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BARMOUTH COUNCIL MONTHLY MEETING. POSTAL FACILITIES FOR THE SOUTH END. THE RATE COLLECTOR'S REPORT: A SATISFACTORY REPORT. A LONG MEETING. The ordinary monthly meeting of the above Council was hpid on Tuesday afternoon. Present: Mr J. Pryce Jones (vice-chairman) presiding; Dr. J. Pagh Jones, Messrs. John Morgan, R. G. Moore, D. O. Hughes, Henry Freeman, William Owen, Edward Williams; with Messrs. Wm. George t; (clerk), R. Llewelyn Owen (deputy clerk), T. R. Parry (surveyor), Watkin Owen (boating inspector), John Rob- erts (rate collector), and Dr. J. O. WiI. liams (medical officer). WELCOME I The Vice-chairman (Mr J. Pryce Jones), at the outset, gave a hearty wel- come to Mr John Morgan on his return to the Council meeting after his recent illness. Mr William Owen said they were all very glad to see Mr Morgan amongst them once again and looking so well. Mr John Morgan suitably responded, and added that his health had greatly improved. Although he was not present at the Council meetings, he bad followed the proceedings of the Council very keenly, and would always do his utmost for the wellfare of the town. CONDOLENCE. I The Vice-chairman referred to the great loss which the town bad sustained in the death of Mr T. R. Bayliss, Ceil- wart Ucba. The deceased had acted quite a gentleman to the Council at all time. He proposed that a vote of con- dolence should be sent to Mrs Bayliss and family in their bereavement. Mr William Owen, in seconding, said that the town bad lost a thorough friend in the passing away of Mr Bayliss. Whatever the Council bad asked Mr Bayliss to do, he had always met the Council in a genial way and bad given no trouble at all. Men of the stamp of Mr Bayliss were very few in these days. WORKS COMMITTEE REPORT. An application was received for per- mission to camp by a party of six per- sons. The Committee decline to allow camping on any land owned by the Council but information was to be given as to other sites available. The Medical Officer reported that the health of the town was satisfactory. The Surveyor reported that the reservoir at Bodlyn Lake was full. It was reported that the County Council bad agreed to pay the Council the sum of X40 towards the estimated i expense of £ 84 14s. 6d., incurred in connection with the improvement on Porkington Hill, and the offer was ac- cepted. TAR SPRAYING. A complaint was received from a gentleman respecting damage done to his trousers whilst passing the Council's men at work was considered by the Works Committee. The Surveyor's version did not agree with that of the writer,and the Chairman of the Counci and Works Committee were asked to interrogate the Complainant. MOTOR BOATS. It was reported that in answer to the Council's enquiry, the Acting Principal Officer of the Board of Trade at Cardiff wrote stating that all .motor or steam vessels plying with more than twelve passengers must hold a passenger cer- tificate from the Board of Trade. NEW MOTOR GARAGE. A letter was read from Mr T. Martin Williams, on behalf of the Deacons of Caersalem Chapel, inviting the Council to safeguard their rights in view of the additions contemplated to Mr Alfred Wilkinson's motor garage. I Only one plan having been deposited by Mr Wilkinson, the Works Committee recommended that same should be dis- approved of on the ground that duplicate plans must be deposited. PLANS. It was reported that Mr Greener pro- posed to build on land opposite Haulfryn but the plan was disapproved of on the ground (1) that the road leading past Haulfryn from Mynach Road was shown as being only 18 feet wide instead of 24 feet wide as provided by the sale plan in the Council's possession; (2) that proper facilities were not furnished to enable the Council to consider the line of building. A plan sent in of a proposed new house for Mr Cash at Aberamffra was disapproved of since the plans had not been deposited in duplicate. TELEPHONE FACILITIES. The Deputy Clerk reported that as the result of representations made to the Post Office Telephone Department a public call office bad now been opened at Fairbourne and another would be opened shortly at Dyffryn. The ques- tion of opening a call office at Arthog and Bontddu was under consideration. WATER FOR GARDENS. I In reply to Dr. J. Pugh Jones, the Surveyor said that he bad called the attention of those who were using water fof [watering gardensto the fact,and there was an improvement in that respect. PUBLIC LIGHTING. I The Secretary of the Gas Company wrote confirming the arrangement come to for undertaking the public lighting of the town during the current season.—It was decided that the arrangement now made should continue for one season ooly. Mr David 0. Hughes said that that complaints were being made that some of the public lamps were not lighted. He was given to understand that lamps on the Rock were not lighted the previous night. He believed that all the lamps should be lighted. The Surveyor said that he was paying attention to the matter and would see the Gas Manager at once. SUB-POST OFFICE SOUTH END. I It was reported that arrangements were being made for the establishment of a Post Office at which postal order business would be transacted. The transaction of money order, savings bank and telegraph business at the pro- posed Office would not be warranted, but telephone facilities could be pro- vided by the opening of a call office under a guarantee of C8 16s. Od. a year. Mr R. G. Moore said. with regard to the reply from the Post Office Authori- ties, that no doubt much feeling would be prevailing in the South End because there would be no full postal facilities the same as hitherto. It would be a great loss to the ratepayers in the South Ead and also a great inconvenience. He believed that the Council was to blame in not moving in the matter when they had an opportunity to do so, but by now it had gone too late and it could not be helped. He proposed that a strong ap- peal should be sent to the Post Office Authorities asking them to reconsider their decision, ard to show the impor- tance of having full postal facilities at the other end of the town. Mr D. 0. Hughes, in seconding, said it was most important for the South End to have full postal facilities. The proposition was carried unani. mously. It was decided to deferr :the question of paying any guarantee money for the telephone. THE WAR. I It was reported that a communication bad been addressed to the Fire Brigade from members of the Executive Com- mittee of the British Red Cross Society to the effect that all ambulance men of the Red Cross and other Associations were now under the Military Autbori- ] ^ies and Brigades were asked to see that I their Fire Stations were properly pro- vided with ambulance appliances. Mr John Lewis, attended the Committee with the letter. The Deputy Clerk reported that since the Works Committee had met a further communication bad been sent to the Red Cross Society asking for further information on the matter, and in reply they stated that the Ambulance equip- ment was required for the benefit of the ratepayers and for local use. I The Vice- Ch airm an-Therefore it is I only required for use in our own town ? I The Deputy Clerk-Yes. Mr Henry Freeman said he did not I think there would be any necessity for it so long as they could keep the Ger- mans away. Mr R. G. Moore thought it was not a mabter of urgency and could be deferred for the present. Dr. J. Pugh Jones said there was one stretcher at the Police Station. He believed that with the home defence on the East Coast and the wise men at the helm they would be able to guard them off. The Vice-Chairman said that Mr John Lewis was present at the meeting and perhaps he bad something to say on the matter. Mr Henry Freeman enquired what would the cost of the equipment amount to. Mr John Lewis said the full equip- ment would cost £8 8s. Od. Mr William Owen said be was afraid the Qouneil were not in a position to have the equipment just at present. If anything happened they could easily call a special meeting. He'proposed that the matter should be deferred for the present. Mr Henry Freeman seconded. Mr John Lewis said that not when an accident bad occurred was the time to send for an equipment to London. It was very disheartening for tbeBrigade not to have the necessary equipment when a medical man came to give them lessons The equipment the Brigade bad at present bad been bought by the Brigade. It was decided to defer the matter for the present. THE FIRE ENGINE. Mr John Lewis, a member of the Brigade, said he wished to call the immediate attention of the Council to the Fire Engine. He had inspected the fire engine the previous day and it was in a bad condition. If it remained there much longer it would be nothing less than old iron, and should be seen into at once. In reply to Mr John Morgan, the Sur- veyor said the engine was covered over with sacks. Mr John Morgan suggested that the Surveyor should have a proper cover over the engine. The Vice-Chairman said he under- stood that a monthly report was to be presented by the Fire Brigade to the Council, but no report bad yet been sent in. He thought it would be better for the Council to have a written report from the Brigade and to submit same to the Works Committee for consideration. He was in full sympathy with what Mr Lewis had reported. Mr John Lewis explained the reason why no report bad been presented to the Council, the Brigade had not yet appointed an instructor, and therefore they bad to do the best they could under the circumstances. Mr Henry Freeman enquired when was the fire engine last cleaned out by the Brigade. Mr John Lewis said it was cleaned out on the last Saturday when at Graig- facb. The Vice-Chairman said that was one reason why thp engine was so rusty. Dr. J. Pugh Jones said the Brigade bad full control over the engine. After some further discussion, it was decided on the proposition of Mr D. 0. Hughes, seconded by Mr William Owen, that the matter should be deferred to the Works Committee.. HACKNEY CARRIAGES. As the result of the investigation made on July 24th by a special com- mittee consisting of Messrs Rbys Jones, Henry Freeman, J. Pryce Jones, and R. Llloyd Williams, into a complaint made by Messrs Davies Bros., with reference to coaches in front of their premises, the Committee recommended that the vehicle be allowed to take its stand by Glanywerydd, but that the vehicle itself should be kept standing opposite the parlour window of Mr Evan Davies house with the horse or horses attached thereto looking south. The Vice-chairman said that both parties had agreed to the recommenda- tion of the Committee". Mr D. O. Hughes proposed that the recommendation of the Committee should be adopted. Mr R. G. Moore seconded, which was carried. An amendment by Mr John Morgan that the matter should be deferred so that the arrangement come to should be giving in writing, when the Council would have something to go by, was not seconded. I VALUATION LIST. I It was reported that a proposal had been made by the Chancellor of the Exchequer that the Parochial Valuation Lists for local rating purposes should be prepared annually by the Land Valuation Office, and this proposal is being depre- cated by the National Conference of Assessment Committee. A long and heated discussion took place on the above matter in which Messrs John Morgan, William Owen, Edward Williams, and Dr J. Pughe Jones took part. The three former members supported the proposal of the National Conference of Assessment Committees, whilst Dr J. Pugh Jones supported the proposal of having the work done by the Land Valuation Offices. Mr William Owen proposed that the Council should support the National Conference of Assessment Committees. Mr John Morgan, seeonded. As an amendment, Dr J. Pugh Jones proposed that the work should be car- ried out by the Land Valuation Offices. Mr Henry Freeman seconded. The original proposition was carried by six votes to two. COUNCIL'S WORKMEN. The Surveyor reported that three of the Council's workmen bad been guilty of disobedience, and he had occasion to reprimand them. Several members approved of the action taken by the Surveyor, who had full power to deal with the workmen as he thought best. FINANCE COMMITTEE. It was reported that the sum of R8 7s. bad been collected in respect of licences issued by the Inspector of Boat- ing and Hackney Carriages. The Rate Collector reported that dur. ing the month he had collected the sum of R595 2s. Old. An overdraft of £315 15s. 2d. was reported at the Bank. The Committee regret being unable to agree to the proposal that the Coun- cil should bear a proportion of the ex- pense of transmitting weather reports to the daily press. Instructions were given to the Clerk to communicate at once with the Chan- cellor of the Exchequer, Presidents of the Board of Trade, Local Government Board, and General ManagerE\ of the Cambrian and Great Western Railway Companies urging the re-estabiishmenfc of full excursion facilities. It was reported that Mr Rhys Jones and Mr R. G. Moore had considered ap- plications for the tenancy of Graigfach Cottage from Mr Robert Thomas, Mrs Catherine Morris, and Mr Owen Roberts. A letter was read from Mr J. Vaugban stating that he had decided to occupy the house until November 12th, and permission was given him to do so. It was recommended that the sum of 10s. be acceped from Mr D. G. Collins