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BARMOUTH. Excursionists.— To-day (Thursday) a large number of excursionists came here from Oswestry. Boy,iling.On Wednesday, theTowyn team defeated Barmon th Wednesdays by 84 points, The scorers were, Towyn 198, Barmouth 105. Scholarships. — On Saturday last, thirty candidates from the surrounding district sat at the annual entrance scholarship examination held at the County School. Foreign Mission Sale of Work.—The total receipts of the Foreign Mission Sale of Work held recently at the Church Hall amounted to £ 235 8s. 7d. The receipts of the previous sale held at Bangor amounted to £ 225. Motor Launches.Visitor-, who wish to have a pleasant trip up the Estuary or, out to the Bay, could do nothing better than engage one of the motor launches, "Aster" and Mona." For full particulars apply to Williams' Bros., G.W.R., Enquiry Office, or on the Quay.—Advt. Wedding.—The marriage took place on June Brd, at St. Cyngar's Church, Llangefni, by the Rector, assisted by the Rev. G. Jones, between Mr Evan Owen Edwards, youngest son of the late Mr David Edwards, and of Mrs Edwards, Bank House, and Miss Mary Williams, eldest daughter of the fate Mr Benjamin WiHiams, and of Mrs Williams, 3, Buckley Square, Llangefni. Bravery Rewarded.—Last week, at Llandinam, Inspector John George, late stationmaster at Barmouth Junction, and Foreman William Edward Morris, Glyndwr, Barmoutb, were presented with certificates of the Royal Humane Society for conspicuous bravery in res- cuing and restoring to life by artificial respiration a man who had fallen into a pool at BannouUl Junction on November 15th last. The presentations, on behalf of the Humane Society, were made by Mr David Davies, M.P. Advertising Barmouth—In the Bir mingbam Weekly Post for last week appears the following paragraph which was written by Doris Rollason, 12 years of age, and was awarded the second prize in a weekly competition. My favourate sea-side resort is Bar- mouth, a small town in North Wales. Many people like a change every year, but I stick to daar old Barmouth. It is a quaint old town, and most of the houses have a flight of rugged steps up to them. There are funny little streets, and some go up the mountain. There is magnificant scenery at Barmouth, with great mountains towering up into the clhuds, and the sea is such a beauti- ful colour that you can hardly tell what colour it really is. It is most interes- ting to watch the big burly sailors strol- ling about the old quay, and to hear them shouting out Welsh to each other. At Barmouth there is a great stretch of sand right along the shore, which is beautiful and firm to walk along. Over the estuary is a tremendous bridge, over which the railway goes, but people may walk over it. It is interesting to fish here, but you have to be careful of your hat, which very otten blows off and may go floating along with the tide. From here you get a, beautiful view, but about the most beautiful view is from the Panorama Walk, a patch right up to the top of the mountain. I never get tired of Barmouth, and I am going for the /fourth time this year. i Presentation.—On Tuesday -last, Mr John Walters, the managing director of "the Art Picture House, presented each child attending the Council School with a packet of sweets. To Visitors, lvIarianne Farningham in her Welsh Home with portrait of famous authoress and her cottage, Craig-yr-helbul, by W. Glandwr-Morgan. May be had of Messrs John Evans and Nephew, and Mr Pyemont.—Advt. The Male Voice Choir held another of its series of Sacred Concerts on the front, last Sunday evening, These con- certs commence at 8.30 when public services of all-nature have ended for the day, and last for one hour. The men's singing of sacred pieces, both in Welsh and English, gives great pleasure to visitors, who in their hundreds listen with rapt attention. Another concert will be held at 8.30 next Sunday night, if the weather is fine. By the exceed- ingkindness of Messrs. Pare and Bowen, chairs are provided for a large number of the audience who are invited to occupy them free of charge. Sacred Concert.—The very large num- ber of visitors who are staying at Min-y-Mor were greately delighted by the singing of the Male Voice Choir, on Sunday night last. The Choir sang some of their favourite choruses, and particularly pleasing were the selection of Welsh hymns. Solos were rendered at intervals by Mr. Edgar Williams, Mr. E. M. Evans and Mr. Walter Davies. Miss Rowlands presided at the piano, Min-y-Mor has an advantage over every other house in the town inasmuch as it contains a beautiful concert hall, capable of holding a couple of hundred, and visitors to this. com modiolls and superior boarding house, are well pro- vided with entertainments in the even- ings. Juvenile Entertainment.—Some time ago an entertainment in which nearly all the performers were juveniles, took place at the Pavilion. It turned cut such an unqualified success, not only from the artistic and literary point of view, but also financially, resulting in a net profit of £ 20, that the promoters, in response to a general desire on the part of the public, decided to give a repe- tition. This took place on Wednesday May 24th, Dr. J. R. Heath occupying the chair. The young performers had lost none of their zest and enthusiasm, indeed, the perfection with which some of the items were performed, excelled even that of the original. Mrs. J. R. Heath, Miss Mamie Roberts and Miss May Lloyd acted as accompanists. For a repeat house there was a wonderfully good audience,notwithstand- ing the fact that the night was excess- ively close, A net profit of -I £7 was cleared, with which the promoters in- tend to give the children and others who assisted, a treat, as a slight recog- nition for their valuable services. With- out mentioning any names, we wish to congratulate most heartily those ladies and gentlemen who had laboured with the little ones to get them to such a state of proficiency. Enough to state that there was not an indifferent item in the programme which was carried through as follows :—Overture, selec- tions on the harp. Action song, Babies go to school." Action song and dance, Gay little Geishas." Violin solo, Dr. J. R. Heath. Action song, Little Cooks." Action song and dance, Morris v dance. Action song and dance, I want Mr. Schneider." Action song, Ten little mothers." Solo, Mr. Edgar Wil- liams. Sketch, typical of old Welsh life. This was performed under the direction of Mr D. Roberts (the harpist). Action song and dance, "Little Gipsies." Action song, "Hush! here comes the Dream Man." Violin solo, Dr. J. R. Heath. Action song, Patricia MsjJone." Finale, Grand Tableaux. On the motion of Rev. Meirion Davies a very hearty vote of thanks was passed to the Chairman.