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Grand Bazaar.—On Wednesday and Thursday next, a grand bazaar-will be held at the Public Rooms, Dolgelley For full particulars see advertisement. Confectionery.—Mr Atundale, Mona Cafe, begs to announce that he has en- gaged the services of a first class,Pastry Cook and Confectioner, and will now make a display of Choice and Dainty Pastry and Confectionery. Purest in- gredients only used. advfc. To Visitors.—From our advertising columns it will be seen the Cambrian Railway Company, have arranged rail and road tours to all places of interest at reasonable charges. Also the Fes- tinog Railway have arranged cheap day tickets to places of interes along the toy railway which visitors should not fail to take advantage of. The Royal Magnets special concert on Friday last was full of interest and decidedly novel. The stage was made, with the aid of scenery and properties, to represent the deck of a ship and de- corated with flags and streamers, looked most attractive. The programme was excellent in every way, each member acquitting himself admirably. The The items were chiefly of a nautical nature, and were rendered with true nautical spirit. "Sir" Edward was a huge success as the Captain; his exaggerated make-up lending greatly to the humour of the situation, while his nautical songs and stories set the whole audience rocking with laughter. Lieut. Harry Bowden gave several good num- bers in a right down rollicking style, and earned unstinted applause. Mate Charles Elstree, eulogised on modern languages and kept his audience in a perfect mood of merriment the whole of the time. A B Harry Slatter was in perfect voice, and the audience were quite enthusiastic over his contributions especially his rendering of" Anchored," which he sang while standing at the wheel; the lighting effects were also cleverly manipulated' Harry Kirk as Moppy," Engineer, Steward, Powder Monkey and general bandy man on the boat was in his element, and was excru- iatingly funny, the lions' share of the comedy was in his capable hands, and be kept cropping in everything that went on, very much to the amusement of everyone present. Band Master Bobby Feaser contributed songs, piano- forte solos and accompaniments in a really admirable manner, leaving noth- ing to be desired. The Entertainment was brought .to H, dose with a burlesque court martial, Moppy was the culprit charged with stealing coal from the ship and sending it to Newcastle by wireless the whole thing was ladicronsley funny, and the audience were sent away in the highest of good spirits. There is evi- dently no limit to the capabilities of this excellent company. The Coronation Band,A meeting of the committee and members of the above was held at the Church Room on Monday eyening last. Less thap half the members of the committee and about half-a-dozen members of the Band at- tended. It is quite evident that those who established the Band with such a. flourish of trumpets at the commence- ment have, lost all interest in the movement. In view of the fact that so many of the members of the committee i I display no interest at ali in the succcss of the Band, and so many of the players show no effort or inclination to attend practices; It was felt that drastic measures bad to be resorted to, so that an effort might be made once again to set the band on a better basis. With this object in view, it was resolved to call in all the instruments for the purpose of making entirely new ar- rangements when the busy time is over. Guided by the experience of the last two years the Committee will be able to v make a better selection of players, and we feel confident that with new blood, and an element of young musicians iû- troduced, we shall yet see a band more flourishing than ever at Barmoutb.It was pointed out that there was still a small balance doe for the instruments, and it was resolved to have it cleared without further delay. Some people had kindly promised subscriptiOrlP, but bad never been called upon to pay, owing to neglect of collectors who undertook the work. New collectors were appointed, and we feel sure that when subscribers are called upon they will be only too pleased to fulfil their engagements.—The meeting was ad- journed for a fortnight, when it is hoped final-arrangements will be made and the balance at the bank wiped off. The Empire Serenaders. — The Empire Serenaders will open the season on Tuesday evening next, at the Pavilion. Mr Walters' Entertainers will include the Spinatte Quintette, Mr E. H. Hargreaves (last year's great favourite)t Miss Bessie Hargreaves (soprano), and Miss Jacobs (pianist). Mr John Walters, the popular managing director, has engaged the world-re- Downed Spinette Quintette, for the season. The great attraction for the opening night will be the topsy-turvy dancing. After the upside-down airmen comes a topsy-turvy art. Upside-down dancers will make their first appearance at the Pavilion on Tuesday, This quaint exhibition of topsy-turvy will be given by Mr Walter Pashin's company of dancers, who are better known as the Spinette Quintette a Novelty." The performers will consist of 3 male dancers who will stand on their beads on stools fixed in three revolving pedestals with a "floor roof, on which they dance. On the top side of the roof of two of the pedestals two girls will dance, the movement of their feet will correspond exactly with the upside down dancers underneath. The pro- gramme will also include concerted items, songs, duets, etc. etc., by members of the Serenaders. We anticipate a crowded house on the opening night and we should advice all to book their seats early.  ? i