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 0 f! D(,\T¡! f!nlô'L'  A R ?"j"  N 0 Gb7, L gRni'¡U rd n uUU!1U II SPECIAL MEETING. LIVELY DISCUSSION OVER THE I CARTAGE OF STONES, THE PROPOSED NEW COUNCIL I OFFICES FINAL DECISION. A special meeting of the above Coun- cil was held on Wednesday night. Present :—Mr. Rbys Jones, J.P., (chair- man) Mr. J. Pryce Jones, (vice chair- man) Messrs John Morgan, R. G. Moore, Hemy Freeman, D. 0. Hughes, Owen Williams, William Owen, and D r, J. Pugh Jones, with Messrs R, Llewelyn Owen, deputy clerk, and T. R, Parry, surveyor. AUSTRALIAN EXHIBITION. I On the proposition of Mr. Henry Free- I man, seconded by Mr. John Morgan; it was decided to charge a party of 200 Boy Scouts, who will be accompanied by fifty ponies, £ 3, including water for the use of the recreation ground for one day, to give an exhibition of Australian wood cutting methods, etc. THE CARTAGE OF STONES FROM PORKINGTON HILL. The Chairman explained that the work of blasting the rock in the cutting was now in progress, so that the widen- ing of the road would be completed, and he understood from the surveyor that the Harbour Trust would take the stones and pay 9d. a load and do the cartage, inasmuch as the Council's carts were not available owing to pressute of other work just now. Mr. John Morgan" said that if there were stones available that they should be carted down to the recreation ground so as to come handy for the proposed wall to be erected. Mr Owen Williams asked whether the carts were available to carry the stones down to the recreation ground. The Surveyor—No, he require one of the carts to repairtbe road close to refuse site which is in a very bad state. Mr. John Morgan—That road has been done already. The Surveyor—Yes, and it wants doing again. In reply to Mr. John Morgan, the Sur- veyor said that there were only about 12 loads of stone to be carted away. Mr. D. 0. Hughes suggested i bat they should be carted to Graighfach for the present. Mr. Henry- Freeman thought that the Council's two carts could carry the stones down to the Recreation Ground after their usual day's work. The Chairman explained that he had approached the Harbour Trust as to taking the stones, as the Surveyor had no carts available, and also as there was necessity for them to be carted away so as to proceed with the construction of the parapet. Mr J Pryce-J ones said the price offered for the stones was very small. The Chairman—But the stones will be carted, also. The Harbour Trust were not so keen for having the stones as they had a quarry of their own. Mr. John Morgan thought it would be the greatest folly not to carry the stones to the Recreation Ground. The Chairman said he appreciated that step, but he did not want the stones to be laying about the Recreation Ground for months. Mr. Owen Williams—But they must be for this year if carried to the Recre- ation Ground. The Chairman—Yes. Mr. John Morgan said the Council ought to make use of the stones and carry them down to the Recreation Ground for their own use. The Surveyor said that the Council's carts could not take them just at present. Mr. Owen Williams said it would be a financial gain to the Council to have the use of their own horses at present than to carry the stones down to the Recreation Ground. He thought that under the present circumstances it would be better for the Council to ac- cept the oiler of the Harbour Trust, as tthere were only 12 loads. Mr J Pryce-Jones asked was it neces- sary that the stones should be taken away at once. The Chairman said it was important I that the stones should be taken away so that the parapet could be completed. I Mr Owen Williams said he quite agreed with the proposal to have the j Recreation Ground enclosed, but the j quantity of stones, now to be carted was j only twelve loads. j j Mr John Morgan said there-was noth- ing urgent for the Surveyor to do with the Councils carts now, and he believed that the Council's horses ought to do more work than they do at present. If they could not do more work, it would be much better for the Council to sell them. The Surveyor said that the Council's horses were working the same number of hours as .other team owners in the town. Mr Jtshn Morgan proposed that the stones should be carted down to the Recreation Ground so as to be at the Council's disposal when enclosing the ground. Mr J Pryce-J ones seconded. Mr Henry Freeman asked could not the Council's carts take two loads after doing their usual day's work. Mr Owen Williams asked what about the horses and the men he thought it would be impossible for the horses to do it. Mr Henry Freeman said the horses were quite capable of doing that. The Surveyor asked did they expect the Council's cart men, who were start- ing work at 4 a.m. to be at it again late at night. Mr Henry Freeman—They will do it if they get 6d an hour overtime. The Surveyor—But they have refused to do it already. Mr Henry Freeman—Get other men to do it then. The Surveyor—I can't get them, Dr Pugh Jones asked whether it was a matter of urgency? The Chairman—Yes. Mr Owen Williams said he could not vote for the proposition to carry the stones to the Recreation Ground, as he believed that would be a total loss to the ratepayers. The quantity of stones to be carted was only small, and the .Council's carts were busy just now. Mr J Pryce-Jones—Is 9d a load a fair price, that was the question. Mr Owen Williams—If you could get more that would be another thing- Mr R G Moore asked what would be the cost of carting the stones down to the Recreation Ground? Mr Owen Williams said it would take about 2!- to 8 days to carry the stones, and the Council at the present time have to engage two carts which are paid at the rate of 8s a day each. If the Council's carts were available that would alter the case very much. Mr D 0 Hughes said the Council might as well carry the stones now as in iuture. The Chairman said the Harbour Trust were not pressing the matter in any way; he (the Chairman) had mentioned the matter to the Harbour Trust, as the Surveyor had informed him that he had no carts available to carry the stones away. Mr John Morgan enquired could not two carts do the cartage at Marine Road instead of four he believed that the Council required more management and more economy. They must sooner or later go into the financial position of the Council which was increasing year by year. They were not there with deaf ears or blind eyes, but with ears and eyes open. Mr Owen Williams said he agreed with Mr Morgan to be as economical as possible, but be should like to know whether there were four carts carting on the Marine Road. The Surveyor said that was not so, there were oniy two carts employed at Marine Road the others were carting the house refuse and watering the streets. Mr John Morgan asked how long would it take the Marine Road to be completed it was only waste of money to place macadam on the Marine Road. The Surveyor said it was essential to place macadam on the road when it sinks down. Mr John Morgan—Had it sunk down, I don't think so. TheSLiuveyor said it had done so last week. Mr John Morgan—Where had it? The Surveyor-On the Marine Road. Mr John Morgan said he was again of the same opinion that it was only a waste of money to place macadam on the road. The Surveyor said he (Mr Morgan) was talking about things he knew nothing of, and he was not going to be dictated to by a man who knew noth- ing about main roads. Mr John Morgan said he had a good deal of experience of main roads before the Surveyor ever came to Barmoutb, and had had experience of main roads for over twenty-one years with different surveyors 'when a member of the Festinio- board. I The Chairman said they were off.the point altogether now. Mr R G Moore-—Yes, we are off the mark now, Mr Chairman. In reply to Mr R G Moore, the Sur- I veyor said that the Council's horses were not avnilablo to carry the stones at present. I' Dr J Pugh Jones said the question was whether the stones were to be carted away to the Recreation Ground or not. On a vote being taken, five for the proposition to carry the stones to the Recreation Ground, viz.—Dr J Pogh Jones, Messrs John Morgan, D 0 Hughes, Henry Freeman, and Pryce Jones, and was declared carried. Mr William Owen was not'present w, t s not?' present ¡ when the discussion took place. Messrs Owen Wiiiiams and R G Moore not voting. Mr Owen Williams—If vou are record- ing we are not voting, please give the reason. Mr R G Moore—Yes, as we believe that it would be a gain to the ratepayers to sell the stones at present and not carry them down to the Recreation Ground, as the Council's carts were not avail- able. mIl [j1 AB'E D 1\iTf" 1fT) r'Tf [ I:\ ¡ THE ABERAMFFRA HILL IM- PROVEMENT. The Chairman pointed out that a meeting of the Harbour Trust would be held on Monday, and it would be very advisable if the plans etc. of the pro- posed improvement at Aberamffra were submitted for consideration. In reply to a question the Chairman said that th proposed improvement in- volved another party also. viz., Mrs Lowe, Coesfaen, as it was suggested to have part of the rock removed. After some further discussion it was decided that the Surveyor should prepare the necessary plans etc. I THE PROPOSED NEW COUNCIL BUILDINGS. The Deputy Clerk reported that the owners of the Bank Buildings (South End) were now offering the premises for occupation as Council Offices, and a Fire Brigade Station, at a cost of £ 35, and to contribute C41 io the necessary alterations. In reply to Mr Owen Williams, the Surveyor said that the fire engine had been removed down to the Council's yard, but that there was a cover over it. Mr William Owen said he did not think the matter should be rushed he was not aghinst the proposed site, but he should like to see it at that place. If the majority of the Council were in favour of the site, well and good. Whilst the Deputy Clerk was looking up some old correspondence with regard to the tenancy of the present Council Offices. Mr Henry Freeman suggested that the members should visit the Marine Road. The Chairman said it was 9 o'clock then. Dr Pugh Jones thought it would be useless to go down so late. The Council viewed with favour the offer made, and after some further dis- cussion, it was decided that no definite reply could be given until the Council had considered the arrangements for quitting the present offices. The Council sat for over two hours.