chris Biythe, Manchester 1, Glanmorgan, Miss Pugh Miss Wilkinson, Miss A. M. Wilkinson, A.R.C.O., Leeds. Mrs Roberts, Miss Nora Roberts, Miss Elsie Roberts, Master David E. Roberts, Master John Bryn Roberts, Liverpool. 2, Glanmorgan, Mrs J. R. Thomas Misses Chambers, Seedly; Misses Walker, Manchester; Mr Sessions, Mrs Sessions, Miss Sessions, Birkenhead; Mr and Mrs Webster, Mr Neill, Pendlebury CAMBRIAN STREET. Cambrian House, Mrs Evan Griffith Mr and Mrs Jeffreys, Masters Willie and Albert Jeffreys, Oldham Tanygraig, Mrs Thomas Owen Mr and Mrs H. W. Peck, Mr R. A. Turner, London Mr and Mrs James. Aberystwyth WATER STREET Tan-y-Rallt Cottage, Miss D. Morris Miss Chew, Miss Mary Chew, Miss Nellie Chew, Miss Annie Chew, London SEA VIEW. 2, Mrs GriSlth Mr and Mrs Shutt, Miss Lawrence, Miss A. Lawrence, London THE ROCK Gallthyfryd, Misses Williams Mr and Mrs Maitland, Shemeld Miss Sim, South-on-Sea; Mrs Mayers, Mrs Symonds, Birkenhead Tremhyfryd, Mrs Ellis Williams Mr and Mrs Critchley,Mr and Mrs Shepherd, Miss Shepherd, Liverpool Bryngoleu, Capt. Price Mr R. B. Wilkinson, Mr E. Hilton, Miss J. Ashworth, Miss D. Helliwell, Manchester Bardsey Vie", Mrs G. W. Pagh Mr Baker, Liverpool; Miss Thornley, Man- chester EOHINOOR 1, Eohinoor, Mrs Whiteside Mr and Mrs Eraser and child, Birmingham BEACH ROAD. 1, Glanywerydd Terrace, Mrs Pryce Jones Messrs and Miss Lloyd, South Wales Mr, Mrs and Miss Hobson, Leeds; Mr Pearson and friend, Bowdon 3, Glanywerydd Terrace, Mrs T. Griffith Mrs Hibbard, Miss W. Hibhard, Yardley; Mr and Mrs Perry, Misses Q. and M. Perry and maid, Miss Perry, Miss Taylor, Fails- worth Mrs Ilkin, Miss Ilkin, Miss Snape, Mr Ilkin, Birmingham MARINE PARADE Balmoral, Mrs John Jones Miss Draper, Bayswater; Mr and Mrs H. Priestley, Oldham Osborne House, Mrs Brazier Mr and Mrs Lees, family and governess, Shaw, near Oldham Prof. and Mrs F. S. Foxwell, Misses A. and P. Foxwell, Cam- bridge Mrs Dr. John Jones, Miss Dorothy Jones, Dolgelley.; Rev J R Jones, Rev H 0 Jones, Manchester Belmont, Mrs Thomas Mrs Sydney PoweH, Miss Blanch PoweII, Misses Powell, Miss Avis PoweH, Miss Chums, Brecon Albion House, Mrs W. Roberts Mr and Mrs W. F. Meen and son, Mrs Nie- mann,London 2. Mrs Evan Jones Mr and Mrs Oldacre and family and maid Surrey; Mrs and Miss Bickley. Sparkbrook Mr and Mrs L. F. Littlewood, Misses F G. and L. Y. Littlewood, Messrs D. and J. Littlewood,Birmingham; Mr and Mrs Green and family, London 3, Clive Place, Miss Morris Miss R. Forestier-Walker,Miss D. Forestier- Walker, Miss N. Forestier- Walker, and nurses, Newport, Mon.; Miss J. Blandy- Jenkins, Llanharran, Glam.; Masters Rod- ney and Jocelyn Forestier- Walker and nurses, Rhiwderin; Mr and Mrs Griinth and family and maid, Merthyr Tydvil 4, Mrs E. M. Jones Mr and Mrs Ellis, Miss Ellis, Stratford-on- Avon; Mr and Mrs Coster, Misses Mary & J. Coster, Master H. Coster, Blundellsands Mr and Mrs Mathison, Misses Mathison, King's Norton I Wave Crest, Misses Williams Mr and Mrs Astlett and family, Cbiswick Mr and Mrs Bernard and family, Luton Mrs Twells, Miss Mayridge, Rugby; Miss Annesley, Brecon Miss Ferrys, Ealing Misk Fisher, Kidderminister 9 & 10, Mrs John Williams MrsDowling,Mr S.G. J. Dowling,Miss Sykes, Mr R. 0. Gilmore,L.L.B., Mrs Gilmore,Miss May Gilmore, Miss Kathleen Gilmord, Mr E. Raymond Gilmore, Mr Reg. Gilmore, Dr E. Sowers, J P., Manchester; Mr and Mrs Tootill, Miss Flossie Tootill. Miss Winnie Tootill, Bolton Mrs J. Brazier, Mrs E. Brazier, Miss Wood, Stourbridge; Miss Brazier. Ipswich Mr H. M. V. Menger- shausen, Manchester; Dr and Mrs Heywood and lamily and nurse, AIderly Edge 12, Mrs John Jones Mr and Mrs Carpenter, Master W. Carpen- ter, Miss Betty Carpenter. Birkenhead Mr and Mrs Barrow and family and nurse, Mr Acton, Mrs and Miss T. Acton, Bramball; Mr and Mrs Haigh, family and nurses, Huddersneld York House, Mrs Cotton Mr and Mrs Nutter, Misses Nutter, Cam- bridge; Mrs Lloyd, Liverpool Windsor House, Mrs Williams Mrs Rowlands, children and nurses, Erding- ton Mr and Mrs Townsend, Misses Town- send. Ireland; Mr Wade, Miss Wade, Mr Watts, Mr and Mrs Brown and family, Bir- mingham; Mr an<.t Mrs Sbirley,Manchester; Mr and Mrs Burman, children and nurse, London Cardigan View, Mrs C. J. Fisher Rev and Mrs. Owen and son, Dolgelley; Rev and Mrs Warlow, Lieut. Warlow, Mr War- low, South Milford.York; Mr and Mrs Buck, Burton-on-Trent; Mr and Mrs Oxford, Lon- don Mr and Mrs Maton Belgrave, Mrs Williams Mr G. Shackerley Ackers, family and maids, Congleton; Mrs Wilders,children and nurse, Birmingham SOUTH AVENUE. Llys Meirion, Mrs Adams Miss Watt, MrWyatit,Northampton; Mr and Mrs Drury, Miss Chaplin, Miss Longden, I London; Mr and Mrs Worrall, Wolverhamp- ton; Mr Richards, Miss Lindley, Ashton- under-Lyne 1, Hugo Villas, Mrs Jones Mr & Mrs Arthur S. Brown, family and maid, Ilford, Essex. Miss Upjohn, Miss Barns, London. NORTH AVENUE. Aston House, Misses Jones Mr and Mrs Cairns, Miss Cairns, Miss K. Cairns, Bristol; Mr and Mrs Woodin, Miss Woodin, Miss Miner, Rockferry; Mr and Clarke, Mr and Mrs Taylor, Mr Hollies,Miss Hollies, Miss Fisher, Miss Taylor, Dudley Miss Coates, London; Miss Cooper, Berry Barr Bronwen House, Mrs McManus I Mr and Mrs Fletcher, and famiIy,Birming- ham; Misses Leach, Shrewsbury MARINE ROAD. I Colwyn House. Mrs Lewis Williams ) MrB. Bailey, Miss Wade, Mr and Miss Bol- ton, Manchester Mr Edwards and party, Morristown Mr and Mrs Moore, Birming- ham Clift ndale, Mrs Hiam I Mr and Mrs Newall, son and daughter, Northwich Mrs Hailstone and family, Cheltenham Artro House, Mrs G. Williams Mr Thomas, New Brighton Mr and Mrs Pell, Mr and Mrs Baytes, West Bromwich Iscoed, Mrs Parry ? Mrs Piggin, Leicester Llysarfor, Mrs Wm. Pugh Mr and Miss Colbourne, Derby Bronllys, Mrs Breese Mr and Mrs F. Mills, Mr and Mrs Bowdlir, Misses Bowdlir, Master D. Aspinall, Miss Mills, Birmingham. Rev. S. Roberts and family, Llanbrynmair. Tawelfan, Mrs Lloyd Mr and Mrs Thomas, and son, Mrs Foster and daughters, Mr and Mrs Barker, Birm- ingham MARINE GARDENS. Hyfrydle,'Mrs E.R.Jones Mr and Mrs Ablett, London Morfa House, Mrs Owen Miss Greaves, Silly Oak; Mr W. Waters, Edgbaston; Mr and Mrs Wilson, Lady- wood Mr John Me Phail McKenzie, Edg- 'baston PRINCES AVENUE. Alunfa, Mrs J Hughes Mrs J. Wollen, Miss Marjorie Wollen, Mas- ters Gordon, Eric and Charlie Wollen Tegfan, Mrs Williams Mr and Mrs Higgs, baby and nurse, Stour- bridge Kooinda, Mrs Lloyd Williams Rev and Mrs Webber Jones, :Masters Owen and Allan Jones, Miss Webber Jones, Liver- pool FRONFELEN TERRACE. Lluesty, Mrs W. J. Griffith Mr ande Mrs Ashton, Misses Ashton and friend, Master Ashton, Dudley Rivers Lea. Mrs Rowlands Mr and Mrs Kershaw, Miss Kershaw, Rock- dale Penzance Villa, Mrs Rabbetts Mr and Mrs H. G. Cookes, Oswestry Miss Lloyd, Bournemouth; Misses Lloyd, Birm- ingham; Mr Birchenhougb, Miss Lewis, Sandbach AELFOR TERRACE. Dihewid, Mrs J. Milton Mrs Powell and family, Walsall 3, Mrs David Davis Mr Kirkman, Miss Bebb, Oldham 5, Mrs Parry Mr and Mrs Walker, Master Lennie Walker, London Mrs and Miss Enight,Birmingham 6, Mrs Jones Mr J. N. Davies,Coventry; Mr M.E.Barker, Leicester LLANABER ROAD. 1, Beulah Hill; Mrs E Davies Mr and Mrs J. H. Jones, Warrington; Mr R. E. Jones, Chester 2, Beutah Hill; Mrs Roberts Mr Carnon, London; Miss Williams, New- ton Mr and Mrs Hodgson, Miss and Master Hodgson, Aston-on-Mersey Isfryn, Mrs G. Jones Mr and Mrs Rogers, Miss Mabel Rogers, London; Rev and Mrs Gwynoro Davies, Mr W. W. Davies, Mr Wilmore. Barmouth HENDRE VILLAS 2, Misses Evans Mr and Mrs Corner, Misses Sylvia, G'retta anp K. Corner, Master Stanley Corner, Mr and Mrs Watson, baby and nurse, London 3. Misses Jones Mr and Mrs Dambarn, Masters David and Reggie Dambarn, Liverpool; Miss Bates, Nuneaton, Miss Batty, Miss Morton, Man- chester EPWORTH TERRACE Mrs Morris Mr and Mrs Williams, Manchester; Mrs Adams and son, Mrs Ham, daughter & son, Birmingham 4, Mrs Roberts Mr and Mrs Gartside and. family, Miss Cooper, Glossop, Mr and Mrs Lfmmy and son, Nantwich; Mrs Godfrey, London HANLITH TERRACE. 1, Mrs Williams Mr and Mrs Masters,5Londom; Mr and Mrs Oldneld, Miss Oldfield, Masters Roger and Edgar Oldfield, Sheffield M rs Wilson and 2 children, Mrs smith, Dublin: KING'S CRESCE NT. Tawelfa, Misses Thomas Mr Foden and party, Oldham s Mr and Mrs SmaJIman and baby, West BrctXBWich Gwynfa, Mrs William Rev. J. Davies, Miss Davies, Masters G. & P. Stephens, Miss Enid Stephens, Warring- ton. Mrs Hamile, Miss Hamile and Mr C. G. Hamile, J.P., London. Mr and Mrs Mor- ris, Manchester. Mr and Mrs Greaves, and Mr Greaves, Junr., Liverpool. Mrs Webb and Miss Betty Webb, London. Glyn Garth, Mr& 0. Jones Nurse Roberts; Mr and Mrs Fidmus, Mr Stanley Fidmus, Master Alien Fidmus, Miss Jessie Day, Birmingham, Mr and Mrs Jones, Miss Jones, Liverpool; Mrs and Miss Evans, Cambridge; Mr A.Williams, Man- chester Green Hill, Mrs Richards Professor and Mrs Percival. Mr Alan V. Percival, Reading Mr and Mrs Corley and family, Stockport; Mr and Mrs Dincock, Dudley; Mr and Mrs W. Johnson and fam- ily, West Bromwich; Mrs Milton Davies: Sir Edmund Buckley; Bart, Dolafon, Mrs Evans Rev and Mrs EIliot,Miss ElIiot.Mias Corbett, London; Mr and Mrs Crowhurst.Miss Crow- hurst, Birkenhead; Mr and Mrs Lucus, Miss Lucus,London Bodweni, Mrs Profi Rev S. T. Hughes; Miss Cadman and friend, Manchester Mrs and Misses and Master Dibbe, Mr Smith, Birmingham; Misses Ridd, Weston-super-Mare Bryn Teg, Miss Lloyd Mrs and Master Phillips, Miss Phillips, Miss Cherry, Streatbam Hill Mr and Mrs Wil- liams, Miss and Master George Williams, Birkenhead; Mr and Mrs Freeman, Bilston; Mr Wilson Williams, Mr H. B. Davies, Mr P-Edwards, Mr Ll. H. 0. Johnes, Gapth- myl, Mont. NORTHFIELD ROAD. 1, Henddol, Mrs M. G. Roberts Miss Bessie Hargreaves, Miss Harriet Greenwood, Colne PARK ROAD Morben Villa, Mrs Edwards Miss Grimn,Miss Jenkins, Miss D. Jenkins, Miss M. Jenkins, Mr Hasbgrove, Stoke-on- Trent; Mr MurNett, Miss Tyne, London Vulcan Villa, Mrs R. Grinlth Miss C. James. Mr R. J. Paiton, Manchester Glanywern,MissPugh Mrs Clift, Miss Doris Clift, Miss Winnie Clift, Stourbridge Mr D. R. Williams