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PUBLISHED IN THE ADVERTISER, DID YOU SEE IT ? I Five yea.1S ago a Barmouth resident made a statement which was published in our local paper, and which aroused great interest, not only here, but for many miles around. Our readers will, we are sure, be gratified to know that the facts are enthusiastically endorsed to-day—years after. I On January 30th. 1909, Mr. H. Roberts of Glan-y-Llyn Temperance Hotel, Bar- mouth said :—Some time ago I was suf- fering from heavy, dragging pains in my back and a general feeling-of lassitude and wearness. There were also other troubles which proved to me that my kidneys were not acting properly. "After trying various medicines, none of which seemed to do me any good, I was induced to take Doan's Backache Kidney Pills. I am pleased to say that they did me more good than anything I bad previously used, and from that time to this I have never bad any serious sign of the complaint. I beartidly recommend Doan's Pills to anyone who is troubled as I was. (Signed) H. Roberts." On February 3rd. 1914, over five years later, Mr Roberts said —" Doan's Pills I think are splendid for backache troubles, and I recommend tfiem to any I hear complaining of Kidney troubles. Doan's Backache Kidney Pills relieve congestion and inflamation of the kid- neys, and promote a free flow from the bladder, so the uric acid poison which causes rheumatism, backache, gravel, urinary disorders, and so many other complaints is flushed out of the system. Price 2/9 a box; 6 boxes, 13/9 of all dealers, or from Foster-Mc Clellan Co., 8, Wells St., Oxford St., London, W' Don't ask for Backache and Kidney Pills-ask distinctly for Doan's Back- ache Kidney Pills the same as Mr. Eoberts had.