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PROPOSED EXTENSION OF THE PARADE. On Friday afternoon a conference was held at the Council Office, between the Urban Council and other representatives with reference to the proposed exten- sion of the Marine Parade from the Pavilion to the Bath House. There were present:—Mr Rhys Jones, J.P. (chairman) Mr J Pryce-Jones, (vice-chairman) Dr J Pugh Jones, Messrs. Owen Williams, R G Moore, Edward Williams, Henry Freeman, Robert III. Williams, D 0 Hughes and I John Morgan, with Messrs R Llewelyn Owen, (deputy clerk), and T R Parry, Ii surveyor. The Harbour Trust were I represented by Alderman T Martin j Williams, J.P. Messrs Rees Jones, I Francis Morris, and R W Jones, C.C., and the, Cambrian. Railway by Mr Denny, who represented the General I Manager. The Chairman explained that the conference bad been called to discuss the question of the proposed extension of the parade, which improvement would be of mutual benefit to the syndicate who owned property close to the Bath House, and also to the Cambrian Rail- way Company. The Council should » move with the times, and if Barmouth was to prosper they should have a promenade worthy of a seaside resort, but before that could be done they must have the co-operation of the ad- joining owners of course the extension of the Parade would mean sonle expen- diture, and a loan would have to be got to cover the cost. The Deputy Clerk read letters from Mr Dyke Dennis and Mr G M Jenkins regretting their inability to be present. Mr John Morgan thought that they should get to know first what contribu- tion were the adjoining owners going to give towards the proposed improvement. He believed that the town should go in for a larger scheme than the present, and have the promenade constructed from the Bath House to Llanaber. Mr Edward Williams suggested that it would be advisable to know wbat would i be the cost of the proposed im. provement. The Surveyor thereupon presented the plans, etc. for the perusal of the meeting, and stated that the esti- mated cost of the proposed extension would be £ 12,000. Alderman Martin Williams suggested that full pal,ticulars should be sent to all those interested in the proposed improvement. There was no doubt that the extension of the Promenade was a desirable scheme, and the Har- hour Trust would give their support to the proposal. Mr R G Moore, also heartily supported the proposed extension. After some further discussion, it was decided, on the proposition of Mr Robert Lloyd Williams, seconded by Me J Pryce Jones, that the conference should be ad- journed, and that in the meantime full particulars should be sent to all the parties concerned in the proposed im. provement, with a view of coming to a decision as to the amount of the con- tribution they would give for the proposed extension of the parade.