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THE WAR. Barmouth Lodging-house Keepers Less. In consequence of the anxiety felt in the country in connection with the War, the lodging-house keepers in the town will suffer to the extent of about £ 000 through having rooms reserved for visitors cancelled, and as the question was often asked whether the Lodging- house keepers could ciaim any compen- sation, our representative discussed the point on Tuesday with Mr William George "(Messrs Lloyd George & George), solictors, Barmouth), who waa sorry to learn of the disappointment gieen to many lodging- hous!é);keepers. Mr George said he had no doubt that in a large majority of the cases there was no jus- l tification or excuse at all for the con- duct complained of and which amounted to a direct breach of contract on the part of the visitors concerned. There might be cases in which the persons who had taken rooms would be justified in not coming; for instance where they had been called to give service on land or sen, and be was quite sure that none of the Lodging-house keepers would think of complaining in cases like that, but from nearly all be could hear the bulk of those wlJí) had stayed away bad no such reasonable excuse to put for- ward, and that being so he thought it was their bounden duty to compensate the Lodging-house keepers to whom they bad caused such serious loss.