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the county rate would still go up. He I believed that county buildings should be in a central part of the county. Mr D. E. Davies said they all knew there were county buildings at various places, but those were police buildings. He thought they had not grasped the meaning of it. Mr John Morgan said they had al- ready county buildings and those had answered the purpose very well in past years. He thought it was high time the ratepayers of the county should come out in one body and put their feet down most strongly against the heavy rates and tell the County Council they were not going to pay higher rates. They should not jump at every question that came before them. He did not believe the county required such buildings, but the chief question was how to get the rates reduced. They were over- burdened with rates. Mr Robert LI. Williams said the feel- ing at the Works Committee was that county buildings should be erected at Barmouth. A long discussion followed on the matter as to whether the Council should support the principle of having county buildings erected in any part of the county. Mr Henry Freeman said they all knew very well that such buildings would be erected at Dolgell ev. He pointed out that the rateable value of Barmouth was R16,000, whilst Dol- gelley was only £ 8,000. Ultimately, the matter was put up to a vote, when five voted against county buildings being erected, and five in favour of adopting the recommenda- tion of the Works Committee. The Chairman gave his casting vote in fav- our of the latter. Mr Henry Freeman asked that the names of those who bad opposed the erection of county buildings should be recorded on the minutes, viz., Dr. J. Pugh Jones, Messrs John Morgan, J. Pryce Jones, Henry Freeman, and D. 0. Hughes. The following five voted for the recommendation of the Works Committee:—Messrs William Owen, Robt, LI. Williams, D. E. Davies, Owen Williams, and R. G. Moore. ABERAMFFRA HILL. It was reported that the Clerk to the County Council promises to submit the Council's representations to secure an improvement herein to he next meeting of the Main Roads Committee. Mr O. W. Morris, C.C., J.P., wrote to say that be would do all in bis power to support the Council's application, and the Council recommend that be be thanked for his promise of support, Dr. J. Pugh Jones thought that an. other strong letter should be sent to the County Council pointing out that a ser- ious accident bad occurred at; the-spot last week. He proposed that a further letter should be sent and also to the local representatives on the County Council. Mr J. Pryce Jones seconded. As an amendmeut, Mr D. E. Davies proposed that the Council should sub. mit a plan of the proposed improvement in the first instance to the Main Roads Committee. Mr Robert LI. Williams, in seconding, said that part of the hill was in the Barmouth Council area and therefore he thought that the Council should move with the County Council. After a lengthy discussion, the amend- ment of Mr Davies was carried, and it was further decided that the Works Committee should wait upon the Har- bour Trust with a view of having the necessary land to effect the improve- ment from the Trustees. Dr. J. Pugh Jones proposed that a letter should be sent to the Main Roads Committee pointing out that a serious accident bad occurred lately. Mr J. Pryce Jones seconded, which was agreed to. THE NEW POST OFFICE BUILDINGS. was decided that the plans of the ¡ proposed new Post Office near Fronfelen I Terrace should be approved of. Mr R. G. Moore said he observed that the plans of the new post office buildings in the north end bad been approved and passed, and drew attention that it was important that the residents living in south end should have the same postal facilities as in the past. He proposed that a representation should be made to the Postmaster General with a view of having full postal facilities such as telegraph, telephone, etc., given to the ratepayers of the south end, and that the Council should support the claims of having a sub postoffice with full postal facilities in same. Mr Robert Lloyd Williams seconded, which was carried unanimously. FINANCE COMMITTEE. The Rate Collector reported that dur- ing the month be had collected the sum of £ 121 18s 4d. FIRE BRIGADE JOINT COM- MITTEE. The above Committee reported that a letter had been received from Mr R. Llewelyn Owen declining to withdraw his resignation as secretary of the Com- mittee, and resignation was accepted with regret. CELLFECHAN FARM. The Surveyor reported that a deputa- tion from the Council bad interviewed the tenant of Cellfechan with regard to having five gates, etc., fixed at different places so that visitors would not tres- pass over the farm. On the proposition of Mr Robert LI. Williams, seconded by Mr Pryce Jones, it was decided to adopt the recommend- ation. Mr Humphrey Williams, the tenant of Cellfecban Farm, appeared before the Council and on being asked by the Chairman for his terms for the privilege to make use of some of the paths on the farm, Mr Williams said his terms would be C7. Mr R. G. Moore proposed that Mr Williams should be offered £ 7. Mr John Morgan seconded. A long discussion then ensued. On being appealed to whether he would not take less than C7, Mr Hum- phrey Williams said be could not re- duce his terms, as he considered that the £7 asked was low enough. Mr John Morgan said that the Coun- cil were going to lessen the trespass for Mr Williams, and he thought that J65 was a splendid offer. They must be honest with the ratepayers, and be (Mr Morgan) m nst admit that Mr Williams was asking too much from the Council. He could not vote for giving more than £5. Mr William Owen proposed that the matter should be left to the Finance Committee. Mr J. Pryce Jones seconded. As an amendment, Mr Robert Lloyd Williams proposed that the Council should offer Mr Williams R6 for one year. Mr R. G. Moore seconded. I On a vote being taken the amend- ment was lost. In reply to Mr Owen Williams, the Surveyor said that the cost of the gates etc., would amount to.C8 17s. 6d. ISSUING OF LICENCES. Mr Henry Freeman enquired whether the Inspector had issued any licences for this year, which started on the 12th of April. The Inspector (Mr Watkin Owen) No, not one. The practice in past years was to issue them at Whitsuntide. Mr Henry Freeman said that the Council would be placed in a serious position if anything happened. All the licences had expired on the 31st March. The Chairman agreed that the Council would be placed in an awkward position if anything happened in the meantime. Mr John Morgan thought all the licences.should be granted on the ex- piration of the old ones. Mr Henry Freeman proposed that the Inspector should be asked to act at once so as to relieve the Council of any re- sponsibility. The Inspector said be would issue them at once it it was the wish of the Council, In previous years they were not issued until Whitsun. If they left the matter to him he would do it much better. Mr Henry Freeman—We are here to safeguard the ratepayers. The Chairman said sooner the better for the Council to have the licences granted out, and it would be better for the Inspector to act forthwith. APPOINTMENT OF INSPECTOR. On the proposition of Mr R. G. Moore Mr Watkin Owen was unanimously re- appointed as Inspector of boating, hack- ney carriages, etc. APPOINTMENT OF OVERSEERS. On the proposition of Dr J. Pugh Jones, seconded by Mr William Owen, Messrs L. O. Evans, Gwelfor and Morris Jones were appointed as overseers. APPOINTMENT OF ASSISTANT I OVERSEER. On the proposition of Mr D. E. Davies Mr John Roberts, Ripon House, was unanimously reappointed as assistant overseer. I APPOINTMENT OF COMMITTEES. It was decided that three committees should be appointed for this year, viz., Works, Finance, and Fire Brigade Com- mittees. The following were appointed IVorks Coii,tiitittee--Dr J. Pugh Jones, Messrs J. Pryce Jones, Robert Ll. Wil- liams, Henry Freeman, D. E. Davies and Owen Williams Finance Continittee --Messrs John Morgan, Wiiliam Owen, R. G. Moore, D. 0. Hughes, and Edward Williams. With regard to the Fire Brigade Com- mittee Mr Henry Freeman proposed that the whole Council should act as a committee. Mr R. G. Moore seconded. As an amendment Mr John Morgan proposed that the Committee should be composed of 6 Councillors and 6 mem- bers of the Fire Brigade. Mr William Owen seconded. On a vote been taken 5 voted each way, and the Chairman gave his casting vote for the whole Council to be the Committee with the addition of the Instructor, I COUNCIL'S WORKMEN. j It was decided to re-engage the Coun- I cil's workmon for another 12 months. COURT OF GOVERNORS. It was stated that a sub-committee had completed the arrangements to afford a municipal welcome to about forty Governors of the Bangor Univer- sity College, who would be visiting the town. Dr J. Pugh Jones, Messrs Rhys Jones and Edward Williams were ap- pointed to meet the Governors, and Mr R. Llewelyn Owen was appointed by the Committee to introduce the deputation. The Council sat from 7 o'clock until 11 p.m.