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BARMOUTH. Enterprise. Alr W. J. Griffith, Lluesty, who has lal ely bought the plot of land in front of theCatholicChurch, is about to erect a number of houses there Teachers Union.—On Saturday after- noon, at the County School, Sir Edward Anwyl, M.A., gave an address to the members of the' National Union of Teachers (Idris Association), Appointment. — The Rev. Henry Williams, B.A., curate, has been ap- pointed to a similar post at Menai Bridge in the Parish of Llanfair P.G. Mr Williams will be leaving in Septem- ber. *;i J County Council Election.-On Thurs- | day, the following three candidates were nominated for the vacancy in the South Ward for a seat on the Merioneth County Council :—Dr. J. Pugh Jones, Mr Robert W. Jones, and Mr R. G. Moore. The former having withdrawn, Messrs Robert W. Jones and Mr n. G. Moore will contest the seat on Saturday next. School Managers.—At a meeting of the Barmouth and District S. hool Managers held on Wednesday last, Mr E. D. Jones, M.A., presiding, Aide; man T. Martin Williams, J.P., and Mr Henry Freeman were appointed as represent atives on the Lewis Lewis' Bequest Committee. Petty Sessions.—The monthly petty sessions were held on Friday last before Alderman T. Martin Williams, Esq. (presiding), T. W. Piggott, and Rbys Jones, Esqrs. CONDOLENCE. The Chairman said that since the previous meeting of thn Court they bad lost by another very sudden death another member of the Bench in Mr Capel H. Miers, and he was sure all the members felt the loss of so faithful a Magistrate and desired to express condolence with Mrs Miers.— Inspector Ben Evans, on behalf of the Police, asked to be allowed to associate himself with the vote which was agreed to unanimously. DBUNKENNESS. Elizabeth Jane Michel mo re., Panteg, Dyffryn, was charged by P.C. Oliver C. Davies with having been drunk on Friday, the 22nd of May.—Defendant did not appear.— P C. Davies stated that at about 11.30 p.m. he saw the defendant on Llanaber Rood, and in reply to his charge of drunkenness she said, "I will tell them where 1 got the drink from," She was taken in charge by her husband."— Inspector Evans stated there was a pre- vious conviction but not for drunken- ness.—The Bench imposed a fine of 5s. and costs. EDUCATION ACT.— Peter Roberts, Taicynhaua, Bontudu, was summoned by John H. Lewis, attendance officer for the Barmouth School Managers, for a breach of the Education Act --Defeb- dant did not appear,'but was represented by his wife, who presented a medical certificate, dated the 15th June, to the effect that the child was unable to attend school as ho suffered defective vision.J olin H. Lewis stated that on March 19tb, the parents were served with a final notice from the School Managers and that if a medical certifi cate was not presented proceedings would have to be taken out. During 1-)he quarter, the child bad only made 14 attendances out of a possible number of 95, but after being threatened with pro- ceedings, the child bad attended school 18 times cut of a possible number of 24.-The Chairman asked the reason why the child bad attended the school so well lately?—The mother said that the child's -eyesight was better. She wanted the child to attend school if only for its own benefit.-The Attend- ance officer stated that he had been twice to Bontddu to see the parents and urging on them to produce a medi- cal certificate so as to avoid taking out these proceedings.—In reply to the Clerk, the Attendance Officer said that the medical certificate of June 15th was the first he bad seen from the parents.— The mother said that she couid not afford to pay anything as her husband was about to be taken to a hospital and also the child was to be taken to an eye hospital.—In reply to a question, the Attendance Officer said that everything possible Had been done with the parents previous to taking out these proceedings with a view to getting the parents to produce a. medical certificate.—The Bench adjourned the case for a month so that further enquiries should be made as to taking the child to an eye hospital.—The Chairman said that the Bench did not approve of the attitude taken by the parents in this case, and that they could have avoided these pro- ceedings. f Auction.—Don't forget the Sale of j Household Furniture at the Auction i Mart, To-day (Thursday), to commence at 1-30 p.m., prompt. I Lifeboat.Ot.i Saturday, the lifeboat was launched out for its quarterly prac- tise under the coxswainship of John Morris, Tanyfedw. Lloyd Jones & Co., Nysfor, Park Road, wish to inform the public that they have commenced business in Gent's I suits, Ladies'costumes, rain coats, etc. Every satisfaction in style, fit and material, guaranteed. Advt I Accident.—On Monday last, Miistei, ¡ Robert Ellis Griffith, Henblas, received rather serious injuries to his forehead whilst playing close to the Council School. When picked up the child was unconscious and was attended by Dr. J. R. Heath. The Art Picture Hall.—The pro- gramme submitted for the current week at the above on Monday evening was of the usual high class, varied and interes- ting charcter. The principal picture shown was the Imp Secret Service Sam,' a drama of the usual thrilling type which was warmly applauded. The Vitagraph drama,' Auntie's Romance' also found admirers, and the humorous element was provided by' Bloomer's Dream and His Wife's Affinity, which caused much amusement. The star picture for to-night is Gaumont's well- known dramt, 'The Stolen Formula' and amongst the comics is the ever smiling John Bunny. On Monday night the gallery was opened for the first time after having been raised and reseated. It now looks well after the alterations, and Mr Wallers is to be congratulated on having carried out such a much needed improvement. The Viewing of the pictures is enhanced by the splendid piano selections given by Mr T. Ellis, the musical director, who I has the knack of playing to pictures, j Visitors to our town speak highly of the splendid pictures shown at this hali,and our advise to all who want to enjoy a happy and instructive evening is to go to the Art Picture Hall. The Royal Magnets.- -On Friday last the Magnets high standard of excellence was fully maintained at their second special concert of the season. The pro- gramme went with a swing from start to finish. The amount of work the Magnets get through on these special occasions is worthy of high praise. Sir Edward was seen at his very best in his new song, I do like s'nice s'mince pies," a song that is sure to be in great demand during the summer. Mr Harry Bowden is again featuring some tuneful songs as was evident on Friday when his new numbers proved a big success. Mr Chas. Eistree has a knack of secur- ing first-class songs which this clever artist performs in „a finished manner. On this occasion his humorous and ballad songs, both finely rendered, proved him as ever a great asset to the company. A good pianist is always essential, and in Mr Bobby Fraser the Magnets have certainly secured a veiy capable artist, besides doing well as a pianist, he is a first-class entertainer. If visitors to Barmouth want to forget their troubles, they should certainly visit these concerts if only to see Mr Harry Kirk. This really funny comedian has such a quaint way of telling his stories and singing his songs that this star never fails to shine. On Friday last he joined 11 Sir Edward Pare in a farcial-entertainment and a burlesque- drama in which these clever comedians scored an instantaneous success.. Mr Harry Slatter, the versatile baritone, rendered his songs in first-class style, and also proved himself to be a very good producer. The concerted number are again very popular this season. The latest Chesapeake Bay being warmly received'by a big audience. The pro- gramme also included an amusing con- juring trick performed by Messrs Kirk and Slatter, and a very fine sketch, en- titled The Lottery Ticket," excel- lently performed by the Company, j -c::I I List of visitors.—Next week we will be publishing a complete List of Visitors. To Visitors.—"Marianne Farningham in her Welsh Home" with portrait of famous authoress and her cottage, Craig-yr-helbul, by W. Glandwr-Morgan. May be had of Messrs John Evans and Nephew, and Mr Pvemont.—Advt. Visitors' Service.—At the above ser- vice held on Wednesday at the English Congregational Church, a very inspiring address was given by Mr Hayward, president of the Coventry Free Church Council. A hearty invitation is ex- tended to visitors to this weekly service, Motor Launches.—Visitors who wish to have a pleasant trip up the Estuary or out to the Bay, could do nothing better than engage one of the motor launches, "Aster" and "Mona." For full particulars apply to Williams' Bros., G.W.R., Euquity Office, or on the Qmay.—Advt.