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BARMOUTH PROOF. And not only Barmouth proof, but proof which has stood the test of time. More convincing testimony would be impossible to find. On August 31st, 1911, Mr J,E.Rogers, of 2, Victoria Place, Barmouth, said :— "I have bad severe pains right across my back and loins for the last few months, probably the result of a cold I caught which affected my kidneys. Headaches and dizziness, too, troubled me. The kidney excretions were far from right, and left a sediment. After taking Doan's backache kid- ney pills I felt much better, my back was stronger and the water became natural. I always recommend Doan's pills. (Signed) J. E. Rogers." On February 4th, 1914-over two years later—Mr Rogers said:—"I am keeping very well and have recom- mended Doan's pills, for I have found them very beneficial." Backache, gravel, dropsical swellings, urinary disorders, rheumatic twinges, headaches and dizzy spells are enough cause to suspect kidney disease. Doan's backache kidney pills are solely for the kidneys and bladder, and afford health and strength to thousands. Price 2/9 a box; 6 boxes, 13/9 of all dealers, or from Foster-Mc Clellan Co., 8^ Wells St., Oxford St., London, W. Don't ask for Backache and Kidney Pills-ask distinctly for Doan's Back- ache Kidney Pills the same as I Mr Rogers had. Î