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BARMOUTH. Mushrooms.—On Monday last mush- rooms were gathered in the garden of Mr David Owen, a Cambrian Railway's Employee. The Alfresco Pavilion.-The Alfresco Pavilion will be opened for the season on Monday, July 20th, and we are given to understand that Mr J. Walters has engaged a first-class troupe. Confectionary.—Mr Arundale, Mona Cafe, begs to announce that be has en. gaged the services of a first class Pastry Cook and Confectioner, and will now make a display of Choice and Dainty Pastry and Confectionery. Purest in- gredients only used. Art Picture Picture.—The Art Pic- ture House is drawing- large audiences nightly, and the pictures shown are highly appreciated. The star picture for to-night (Thursday), Friday and Saturday will be The Beggar Prince." On Thursday evening over 600 people visited the Picture House. rf!R Lloyd Jones & Co., Nysfor, Park Road wish to inform the public that they have commenced business in Gent's &uits, Ladies' costumes, rain coats, etc. Every satisfaction in style, uc and material, guaranteed. Advt Pension Committee.—The monthly meeting of the Barmouth and District Old Age Pension Committee, was held on Thursday last, at the Police Station. Present :—Alderman T Martin Williams, J.P. (chairman) Messrs Edward Wil- liams, Rees Jones, David E James and Edward Griffith, Harlech, with the offi- cials. Several cases were presented to the meeting, and same were recom- mended for adoption by the County Committee. Outing.The sequel to the successful entertainment on the. 24th ult. took the form of an outing to the Torrent Walk on Saturday afternoon last, when about seventy of the promoters and the performers took advantage of the tine weather. They journeyed by train to Dolgelley, the youngest of the party were driven by coach to the. Torrent- Walk, the remainder walking. After enjoying the splendid scenery the whole of the party had tea in the open. After ample justice had been done to the re- past, they adjourned to an adjoining- field, where games, races. &c., were it] dulged in. After a most enjoyable after- noon the party returned home by the last train. I The Barmouth Library.—The quar- terly meeting of the Executive Com- mittee was held on Friday .evening, Mr W. O. Gale presiding. There were also present: Messrs Ernest Lloyd, M. G. Roberts, D. E. Davies, Henry Freeman, Rbys Jones, Rees Jones, Dr. J. 0, Williams, Dr. J. Pugh Jones, and the Secretary.—Before proceeding to busi- ness, Mr Gale thanked the members for the honour they bad conferred upon him by appointing him Chairman of the Executive Committee. He would do all' in his power to fulfil the duties expected of him in a manner that would prove of benefit to the Institution, The first duty he had to perform was a sad one, the cause for which was a subject of deep regret to everyone pre- sent, that was to pass a vote of heart- felt sympathy with the relatives of two faithful members of the Library, viz., Mr C. H. Miers, Lhv/ncelyn, and Mr Willie Williams, St. Ann's. On the motion of Mr Ernest Lloyd, seconded by Mr D. E. Davies,this was done in silence. The Secretary submitted the l-eporc of the Book Committee in which it was stated that a maguificent gift of books had been presented by Mrs Keightley of Glanmawddach, during the quarter. A grateful acknowledgement had been sent to Mrs Keightley and Mr J. A. Dorsett from the Book Committee, and on the motion of Dr. J. 0, Williams, seconded by Mr D. E. Davies, it was unanimously decided that an expression of the Committee's keen appreciation of the generosity of the donors should be recorded on Lbe Minute Book. The report of the Finance Committee was read and adopted. The Finance Committee suggested that the supply of papers and magazines be aportioned be- tween Mr Edward Davies and Mr Rbys Jones. It was decided that the matter be left to the Book Committee. The Secretary submitted bis report for the -quarter. Touching reference was made to the great loss the Institu- tion bad suffered in the departure of two of its faithful members. In every other respect the quarter had been a most success ul one. A resolution was unanimously passed that a letter be sent to Mr J. Walters I and Messrs Pare and Bowden requesting them to do something in the course of I the season to help to augment the funds. l ..1¡1QW_Ji.7'Vt. ";¡¡;a- 'JIItJ:k,")I'- 7-a Advertising Committee.A meeting of the Advertising Committee was held on Monday night. The following mem- beers were present: The Rev Gwynoro Davies, (chairman) Dr J Pugh Jones, Messrs J Jones, The Library.; John Morgan, Rhys Jones, J.P. William Owen, RG Moore, D Roberts,N.P.Bank, with Mr R Llewelyn Owen secretary.— It was reported that over 1,400 copies of the guide books had been sent away by post also 500 copies had been set-it to the Great Western Railway Com- pany's office, and 1,500 had been sent to the Cambnan Railway Company for distribution at the large centres. The Secretary reported that the expenditure incurred through the visit of the French Journalists last week amounted to £ 5. The Chairman said the Journalists spoke raost highly of their visit, and that iij was the best day they had en route. The singing of the children had touched them immensely, and they were delighted, with the Estuary. Whilst in London last week, ho had seen a copy of ihe French Guide Book just published, and ho was glad to observe that Barmouth had two pages of reading matter, and two pages of excelient views in the guide, It was reported that Mr John Walters, Manag- ing Director of the Art Picture House, and Messrs Pare & Bowden had very kinoly promised to assist the Association as regards funds towards advertising.. On the motion of the Chairman, seconded by Mr R G Moore, it was decided that a letter should be sent to all those who had given their assistance on the occasion of the visit ( t.lL.jl,:) L.: ¡{,VJ. '1. t' \1 of the French Journalists. 1 The Royal Magnets.—A large audience greeted every member of this excellent company with the utmost enthusiasm on the occasion of their grand special concert on Friday last, and no wonder, for the programme was loaded with good things] both individual and concerted items showed careful rehearsal and study to detail. "Sir" Edward Pare, a comedian of skill and ability, indefatigable and con- siderably versatile man, unstinted ap- plause, his several items? were enjoyed to the full, the whole audience laughing u nres! I jned!y at bis excellent humour. The Hon." Harry Bowden is a humor- ist of a very high order, so pleasingly refined, and his artistic efforts were re- ceived with unfeigned appreciation.— Mr Harry Kirk, a comedian with a never ending flow of wit and humour, was in great form, and the audience were kept, in continual merriment the whole of the time he occupied the stage.—Mr Harry Slatter made good use of his cultured voice, and his numbers were especially enjoyable, all artistically rendered and w i  b care wiLlr iiiterpi,eL,t-tion.-Air Chas. Elstree was in his usual good form, and gave one or two exceedingly clever skits. richly funny and artistic. He has a remarkably wonderful, voice which he knows well how to use to advantage.— Mr Bobby Fraser, besides being an ac- companist of exceptional excellence, is an entertainer of ability, and is un- doubtedly a great acquisition to the show. Special mention should be made of the concerted items, particularly "The Chicken Rag" and "The Merry Month of May." The former included a burles- que cock fight, and was highly amusing, and the latter proved a most tuneful and characteristic number, the maypole dance being very effective. The sketch on this occasion, Musical Corsets," was excruciatingly funny, it was one of the most comical we have seen for a long time, and the audience greeted it with volleys of laughter. Altogether the concert was a huge success, and proved yet again that there is appa- rently no limit to the capabilities of this clever company. Their entertainment throughout is highly artistic and well deserving of every support, it would be difficult to conceive abetter working and satisfactory programme. We aie promised programmes in the near future that will excel anything the Mag- nets have ever done. There iS, indeed, a treat in store, The Male Yoiee Choir held their weekly Sacred Concert on the front last Sunday night, when about a thousand visitors and inhabitants listened with rapt attention. A very good collection was made, every penny of which was handed over to two very deserving cases in the town. Messrs Pare and Bowden gave the free use of the chairs for the evening, so that nothing be deducted from the amount collected. These sacred concerts serve a double purpose, not only do they bring the gospel in sweet and alluring strains of music to the hearing of many who cannot be in- duced to attend a piace of worship, but by using the proceeds in this manner they bring a ray of cheer into hearts stricken by sorrow and sadness. The history of the Male Voice Choir has al- ways been that of the Good Samaritan -tall.: is cheap and common, while good actions are rare and precious.