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CORRESPONDENCE. T CORRESPONDENCE. I We do not hold ourselves responsible for thp opinions of our correspondents. To the Editor. Sir,— The irony of fate was never more patent than at noon on Tuesday last. Foreign journalists to the number of 60 had travelled far and wide over Con- tinental countries, and different parts of the British Isles, in order to view the beauties of "Gwyllt Walia." These men are supposed to notice-not only the unrivalled beauty of nature, but the aesthetic taste of the inhabitants of the various places at which they ca; First and foremost among the necessities of a holiday resort is cleanliness. These Foreign Editors, whose business it was in a way to spy upon us, were landed at Barmouth, from their magnificent saloon, on a piece of road, upon which to all appearance, a brush bad not been used for some months. If this sadly neglected road, the main entrance from the Railway Station, along which so much traffic is carried on, can not be swept, say, once a month, one might at least reasonably expect a little attention to be bestowed upon it, on a special occasion like that of last Tuesday. The local authority are not the defaulters in this instance, as the road in question is private property. I understand Mr. Editor, that, there was a strong Com- mittee. generally known as the Improve- ment Committee; responsible for the arrangements connected with the visit of these people. The members of that Committee are conversant with the state of this particular road, and one would have expected them to make a humble appeal to the Railway Com- pany, to put it at least in a presentable condition. Has this anything to do, Mr. Editor, with the absence of any com- ments about the visit to Barmouth, in I to.dfly's Press. Yours, ANXIOUS. I