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DOLGELLEY RESIDENT'S GRATI. TUDE. Purely out of gratitude, and with the wish that others may profit by his experience, a resident of our neighbour- ing town, Dolgelley, authorises the publication of the following. Mrs C. Roberts, of 3, Arran Bridge, Dolgelley, says:—"I have been troubled now and again with a nasty pain across my back, no doubt arising from kidney disorder. "I have taken Doan's backache kidney pills, and am glad to say I have found them very good, for I am better in my back and they have brightened me up, too. I have recommended Doan's pills to others, and shall certainly do so again. (Signed) C. Roberts." .n ric acid poison left in the system by weak kidneys causes lumbago, rheumat- ism, gravel, disorders of the urinary sys- tem makes you feel dull, heavy, tired and miserable, and leads to fatal disease if neglected. Doan's backache kidney pills act directly on the kidneys and bladder, bringing quick relief, and ensur- ing the poisonous uric acid and waste water being removed before they have time to set up disease or irritation in the body. Price 2/9 A box; G boxes, 13/9 of all dealers, or from Foster-Me Clellan Co., 8, Weils St., Oxford St., London, W- Don't ask for Backache and Kidney Pills-ask distinctly for Doan's Back- ache Kidney Pills the same as Mrs Roberts bad.