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BARMOUTH LIBRARY. I | ANNUAL MEETING. I ANNUAL MEETIN G. The annual meeting of the above was held on Tuesday evening last. The Rev. Gwynoro Davies was voted to the chair; and there were also present Mr D. E. Davies, Mr R. Liewtlyn Owen, Rev. Henry Williams, Mr Rees Jones, Mr Henry Freeman, Mr Morris G. Roberts, Rev. Z. Mather, Mr Morgan Richards, Rev- S. T. Hughes, Dr. J. Pugh Jones, Mr Ernest Lloyd, Mr Edward Davies, Mr W. Gale, Mr Humphrey Jones (treasurer) and Mr J. Jones (secretary). The minutes of the last annual meet- ing were read, confirmed, and signed. CORRESPONDENCE,—A petition,signed by nine members of the library, was read, in which they requested the com- mittee to provide the Reading Room with four Welsh weekly newspapers. Dr. J. Pugh Jones said he would be pleased to give the "Herald Gymraeg." A letter was read from the publishers of the "Gwaiia," in which they said they would give a copy. Mr Rhys Jones (Glanymor) occasionally gives a copy of the Genedl," and the further consider- ation of the matter was left to the Book Committee. A letter (enclosing a donation of one guinea) Was read from Mr Charles E. Breese congratulating the committee upon the excellent success of the institution. On the motion of the Chairman, seconded by Mr Freeman, a hearty vote of apprecia- tion of Mr Breese's faithful and constant service was recorded. The annual report for the year end- ing March 81st, 1911, was submitted as follows P,, I,, P 0 P-, T. Ladies and Gentlemen, I feel sure that I but echo the senti- ment, not only of the Committee and members of the Library, but of the town generally, when I express our gratitude that our worthy and respected President, Mrs Talbot, who has just attained her ninetieth year, has been graciously spared to see the commence- ment of one more Library Year. It is with the greatest pleasure that I record that entire harmony and co-operation has governed all the proceedings connected with the Library during the year just ended, A proof of the popu- larity of the Institution mong. all classes in the town is to be found in the fact that more members have joined and more books circulated this year than during any previous year since the establishment of the Institution four- teen years ago. The whole of the woodwork of the building outside, as well as some of the rooms, were painted. The Committee is deeply indebted to Mr and Mrs Lloyd, Minymor, for arranging an entertain- ment among their visitors, thus realizing a substantial sum, which they handed over to the funds. The Reading Room continues to make steady progress in its popularity and usefulness, It has been frequented during the last year by a larger number of visitors than in any previous year. A large num- ber of members from the surrounding district find it extremely convenient to see the papers and wait in comfort for their trains. No class of frequenters are more welcomed than are the young men—shop assistants and at,tisans-of the town, who spend theit leisure hours in the evenings, improving their minds. A good .number of daily, weekly and monthly newspapers and magazines are provided by the Committee and by generous friends, who feel a kind inter- est in the welfare of the young men of the town. I may be pardoned here for making a respecful appeal to supporters and well- wishers of the Institution for any English or Welsh Magazine they may be I disposed to present to the Reading Room. I can assure them that such a gift would be greatly appreciated by the I large number who frequent the room. I f At Christmas time the room bad a cheerful and festive appearance, cons- quenfc upon a number of Christmas Magazines and liturature, being kindly presented by Mrs Mackenzie, .Mr J. A. Dorsett, 'and other friends of the Institution. The Recreation Room continues to be ns popular as ever.' The devotees of the ancient and Royal game of Chess have increased during the year, and a been contest took place for the three prizes offered in the Chess Tournament. The Committee beg to gratefully ack- nowledge the receipt of prizes for the Billiard Tournament from Mr C. H. Miers, Mr H. H. Hornby, Mr 0. Armer, Mr Morgan Richards, Mr D. Roberts, National Provincial Bank, and Messrs J. Ashcroft & Co. The^room is well patronized by visitors in the season, especially on wet days. A sum of over R19 was spent on the Billiard Table this year in providing new cushions and new cloth. This was an extraordinary item that will not need to be repeated for many years, The. popularity and usefulness of the The I?opul,-Luity aDC, U C' i' -1113 C-1, S, 0 f t 1-1 e ing year after year. The number of books given out during the past year was 10,189. Apart from the ten guineas paid to Smith and Sons, the Committee, owing to the unlimited generosity of Mrs Keightley, Miss Winham and Mr J. A. Dorsett, have been spared the necessity of spending a large amount on new books. In addition to the above several other kind friends of the Institution have also presented volumes for this department. Fiction are naturally mostly in demand, but it will be noticed, hoVever, that close upon 8,000 books—other than Fiction—have been circulated during the year. I am very glad to be able to state that there is an appreciable increase in the number of books borrowed from the Cobbe Library. In' conclusion, I have to express my most sincere thanks to the Committee, and to the members generally, for their hearty support and co-operation in making l/he Institution a success. I am Your obedient servant, J. JONES, Secretary. The report was adopted. INSTITUTION'S SUCCESS.Oil the motion of Mr D. E. Davies, seconded by Dr, J. Pugh Jones, it was unani- mously resolved that the meeting re- joiced in tho success of the institution, and gratefully acknowledged the ser- vices of Mr and Mrs Jones. VOTES OF CONDOLENCE.—A vote of deep sympathy was directed to be con- veyed to the family of the late Mr John Evans, who bad been one of the most faithful members of the library from its establishment. A fpeling reference was made to several members of the library who were at present indisposed. ADDITIONAL VICE-PRESIDENTS.—-It was unanimously resolved to add the names of .Mrs Keightley (Glanmaw- ddacii), Mr 0. W. Morris, J.P. (Glan- glasfor), and Mr J. K. Starley (Coventry) to the list of vice-presidents. GENEROUS DONORS.—A very hearty vote of thanks was passed to all the kind and generous friends, who, during the year, had given books, periodicals, papers, and prizes for the Recreation Room. A vote of thanks was also warmly accorded to Mr Llewelyn Owen for his service as auditor, and to Mr Armer for his service in the chair during' the past year. ELECTION OF P-PESIDENTs,, ETC.— The following presidents and officials were elected for the ensuing year — President, Mrs Talbot, TynylTynon (for life). Vice-presidents, Mrs Keightley, Gian- mawddach Mrs Mackenzie, Edgbaston; Mrs Williams, Plasmynach Mrs T. R. Bayliss, Ceilwart Mrs Hugh Evans, Penmount; Miss Winbam, I-love Mr I J. A. Dorsett, Brynmynach Mr C, E. Breese, Portmadoc Dr. E I I-, i Li g t, o ii, I Llwyngwril Mr O. W. Morris, J.P., Glanglasfor; and Mr J. K. Starley, Coventry. n_ | Hon, Treasurer, Mr Humphrey Jones IJondon Cify and Midland Bank. Librarian and secretary, Mr J. Jones. Hon. Auditors. Mr A. E. Tomkinson, Metropolitan Bank and Mr R. Llewelyn Owen, Council Office. The election of the Executive Com- mittee was cai ried out by ballot, Messrs Humphrey Jones and n. Llewelyn Owen acting as scrutinizers. The following were elected :Rev. R. Lloyd Roberts, M.A.; Rev. Gwynoro Davies, Mr 0. Armer, Dr. J. 0. Williams, Mr D. E. Davies, Mr Morgan Richards, Mr Rees Jones, Dr. J. Pugh Jones, Mr J. R. Williams, Mr Rhys Jones, Mr W. O. Gille, Mr Morris G. Roberts, Mr Edward Williams, Mr Ernest Lloyd, and Mr Henry Freeman. It was resolved that the first meeting of the new Executive Committee be held at 8 o'clock on Friday (to-morrow).