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Master Vivian Oliver Jones, Mold; Miss Fisher, Dudley BodJyn, Mrs E. Williams Mr and Mrs T. H. Broad, Master Haymond Broad, Erdingbon, Birmingham; Mr and Mrs Nelson, lVIasterKenny Nelson, Lon- don Mr and Mrs Waton, Sparkhill, Bir- mingham Mr J. Shaw, Mr R. Smith, Man- chester 1, Aelydon, Mrs Owen Williams Mr and Mrs McCoy, Master Norman McCoy, Birmingham Mr and Mrs Hollis Davis, Liverpool; Mr and Mrs Hartley, Waterloo Mr and Mrs Ellwood, Master Cyril Ellwood, Miss Ellwood, Birkenhead 3; Aelydon, Mrs Evans Mr and Mrs W. D. Ridley, London Mr and Mrs L. R. Deacon, Swindou; H. A. Rochelle, Wolverhampton; R. L. Hancock, Miss A. D. Smith, Worcester; Mr and Mrs Marshall, Bootle; Mr Jack Evans (of Cardiff City F.C.), Mr Stanley Evans, Seven," Bala Bwlcli House, Mrs Capt. Evan Richards Mr, Mrs and Miss Cackell, Wakefield Mr & Mrs Hancock, Ilforc1 Glanmeon, Mrs Henry Freeman Mr and Mrs Sloan, Miss Helen Sloan, Miss Cassie Sloan, Miss Cassidy, Miss Brownell, Miss G. Brownell, Miss Nellie Sloan, Mr and Mrs Rapson, Dublin Mr Hall, Miss Hall, London JUBILEE ROAD. Minydon, Mrs Rees Jones Mr and Mrs Cragg, baby and nurse, Halifax; Mr, Mrs and Misses Greyson, Miss Ninnon, Nottingham; Mr, Mrs & Miss Holland, Man- chester 1, Brynymor, Mrs David Owen Mr and Mrs Williams and 2 sons,Warrington 2, Brynymor, Mrs Jones Mr and Mrs E. L. Sandbach and family, Miss B ridel on and nurse,Mrs and MissWilde, Ashton-upon Mersey HIGH STREET. Gallthyfryd, Misses Williams Mr and Mrs C. Taylor, daughter and maid, Bury 1, Glanmorgan, Miss Pugh Misses Deakin, Wlgan 2, Glanmorgan, Mrs J. R. Thomas Mr and Mrs Charles Lewis, Miss Mona Lewis, Crewe; Mr and Mrs Upton, Master Willie and Miss Nellie Upton, Saltley Mr and Mrs Routing, Misses Ethel and Ida Ponting, Masters George & Henry Ponting, Balsall Heath; Misses Lennie, London Mr and Mrs Cooke, Egremont Glanaig, Mrs Moses Jones Mr and Mrs Ewers; London; Mr Davies, Llandrindod CAMBRIAN STREET. Tanygraig, Mrs Thomas Owen Miss Sargeant, Beaconsfield; Mr and Mrs Brocklehurst, Mrs and Miss Boswell, Miss Booth, Bolton WATER STREET Tan-y-Ballt Cottage, Miss D. Morris Mrs E. Griffiths, R. J. Griffiths. K. A. Griff- iths, E. M. Griffitlis, Hazelhurst, nr Ross; Mr and Mrs J. Ellement, M. .1\J. Ellement, Llys Hill, Walford, Ross 4, Mrs Evans Mr, Mrs and Miss Morgan, Brixton, London 4 SEA VIEW. Brynglas, Mrs Rees Miss Tucker, Mr Mathews,"London Tanyrallt, Mrs Owen Mr, Mrs and Miss Sidebotham, Stockport Mr E. Sidebotham, Miss A. Sidebotham, Miss A. Kirk, Miss M. Hunter, Chapel-en-le- Frith Mr T. Sidebotham, Nottingham; Mrs J. G. Johnson, Miss A. Barton, Miss E. Simpson, Miss M. J. Casscrly, Liverpool 2, Mrs Griffith Mr and Mrs Yeomans,Miss Pinson,Mr Owen, Bourneville 3, Miss Phillips Mr and Mrs Wilson and family Fernhurst, Mrs Betteley Mr and Mrs Rose, Miss Peggy Rose, Master Jack Rose, Miss Griffin, King's Heath; Mr H.Howard,Newcastle-on-Tyne; Miss Scarle, Sheffield THE ROCK Bryngoleu, Capt. Price Mr and Mrs Reynolds, London Tremhyfryd, Mrs Ellis Williams Mr and Mrs Sheffield and family, New Sonthgate Mr, Mrs and Miss Settle, Man- chester Mr and Mrs Knight, Croydon Bardsey View, Mrs G. W. Pugh Mr and Mrs Palmer and. children, Small Heath KOHINOOR 1, Mrs Whiteside Mr and Mrs Fraser and child, Birmingham; 2, Mrs Evans Misses Smith, London BEACH ROAD. 1, GlanvwcvyJd Terrace, Mrs Pryce Jones Mr, Mrs and Miss Glenn, Coventry Oak House, Mrs L. Jones Mr and Mrs Jervis, Master Leslie Jervis, Miss Higby, New Brighton Mrs Houghton, Master Eric Houghton, Liverpool; Mr and Mrs Dudley ani daughter, Miss Donnelly, Miss Dudley, Birmingham 3, Glanywerydd Terrace, Mrs T. Griffith Mrs Maguire, Miss Maguire, Mrs Shaw, Mr and Mrs P. Maguire, Mr R. Maguire, Misses Eaves, Miss Chadwick,Misses Skellorn,Miss Scott, Misses Dranfleld, Liverpool; Mr and Deacon, Swindon MARINE PARADE Balmoral, Mrs John Jones Mr and Mrs Stephenson,Misses Stephenson, High Wycombe., Osborne House, Mrs Brazier Mr and Mrs Ashton and family, Newtown Miss Muller, Miss Martin and nephew, London Belmont, Mrs Thomas Mr Greenlialgh, Miss Greenlialgh, Mrs Wig- ham, Miss E. M.Wigham, Bolton Mrs Collins, Miss Collins, Miss A. Collins, Crewe; Mr and Mrs Whittle, Mr and Mrs Hindle, Blackburn; Mr and Mrs Hodson, Mrs and MissWild,Mr and Mrs Stanford,Miss M.Stan- ford, Burnley Mrs J. Grcenhalgh, Master Run ic Greeulialglij Runcorn Gwendolen, Mrs Evans Mr and Mrs Spence, Liverpool; Mr and Mrs Woodrow, Mr and Mr-s Jem Woodrow, I baby and nurse, Stockport Miss Reeve, Liverpool Albion House, Mrs W. Roberts Mr and Mrs Blyth, Cambridge; Misses T -y- lor, Birmingham; Mr and Mrs Wallis, Dr ,y- cott; Mr and Mrs G. Anderson and fanr iy. Swindon Bank House, Mrs Edwards Mr and Mrs Bert Jacob, children and nur .e Miss Wilks, Olton, Warwickshire; Mrs \V. T. Horton, Master Eddie Horton, Solihi;il; Mr and Mrs E. Branford and family, Bils an 2, Mrs Evan Jones Mrs Hastings, Mr and Mrs Hastings, Miss Catherine Hastings, Mrs and Miss Ho lO, Stratford-on-Avon; Mr and Mrs Gri in, family and party, West Bromwich Miss Flaming and party, Halifax 3, Clive Place, Miss Morris Dr and Mrs Webster and family,Mrs Mar an, family and maid, Meruhyr Tydfil; Mr nnd Mrs Smith, Master Smith and nurse, Staf- ford Miss Johnson, Leicester 4, Mrs E. M. Jones Mr and Mrs Ellis, Miss Ellis, Stratford-on- Avon; Mr and Mrs Rahn, family and nurse, Altrincham Miss Sutcliffe and friend, Burnley 5, Mor Don, Mrs R. Foulkes Rev and Mrs T. Rutherford, Belfast; Rev and Mrs J. F. Rutherford, Master and Miss Rutherford, Birmingham Mrs Howarth, Sutton, Surrey Mr and Mrs Stanley Coombe and family, Sheffield; Mr and Mrs My- Guiness, New Brighton; Mrs Halliday, Har- minster Miss L. Tann, Bayswater 6, Arosfa, Mrs Roberts Miss Adam, M.A., Edinburgh; Misses (3) Wanncp, Ormskirk, Mr and'Mrs Draper, nurse and baby, Chester; Mr Wade, London Bod Eurin, Mrs Ellis Jones Mrs Wilson, Miss Purden, Sutton Coldfields; Mr and Mrs Harrap, children and maid, Yarnham, Surrey; Mr C. F. Leake, Miss B. Leake, Master I. Leake and nurse, Mrs Col- Wellington Mrs and Miss Mnrphy, Mr A. Murphy, Mr W. Murphy, MissGlynn, Wex- ford Wave Crest, Misses Williams Mr and Mrs Wright and family, Shrews- bury Mr and Mrs Hugh Griffiths, Birming- ham Mr and Mrs Crawford and family, Dudley; Mr and Mrs Gilphoyd and family, Rock Ferry 9, Mrs John Williams Mrs and Misses Thornton, Miss Leigh, Hudderslield; Mrs and Miss Douglas Mr and Mrs Osborne, family and maids, Stour- bridge; Mr and Misses Clayton, Mr Suttle and party, Bolton 11, Mrs Rose Owen Mr and Mrs Bulmer, family and nurses, Mr and Mrs Brocklust, children and nurse, Hereford; Miss Bratt, Wolverhampton; Captain and Mrs Harcount Wood, Masters Eric and David, Miss Morgan, nurse and chaffeur, Builth Wells 12, Mrs John Jones Mr and Mrs Morrell,family and nurse,Liver- pool Mr and Mrs Burrows, baby and nurse, Atherton Mrs Burrows and maid, Mellow- on-Thames; Mr and Mrs Mathews, family and nurse, Ferry Oaks York House, Mrs Cotton Mr, Mrs and MissBury, Wrexham Mr and Mrs Samson, Master Samson, Harborne; Mr and Mrs Davies, Misses Davies, Smeth- wick; Mrs Lloyd, Liverpool; Mr and Mrs Payton Smith, Miss Payton Smith, Master Payton Smith, Edgbaston Tremydon, Mrs R. Roberts Mr and Mrs W. B. Graham, Miss Jean Gra- ham, Tettenhall, Wolverhampton Mr and Mrs J. O. IPayiiter, Miss Paynter, Mr F. Lawton, Farnworth Mr and Mrs Vernon, Misses Dorothy and Ethel Vernon, Nelson Auckland House, Mrs J. Jones Mrs Hart, Wolverhampton; Major Kynaston and family, Mr and Mrs Lewis, nurse and children, Primrose Hill Windsor House, Mrs Williams Rev and Mrs Aston, children and nurse, Handsworth Mr Dicker, Mr and Miss Saunders, Mr Haldene,Mr and Mrs and Miss Lightfoal, London Mr and Mrs Hedley. Miss A. Hedley, Miss G. Hedley, Mr W. Hedley, Erdington Cardigan View, Mrs C. J. Fisher Mr and Mrs Witey, Misses Witey, Dublin Mr and Mrs Wild and children, Manchester; Major and Mrs Newell and sons, Wellington; Mr and Mrs Maton Crystal House, Misses Williams Mrs Challis, Misses Challis, Miss J. Carlisle, Manchester; Mr and Mrs W. Hancock, Liverpool; Mr, Mrs and Miss Kilson, St Asapli; Mr and Mrs T. Smibh, Halifax Belgrave, Mrs Williams Mrs and Misses Shaw, Miss Fowler, Wo- kingham Mr and Mrs Crossley and party, Todmorton Mr and Mrs Bendon and fam- ily, Moseley Mrs Reiss, family and maids, Northwich SOUTH AVENUE. Llys Meirion, Mrs Adams Mr and Mrs Eve, Miss Eve, Mr II. Eve, Mr and Mrs Poore, London 1, Hugo Villas, Mrs Jones Mr, Mrs and Miss Wade Roberts; Mrs A. Weir; Mr and Mrs Hemmeu and family. London W. P. Davies, G. S. Edwards, Llanelli 2, Hugo Villas, Mrs Griffiths Mrs Vickers, Miss Naylor, Bolton NORTH AVENUE. Aston House, Misses Jones Mr and Mrs Russell and party, Leamington;, Mr and Mrs Prince, Harborne Mr Dudley, Miss Dudley, Aston Bronwen House, Mrs McManus Mr and Mrs Walker, Manchester; Mr and Mrs Allen and family, Coventry MARINE ROAD. Colwyn House, Mrs Lewis Williams Mr and Mrs Inch, Miss Inch, Miss Philp, London; Mr and Mrs Bishop, Master Jeffcry Bishop, Bristol. I Leamington House, Mrs Richards Mr and Mrs Ayrton, Miss Ayrton, Mr and J Mrs Medley, Sheffield Mrs Greenwood and j daughter, Combe CHftondale, Mrs Hiam I Mr and Mrs Sfceatlimui, London :c'=htIIÍ<v"/ -.ç,C. Llysarfor, Mrs Win. Pugh Rev and Mrs Corrin, children and maid, j Bilston; Mr and Mrs Growther,Birmingham Iscoed, Mrs Parry Mrs Brown.Birmingham; Miss English,Miss Bicknell, Hereford Artro House, Mrs G. Williams Mr Thomas, New Brighton; Misses Wil- son, Liverpool Kenilworth, Mr Owaill Aran Roberts Mr William Harvey, Boxnioor, Herts; Mr and Mrs G. H. Childs, Wimbleton, Surrey Tawelfan, Mrs Lloyd Mr and Mrs Townsend and son, Leeds; Miss Turner and friend, Blackpool MARINE GARDENS. 2, Mrs Ellis Williams Mr and Mrs Edwards, Miss Koch, Mr and Mrs Thompson, Mr and Miss Thompson, t Walthamstow Hyfrydle, Mrs E. R. Jones Mr and Mrs Taylor, Accrington; Mr and Mrs Jones, Mr Briggs, Mr Reid, London Fern Leigh, Mrs Hughes Mr and Mrs Wade, Ulston Miss Hardley, Ashton-under-Lyne Miss Clegg, Oldham Roseneath, Mrs Pugh Mrs and Miss Punchard, Liverpool; Mr and Mrs Smith, Master H. Smith, Bury Bwlch Vane, Mrs Owen Mrs Slade, Mr and Mrs J. Slade and baby, Mr R. Slade, Miss Slade, Miss E. M. Slade, Miss E. E. Wootton, Mr J. Wootton, Mr A. H. Taylor, Aylesbury PRINCES AVENUE. Bod For, Mrs J. W. Jones Mr and Mrs Jackson, Masters Eric and Frankie Jackson, Derby Alunfa, Mrs J Hughes Mr and Mrs Nutter, Mr and Mrs Whaite, Burnley Tegfan, Mrs WiJlianm Mr and Mrs Kay, Miss Kay, Manchester FRQNPELEN TERRACE. 1, Mrs Edmund Humphreys Mr and Mrs Lacey and family, West Ealing; Miss Isabel Dixon, Mr B. T. Pavitt, Eves- ham; Miss F. Pearson Mr Whitehouse, Smethwick Mr and Mrs George Smye, Al- cock's Green Lluestv, Mrs W. J. Griffith Miss Curran, Miss Bose Curran, Miss Smith, Mrs Williams, Liverpool; Mr D. E. Roberts, A.R.C.O., Brymbo Rivers Lea, Mrs Rowlands Mr and Mrs Cooper and sons. Mr and Mrs Birkby and daughter, Mr Jones, .Miss Hop- t. per, Swindon Mr and Mrs Guess, London 3, Mrs Morris Mr and Mrs Wigley and party, Birmingham; Mr and Mrs Ellis, Wolverhampton Mr and Miss Williams, Liverpool 4, Mrs H. T. Jones Mr and Mrs Murray and daughter, Mr and Mrs Dalton, Mrs Luff, Ilford Green Bank, Mrs G. Edwards Mr and Mrs Lucas, son and daughter, Lon- don and Mrs T. LoiN e, Middlewich; Mr and Mrs Smith, Birmingham Mrs Green and party, Birkenhead Penzance Villa, Mrs Rabbetts Mr and Mrs Cookes, Penzance; Mr and Mrs Hargrove, Liverpool Isfryn, Mrs G. Jones Mr and Mrs Shirley, children and maid, London Mr and Mrs Lafford, Gloucester A EL FOR TERRACE. Dihewid, Mrs J. Milton Mrs Kirkman, Miss Tildesley, Bolton 5, Mrs Parry Mr and Mrs Howe, Manchester; Mr and Mrs Elderton, London Miss Shaw, Miss Tither- ton, Nelson 6, Mrs Jones Mr and Mrs I!. Clarkson, Harborne GLASFOR TERRACE. 4, Mr E. D. Ingram Mr and Mrs C. B, Edenborougli, London HENDRE VILLAS 1, Mrs Jones Mr and Mrs Martin, Miss Aileen Martin, Mr Properday, Smethwick Mr and Mrs Jack- son, Misses Jaskson, Aintrin Mr and Miss Fimberly, Withington; Misses Becks, Lon- don 2, Misses Evans Mr W,Bridge, Mrs Bridge,Maste); B. Bridge, Mr D. Bridge, MissGrccnfieId, Stowerbridge 3, Misses Jones Mr and Mrs Hoddell, Miss H. Whitehouse, MrHoddell, Mr Hammond,Coventry; Misses Ashton, Liverpool; Mr and Mrs Jones, Miss Hilda Jones, Seacombe Miss Coomer, Mrs Hooper. Gravesend 2, Victoria Place, Miss Cox Mrs May, Miss May, Mr Byron, guttou-in- Ashfteld; Mr and Mrs Green, Stratford; Mr and Mrs Poppleton and family, Liverpool EPWORTH TERRACE Mrs Morris Mr and Mrs A. E. Stratford, Manchester Mr and Mrs H. Stratford and two children, Burnley 3, Miss Griffith Mr and Mrs Ravenscroft and family, Acocks Green Miss Gore, North field Miss Sum- merlield and friend, Moseley Mr and Mrs E. J. Skelton, Lewisham 4, Mrs Roberts Mr and Mrs A. A. Kempin, Oxford; Mr and Mrs Rowland. Jones, Birkenhead; Miss Haynes, Nottingham 5, Mrs Griffith Miss Robinson, Miss Kathleen Meacock, Erdington HAN LITH TERRACE. 1, Mrs Williams Mr and Mrs Scott and children, Liverpool; Miss Mills, B.A., Llanidloes Miss Plant, Mr Myles, Accrington KING'S CRESCENT/ Tawelf a, Misses .Thom as Mr and Mrs Green and daughter, Mr and ) Mrs Hill and daughter, Hollinwood Misses Greenlialgh, Bolton; Mr and Mrs Brown, I Miss D. Brown, Nottingham; Mrs Watts, Derby Mrs Evans, Miss Mary Evans, Miss Ettie Evans, Tregeiriog; Mr and Mrs Allday and family, Erdington Mrs Percy Birkenheac1 Gwynfa, Mrs Williams Mr and Mrs Hartland, Stockton-on-Tees; Mr and Mrs Neve, children and maid. New- port, Mon. Mr and Mrs Warr and babv, Birmingham; Mr and Mrs Barnett and children, Mr and Mrs Marsh. Miss Dorothy Marsh, Worsley Glyn Garth, Mrs O. Jones Nurse Roberts;. Miss A. Hulme, Miss L. Hulme, Miss R. Doekrill, Miss A.. Tubbs, Mrs and Miss Smith, Liverpool; Mr and Mrs Manton and family, Birmingham Grm Hill, Mrs Richards Mr and Mrs Bevington, Miss Mizen, Mr G. Bevington, London Mr and Mrs H. Bevington, Ileaciiiig; iilr and Mrs H. R. Leech, Wylde Green Mrs Milton Davies, Mr Oswald Davies,B.A., Sir Edmund Buck- ley, Bart Brynithel, Mrs R. Price Mrs Hamer, Manchester; Mr and Mrs Kian and family, Birmingham; Mr and iVlrsHulme, London Bodweni, Mrs Profit Rev S. T. Hughes; Mr and Mrs Mason, Hyde; Mrs Wandrille, Miss D. Wandrille, Mr Hill, Handsworth; Mr Cook and friend, Birmingham Bryn Teg, Miss Lloyd Mrs and Miss W'atkiu, Criccieth Mr. Mrs and Miss M. Shaw, Mrs and Miss P. Hime, Birkenhead; Misses BudmalJ, Liverpool; Mr Ll. IT. O. Johnes, Gasthmyl, Mont.- Mr W.Williams, Mr B. Davies, Mr P. Edwards PARK ROAD, Morbeu Villa, Mrs Edwards Mr R Hammond, Mr E. Brookes, Mr and Mrs T. Brookes, Mr W. G. D. Brookes, Miss A. Brookes, Miss D. Drookes, Miss Emery,' Birkenhead Miss Alf, Mr Ty" re, Mr Heath, London Glanywern, Miss Pugh Mr and MrsWalter Smith, London; Mr and Mrs Edwards and children, Soutiiall; Mr and Mrs Challis, Miss Kitty Challis,London; Mr and Mrs Williams, Gwyddelweru Mr D. R. Williams Coventry Terrace, Mrs Whitehead I J. Rogers, A. Townsend, W. Caniwell, Bir- 'mingham Craig-y-Nos, Mrs Peters Miss Dobinson, Bristol; Mr and Mrs Delaney and three children, Wolverhampton