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A SONG OF BARMOUTH. We on II the following from folIo\ving frolH "Answers" of July 25th, which speaks for itself :— Our seaside poets continue to champion their favoured resorts, and I have received many verses extolling the virtues of our va- rious coast towns. Perhaps I may be tempted to write a poem myself one day In the meantime here is a SOlg of Barmouth which presents a very tempting picture of that popular Welsh holiday ground. Its writer modestly con- ceals his name under the initials S. H, S; but he sent me his ad- address, so I have been able to write and congratulate him. If you would be bright and merry, Go to Barmouth. If you'd be brown as a berry, Go to Barmouth. If you want to climb the hills, If you want to drop you•• ills, If yon don't want frightful bills, Go to Barmoutb. If you want a glorious swim, Go to Barmouth. If you want to feel in trim, Go to Barmouth. If you want the finest boating, (For there is no danger floating), If on scenery your'e doting, Go to Barmouth, If you want to leave all worry, Go to Barmouth. If you don't iike rush and hurry, Go to Barmouth. If you want to catcb good kippers, If you want to miss the trippers, If you want to please the nippers,' Go to Barmouth. After that, it only remains to I add that there is an excellent I train at 11 o'clock from Fln^tnn