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BARMOUTH COUNCIL. I SPECIAL MEETING. A special meeting of the above Coun- cil was held on Tuesday afternoon. Present:—Mr Rhys Jones, J.P. (chair- man) Dr J Pugh Jones Messrs John Morgan, William Owen, R G Moore, Owen Williams, and Henry Freeman, with Messrs William George, (clerk) R Llewelyn Owen (deputy clerk); T R Parry (surveyor;, and Watkin Owen, boating inspector. CELLFECHAN FARM. The Deputy Clerk reported that a letter had been received from the Local Government Board, stating that an en- quiry would be held at an early date into the Council's application for a loan of £ 2,200 to purchase Cellfechan Farm, but in the meantime asking the Council to submit plans, maps, etc., and the financial position of the Council. The Deputy Clerk further reported that the Council bad now everything in order for the enquiry. On the proposition of Dr J Pugh Jones, seconded by Mr R G Moore, it was decided that the Clerk and the Sur- veyor should prepare the necessary in- formation for to send to the -Local Government Board. AUDITOR'S REPORT. The Local Government Board Auditor reported that be had completed Lbe audit of accounts for the year ending 31st March, 19] 4. According to the certified financial statement, the receipts for the year amounted to e4,604 10s. Od. and the expenditure amounted to £ 4/797 Os. IJrd. The loan debt outstand- ing at the end of the year amounted to £ 27,452 10s. lOd, as compared with £ 28,552 3s. 4d. at 31st March, 1913. Payments of j64 lis. Id, and £ 5 19s. 2d. I to the Treasurer in respect of interests on over-drafts were disallowed at the audit. Some members of the Council requested him to surcharge those pay- ments upon all the members of the Council rather than upon the members who signed the cheques, and after due notice in each case the disallowances and surcharges were made accordingly. The unsatisfactory financial position seemed to be due largely to the fact that the expenditure, particularly on account of highways, had considerably exceeded the estimate. There was a surplus balance on the General District Fund on the 31st March last of £ 364 4s. lid. The accounts were sub- mitted for audit in good order, and all his requirements were complied with. The Chairman—You have heard the report; have any member comments to make. Mr William Owen said that in the past the Council had left the surcharge to the Clerk to communicate to the Board. The work was required to be done, and the Council had spent the money. He was glad to observe that the accounts had been presented in good order, which was very satisfactory, and a credit to the Council's omcials, and a great thing for any Council tobe-proud of. He proposed that the surcharge be left to the Clerk to deal with, as had been done in previous years. The Chairman said that the rate- payers were calling for the Council to repair the roads, and an effort was always made to meet the wishes of the ratepayers, and by doing that the mem- bers were surcharged. Ho thought that the question of the main roads should be gone into most fully, and he believed that the Council did not get sufficient for the upkeeeping of the main roads, especially when there was so much much motor traffic going on.. Mr Owen Williams seconded Mr Owen's proposition, which was carried unanimously. BATHING. Letters were received from Mr Evan Davies, bathing proprietor, complaining that visitors were bathing off the beach and asking for Council's protection. After some discussion it was decided that the matter should be left to the Clerk, and also that notices should be put up drawing attention that the sole bathing rights had been let to Messrs Davies, Bros.