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3ESts.slni«e33 Addresses. =- Morris & Son CAMBRIAN ESTABLISHMENT. •BARMOUTH. General Drapers, Milliners, Costumiers, Merchant TaMors,and Outfitters. .Werpliarit Tailors, aiid Outf Real WELSH FLANNELS, TWEEDS, SHAWLS, ETC. "PATTERNS FREE ON APPLICATION Parsels of the Value of 20/- and upwards Carriage Paid to any part of the Kingdom "1A" "Pn'Mif?' Boot tores. nJLpJ'hs.i.? '? J!L ???j?JL&?? .???L???? 2, BEHCH R0A03 V BARMOUTH, • 9^f° I-las a large Stock of the Has a lar g e Stock of the ly-g'TTfc that England can produce, for the coming Season, in- I cluding: Lotus Boots & Shoes, f\ /;t Ariel, s "■ Bective, /$j M, occasin, /p; 1 EVIoccasin, t Royal Golf Boot, f Runviiell,the worl-ii-igman's friend, Delta, r y>- Latest Lotus Production in reach of all • 10/9 to 13/9. Children's in great variety. Tennis Shoes, Rubber Shoes, etc., etc < gunH^ PC PAl R S with best Leather, and 1W REPAIRS best workmanship. WILLIAM JONES, Proprietor. .¿. D2SmfI.r=.. "T"O W¥'¡aïIHB*"YIOil! 1- John Roberts, HOUSE, SIGN, AND Ornamental Painter, GLAZIER AND PAPER-HAGER Ripon House Barmouth. J atest Designs in Wall Paper ■ kept in Stock. Jobbing Work of every description promptly attended to. Venetian Blinds Renovated and iiiade as new Estimates Free. fl hoiiie from Rome for Visitors to Condon. I Mrs. CORDELIA EDWARDS-REES, I MEIRION," 51, Redcliffe Road, (Off Fulham Road), South Kensington, London, S. W. Frequent Electric Trains and Tube, both from Enston and Paddington to South Kensiglon St-:ttioti. ¡' Close to Olympia. Bases from South Kensington Station to Hedcliffe Road. I Scholastics. COLinty School, BARMOUTH I (FOR BOYS AND GIRLS I HEADMASTER EDMUND D. JONES, M.A (Lond.) Assistant Masters I ) JOHN LLOYD, M.A J J. GELLY, B.Sc. W. A. Beddows, B.Sc. Senior Mistress f MISS L M. M. ADAM, M.A. Assistant Mistress MISS CHLORIS E. MILLS, B.A. Cookery Mistress MISS BLODWEN GRIFFITH. I Mtisic Mistress MISS F. WILLIAMS. Drawing Master: A. J. HE WINS Tuition Fees or Day Scholars £1 XOs per term. Prospectus &-c on Application from R. LLEWELYN OWEN, Barmouth Clerk R. R. WILLIAMS I II um: I General and Fancy DRAPER, 2, Ty'nycoed Buildings, 13ARLNIOUTIT. T Resort. BARMOUTH JUNCTION ESTATE m MILES FROM BARMOUTH). FREEHOLD BUILDINfl SITES FOR SALE, FREEHOLD UllDI SITES FOR SALE, OR ON LONG I^E/S SE. Desirable Plots for the Erection of Private Residences Also Land, Unfurnished Houses, and Apartments to Let Unrivalled Scenery. Healthy, Bracing Climate. Good, Pure Water Barmouth Junction Estate is situated near the Mawddach Estuary, and within easy distance of the Fairboume Golf Links, Arthog and Afon Mcrfa Waterfalls For particulars apply to S. ANDREWS & SON, Estate Office, Arthog, Dolgelle or to E. BLAKEY M.I.E.E., Jubilee Road, Barmouth. tf -'8I'l: IJI.- -1AnIm __II_iIIIIIIZL'iII, ? ?' The Ford- fellowship is universal as the car is universal. All over the world the Ford wins applause for its invariable of service. And every Ford owner is a Ford enthusiast in fellowship with every other Ford owner. Join the free masoii- ry of the road. ?p ?  Runabout ?125. Five-passenger Touring Car ?135. Town Car £ 180. Complete with full equipment, head lamps, side and tail lamps, speedometer, horn, hood, windscreen, tyre pump, repair outfit, two levers, tools alSd jack. All pi-ices at Works, Manchester. Full particulars from 'O "'L W A. WILKINSON, PRACTICAL MOTOR ENGINEER, THE LION OARAGE, (Opposite Lion Hotel and Post Office,) BARMOUTH. The Rexall Pharmacy. SPECIALITIES. PIC I'IXALL'S ORDERLIES, "THE NEW APERIENT." 7id. and Is. a Box. E EX ALL'S ECZEMA OINTMENT—For all kinds of Skin Diseases. Is. ,l{ lXAL'S NERVE TONIC-A General Pick-me-up. Is. JLAj -I) EXALL'S DYSPEPSIA TABLETS-For Indigestion, &c. Is. and 28.. .REXALL'S FOOT BATH TABLETS-For Tiring Feet. 7-Jd. n EXALL'S FOOT POWDER—For Perspiring Feet. 7kd. JL? EX ALL'S COLD TABLETS—For Influenza, Colds, &c. 10.d JL? J^EXALL'S NASAL CATARRH TABLETS. Is. a Box. JL-i EXALLS SHAMPOO PASTE (Superior to Powder). Is. a Pot. ONLY OBTAINABLE AT -i Ammm DAVID E. JAMES, CHEMIST, The Rexall Pharmacy, (OPPOSITE THE GREEN GARAGE,) E, .R- TVf()UTII ..).l:1,J.J. J