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ZLO 3EKO e PERFEST FITTING MT!HC!M. TEETH. PERFECT PAINLESS EXTRACIIOf18c <I> ADVICE FREE. BARMOUTH BRANCH: EVERY MONDAY. III Mp THOMAS, 2, HIGH BTREET ? WORK GUARANTEED: FIVE YEARS. —-— TERMS TO SUIT PATIENTS CONVENIENCE. ?TL?'??'?C?! J? THPc?T?Hf??? 'T?l??l??? \jrClJLt3i.?i. R. DIES, General & Fancy Draper, Oxford ues, BARMOUTH. Appointed Agent to the famous Allan Line R.N. Steamers to Canada and all parts of America. Also District Agent for the a Canadian Pacific Royal Mail Steamers Passage may be bool:ed direct to any parts of Canada, Ocean and Rail- way combined.. & ???-.? '?'?%?. ?.' /,?'. -?? ?*' ? .??w? For the Best Series of View Poat Cards Go to the Original Stationers and Publishers— J. EVANS & NEPHE'II, High Stpeet, Who have an unlimited Stock of Framed Views, Purses, Dorothy Bags, Guide Books, Maps, &c., &c.; atso Agents for ? ???? SMGMTES AND SWEETS W.- A. MATON, AFt Dealer and 1, PAVILION, Marine Parade, BARMOUTH. Pictures and Photographs Framed. Also a selection of Water Color Drawings and Oil j Paintings for Sale.. .High-Class Portraiture at I Moderate Prices. Out-door Photographs taken by appointment. I MIN-Y-MOR STEAM LAUNDRY Write or call for Price List. lHvery kind of Laundry Work done on the shortest notice, at reasonable prices. Dry-CIeaning a Speciality. PROPR!ETOR8 MR. & MRS. BEER. Advertise in the" Bar- mouth Advertiser." It will pay you. NEWTOWM, N.Walts THE ANNUAL AMATEUR ATHLETIC SPORTS AND I' USICAL FESTIVAL, I Saturday, June 27th. Commencing at 2.30 p.m. BRASSBAND CONTEST AND Male Voice Choir Com- petition. THE FAMOUS BRITISH AVIATOR, MR. fRANK GOODDEN, willgivea j GRAND EXHIBITION OF PiI'II AEROPLANE LOOPING THE LOOP and UP-SIDE-DOWN FLYIN G ADMISSION: 1-80 to 6 p.m., 1/. after 6 p.m., 6d. TBHBBE t& BARIAOUTH Stam Laundrp. PROPRIETRESS: MR8.BOR7HW!C!(. All kinds of Laundry work done on the shortest notice, at reasonable charges DYEING AND CLEANING Special quotations for Hotels and large families ALAS ASSURANCE COMPANY, LTD. HEAD OFFICE: CHEAPSIDE, LONDON. i' FIRE LIFE ACC6DEMT BURGLARY Founded in the Reign of George III Liverpool Branch: 4, Chapel Street Agents: R. LLEWELYN OWEN, BARMOUTH I W. 0. GfALE, HIGH ST., BAR MOUTH j t 'VVANTED, j _? V?T?NT?D C?AFFEUR?o dL?e  ? VT Fo?d Car Private. Apply, ¡ Gem Jones, Estate OfRce, Fnirbourne, I Merioneth. IIJRIVArE COIJLmCTOH wants fine -L Specimen Old Cbinn, Eaame! or Copper, Oid Cuioured P:int,s. Wt'ite fit'stiy—Simmonds, Dudley Vilia, Bryn- y-moi.' Road, ¡berystwyth. TO BE LET. — rjpo LET,—Immediate possession,— -1. TANYGRISIAU, a iarge Ware- house, laLey in the occupation of Mr. C. Roberts, Iron monger, London House. 3, COTTAGES at GIanHyn, latey in occup&.tion of Messrs. Wm. Finnigan 0. Davies, and John Williams.—Apply to 0. W. MORRIS, GIangiasfor. APAFITMENTS. 'i.TURNISIIED HOUSETO" LET ? i containing 1 sitting room, pariour and 4 bedrooms. Near Beach and Post Omce. Appip, J.W, of6ce of this paper COMFORTABLT1] APARTMENTS at c 4, Epwortb Terrace. Centrally situated. Appiy, Mrs Wm. Roberts. PARTMENT S.-C lose to Protiien- A ade and Station. Moderate terms. Apply, Mrs Morris G. Roberts, 1, Northneid Road. PARTMENTS.-Pembi,c)li(, lf(!Use -1 Barmoutu, 10 Bedroom S Sitting-rooms. Commands an excellent view oi'the Estuory and Cader Idris Range of Mountains. Five Minutes walk from Station and Two Minutes from Beach Apply,—Mrs In!?pt. Walrin Owen. ?THY ° L D R?IFs DRESSMAEI NG e Smocking and Embroidering at moderate prices. Mrs. Cburcbley, Goilen, Marine Gardens. The" ART" PICTURE HOUSE, Pavilion, Promenade, BARMOUTH. The most comfortable and up-to-date ——— Picture House in Wales. ADMISSION: '°? ?? ?X?S J8? ???? a?a? ??B ?& %??ia TO-NIGHT THURSMY/FRIMY, SATURDAY, MRM!i!A STOLEN FORMULA. And BLACiK BEAUTY NEXT WEEK MONDAY, TUESDAY, WEDNE8MY. rand Picture Programme. NIGHTLY AT 8 P.M. MATINEES, Wednesday & Saturday, at 3. Also Travel, Comic and Comedy, includ- ing the Finest Coloured Cinematographs EXPERT PROJECTION.-See Pictures as they ought to be seen under Ideal Conditions. We are sLudying your comforts and are determined top!ease you. Don't Forget The Pavilion Billiard Saloon Two Tablet) open Daily, from 10 a.tta. to S! p.FM. J. FOULKES &JONESSON MANCHESTER HOUSE, BARMCUTH. Ladies' & Gent's Tailors and Outiitters an d Fancy Drapers. WORE DONE ON THE PREMISES. FIT, STYLE AND WORKMANSHIP GUARANTEED. CHARGES MODERATE.