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Che Cate nlr. Willie Williams,…


Che Cate nlr. Willie Williams, Ceplon Bouse. It is our sorrowful duty to announce the death of Mr Willie Williams, the eldest son of Mr and Mrs Edward Williams, Ceylon House, which took place early last Tuesday morning in b is 22nd year. It seems incredible to think that the robust and powerfully built young man has succumbed, but alas! it is so. It appears that the nature of bis illness allowed but slight hopes of recovery,and notwithstanding expert medical skill, unremitting and tireless nursing,coupled with a brave effort to overcome the disease, our young friend failed in the great battle to the intense sorrow of all who knew him. Willie, as he was familiarly known, was a popular and affectionate young man--be was a manly youth-a ster- ling upright character, always straight- forward, full of courage, and eminently gentlemanly. He showed great promise of a success- ful career in life; he had applied him- self with energy and diligence to his father's business, and had become quite conversant with the rules and conduct oCbusiness. His parents will miss him greatly in this connection it is impossible to. estimate his value to them and upon this they looked happily to the future for still greater help and support, but to their intense grief, the plans of the dark future have been upset, "Provi- dence seems at times to be frowning," but behind the darkest cloud there hides a smiling face." There is com- fort of immense value in the thought of having brought up a son who lived a- short life of twenty-two years to a good purpose, the thoughts of his patient suffering, his christian fortrtude and resignation, will remain a sweet balm to heal their wounded hearts and to comfort them in their deep sorrow. We extend to the bereaved parents, Mr and Mrs Edward Will iaras, and Mr Lewis Williams (brother) our sincerest sympathy, and can assure them that we express the feeling entertained by all throughout the town and neighbour- hood. We also realise that Park Road Chapel and Sunday School have lost a very faithful member. The deceased was very much attached to the cause at Park Road, and at all times rendered quiet, but effective services—they will miss his genial presence and work. The funeral (private) will take place to-day (Thursday). In the long run all godly sorrow pays, There is no better thing than righteous pain, The sleepless nights, the awful thorn- crowned days, Bring sure reward to tortured soul and brain, Unmeaning joys enervate in the end, But sorrow yields a glorious dividend In the long run."

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