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PRINT. G PRINTING TE?TE?iri??r?J?L?JTrLTi?-? 3r?<j?ir tI J?A?A? TING For every d. cription oi Commercial & Aftistic E???B?????????? Prl'n t., d t:) Call, at the f Ad vertiseI 0 'ce Colour Printing a Speciality. J'*SSc'JTb9 ":?sI?d?Li!?j?l!<?3u'? ?b<?3?!?3 ? s??? *a'v'B'?t*&? ?jriven. ? ? ?A "3 ? .??\?y? J<F?Um ? ??N ???B L?'?Mw.? fs???-???N '??TB ????a L?i??????j?? ? ???? JH LLi????a ?' -%?' ?s ?'' ?? s ??H8 ?S w ??'' S?-?j' U.. JJL. t I'???MF????? '????? Street, ww ???;.?ar"JN L WL ? S?a&? ?M??i-?/??M? Bâlmouth. jL?c?i?LiiAJ?UubJ?L '?NE2Nr' '?.N???i??T????'???&r??Is?????r????L????J'?EK??SHLr JTHBar L? JaatL? G-. PERFECT FITTING ARTIFICIAL TEETH. PERFECT PAINLESS EMT!!aCT!OMS. ADVICE FREE. 7 ) BARMOUTH BRANCH: EVERY MONDAY. ? r &\j I'D THOMAS,, 29 GLANMORGAN, L 1! .HBGH STREET ——— WORM GUARANTEED: FiVE YEARS. ——— TERMS TO SUIT.PATIENTS CONVENIENCE. H R DAVIES .R. 'R. ])' VIES, ? ? f??irt?i??l ? i????'iy T?T??T??*? ???r??AA??uL€&A UU J!L. ?AA?y ?L?i?OM????At fwYt??? n r ???i?o?? Oxt^ord JLiJL?Litj??? ? BARIVIOUTH. ? ? ? ? Appointed Agent to the famous Allan Line R.N. Steamers to Canada and all parts of America. Also District Agent for the Canadian Pacinc Royal Mali 'Steamers Passage may be booked direct to any parts of Canada, Ocean and Rui- way combined. ? ? I W. A. MAT ON, Art Dealer an.d Pill.o'tog:i.apher, 1, PAV-TLION, Marnne Parade? BARMOUTH. Pictures and Photographs Framed. Also a selection of Water Coloi.' Drawings and Oil Paintings for Sale. High-Class Portraiture at Moderate Prices. Out-door Photographs taken by appointmen-t. .i";P'Ø" -1IE!Gõ ATL ASSURANCE COMPANY, LTD. HEAD OFFICE f????R?"? f?UnfM?DrQbiimn? ? H?J?r! DD?uMr! ???S???-?? BF)BSB??EF ?. S ?!?'F NL.BBSaa ACCSDEMT BURGLARY Founded in the Reign of George III Liyerpool Branch: 4, Chapel Street Agents: R. LLEWELYN OWEN, BARMOUTH W. 0. GALE, HIGH ST., BARMOUTH lIflü"' For the Best Series of VI"ew Post C.apds Go to the Original Stationers and Publishers— J. EVAMS & MEPHEW, High Street, Who have an unlimited Stock of Framed Views, Purges, Dorothy Bags, Guide Books, Maps, &c., &c.; atso Agents for ? 0?? CMS?TES ,?—???<???'???? AND ?? -SWEET.- MIN-Y-MOR qTpXM?MMMV ?iDMi JjiiuilUR Write or call for Price List. iiivery k.ind of Laundry Work done on the shortest notice, at reasonable prices. Dry-deaning a Speciality. PROPRIETORS MR. & MRS. BEER  MOBM? Co ? ?.. lO1:it £tJ:. ? ? GRAND SELECTION OF NEW SEASON'S GOODS ) JUST ARRIVED. JAFFA ORANGES, GRAPES, LEMONS, DESERT APPLES, I BANANAS, COOKING APPLES, WALNUTS, ? BRAZIL NUTS, MONKEY NUTS, COB NUTS, CHESTNUTS, COKERNUTS, FIGS, DATES, ETC. ALL KINDS OF TINNED FRUITS PICKLES, ETC. TRY OUR MILITARY PICKLES. THE?FRmT STO R ? ?' HIGH STREET BARMOUTH (j- v- Advertise in the" bar- 1 A' 1 I' moutíl Advertiser. It) will pay you. I COUNTY COUNCIL ELECTION. TO THE ELECTORS OF THE SOUTHWARD. LADIES AND GENTLEMEN,— I beg to offer you my grateful thanks for electing me as your representative ? on the County Council. The honour of representing my native ward is one I greatly appreciate. I shall endeavour to prove worthy of the confidence you have placed in me. 1am, Your obedient servant, ROBERT W. JONES. Meirion House, Barmoutb, 30tb June,1914. Mr R. G. Moore wishes to thank the I 5G electors who honourably kept their promises and recorded their votes for him at the above Election last Satur- day. He hopes to have the pleasure of offering his services again on a future occasion. ->I'4' WAITED, WANTED, WANTED.-Board Residence for W five people, or use of dining- room, three bedrooms and attendance. Moderate terms. 1st and 2nd weeks'in August. Full ,particulars to Currie, 5, St. Aldwyn's Road, Witbington, Man- chester. "{-XT ANTED for AUGUST 15th to W 28th, a small SITTING ROOM, large BEDROOM, double or single bed. LIanaber Road Ptefered. State Terms. S. J. Stackbouse, 196, Birmingham Rd; Walsall. W ANTED.- APP-AENTICE. Gro- eery and Provisions. Opportu- nity occurs for a smart boy to learn above trade. Indentures, no premium. Wages paid. Appty by letter to Star Supply Stores, Barmouth. WANTED.-7B."U.D.C. require ser- W vices of 2 Youths 15-18 years of age during Summer Months, for light scavenging work. Application stating wages required to be sent to undersigned by July 14 tb. T. R. PAIIRY, Surveyor. ??ANTED CHAFFEUR, to drive W Ford Car Private. Apply, Gem Jones, Estate Omce, Fairbourne, Merioneth. pRIVATE COLLECTOR wants Rue JL Specimen Old China, Enamel or Copper, Old Coloured Prints. Write firstly-Simmonds, Dudley Villa, Eryn- y-mor Road, Aberystwytb. TO BE LET. rT?O LET,—Immediate possession,- JL TANYGRISIAU, a large Ware- house, latey in the occupation of Mr. C. Roberts, Ironmonger, London House. 3, COTTAGES at GIanliyn, latey in occupation of Messrs. Wm. Finnigan 0. Davies, and John Williams.—Apply to 0. W. MORRIS, Glanglasfor. APARTMENTS. imURNISHED HOUSE TO LET 1 containing 1 sitting room, parlour and 4 bedl'Oomà. N,ear Beach and Post Omce. Appip, J.W., ofScc of this paper. COMFORTABLE APARTMENTS at 4, Epworth Terrace. Centrally situated." Apply, Mrs Wm. Roberts. ? PARTMENTS.—Close to Promen- .j L L ade and Station. Moderate terms. 'Apply, Mrs Morris G. Roberts, Henddol, Nortbneld Road. APARTMENTS.—Pembroke House .& Barmouth, 10 Bedroom 3 Sitting-rooms. Commands an excellent view oft he Estuory and Cader Idris Range of Mountains. Five Minutes walk from Station and Two Minutes from Beach Apply,—Mrs Inspt. Walkin Owen. CHILDREN'S DRESSMAKING, C. Smocking and Embroidering at moderate prices. Mrs. Cburcbley, Gollen, Marine Gardens.  "f'T ??'S ? ??? ? A ?d. boUie tnaUM) ?Ea ? ?.) '°'? -?' T? ? 2 g?on& of ?8'' ? ? ???? <?i:cioush&me-made iL j lemonade. Health !n eve!'y ? ?,,? v? m o' ??? <?'"?!? refresh n,eiit eye In ovei'y drop. ? ?, ? ? ?