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BARMOUTH COUNCIL. s I SPECIAL MEETING. THE PUBLIC LIGHTING OF THE TOWN. A LONG SITTING. THE COUNCIL'S WORKMEN AND OVERTIME. PROPOSAL FOR TWO YOUTHS TO SWEEP THE STREETS. PROPOSED NEW COUNCIL PREMISES. A special meeting of the above Council WitS held on Tuesday night, Pre- sent Mr Rbys Jones, J.P., chairman Mr J. Pt'yee Jones, vice-chairman Messrs John Morgan, Owen Witiiams, Henry Freeman, David 0. Hughes; and Dr. J. Pugb Jones with Messrs R. Lieweiyn Owen, deputy clerk T. R. Parry, surveyor, and John Robert, rate coUector. CONDOLENCE. On the proposition of the Chairman, votes of condolence were passed with Mr Edward Williams (a member of the Counci!) on the death of bis son, and ?alsowith Mr William George (clerL) on the death of bis two-year-oidson. The votes of condolence were passed by the members upstanding. PUBLIC LIGHTING. The Works Committee reported that Mr Kershaw, the gas manager, bad at- tended the Committee with reference to the public lighting of the town. The Committee recommended that during the summer months the first public lamp should be put out at 10 50 p.m., and at 9.50 during the winter months The recommendation was adopted on the proposition of Mr John Morgan, seconded by Mr Owen Williams, and a vote of thanks was accorded to Mr Ker- sbaw for .Jcetiog the Committee. A letter was read from Mr R. Wood- ford, secretary to the Barmouth Gas Company, stating that he had now laid the matter before his Board who had instructed him to say that although the price of coal and jotber materials bad considerably increased since they lash quoted the Council, they should be pleased to enterinto an agreement simi- lar to the last for lighting 118 lamps for a period of three years for the sum of £184 15s Od, including the suppky of gas, lighting, extinguishing and cleaning. Also the supply of all mantles, etc. This being on the same terms as hitherto. After some discussion it was decided to accept the offer of the Gas Company, it being understood that the maintenance of the lamps was included in the price. In reply to a question, the Deputy Clerk said that it was essential that an advertisement should be inserted in a paper. On the proposition of Dr J. Pugb Jones, seconded by Mr John Morgan, it was decided to insert an advertisement in the Bq)-ii,ioitth Ad,ve?-tisci,. PLANS. It was reported that the Works Com- mittee bad approved of the plans of a" Smithy to be erected at Graigfacb by Mr William Jones. THE COUNCIL'S WORKMEN. The Worlds Committee recommended that the Council's workmen should work on Saturdays till 1 p.m.,and for any work done after that hour they should be paid at the rate of Cd an hour. Also no work to be done after 12 p.m., on Saturday nights, and that the Surveyor should have fuii power to arrange the hours of working. Dr. J. Pugh Jones enquired what led to the Works Committee to make this recommendation. The Surveyor said that the Council's workmen were under the impression that he (the Surveyor) was arranging that they should leave off work at 12 noon on Saturday instead of 1 p.m., and that the one hour difference should be worked out at night time, but that was not the case. The Couocit had