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THE RESULTS OF ADVERTISING. ONE hears so much nowadays of advertising, and advertising com- mittees, that it might be perti- nent to make a few remarks here on that subject. We feel certain that the advertising schemes put into execution during the last few years have done an inesti- mable amount of good, but we wonder how many of our readers have thought of the bioscope as one of the chief means of adver- tising a principality such as the Cardigan Bay Coast. Mere photographs—excellent as they are in many ways—are yet not to be compared to the infinitely more realistic and accurate bioscope. A person not knowing such a district as ours might see a beautiful photograph of the Viaduct and yet hesitate to pay the town a visit. For travellers know well that such a town as Constantinople, for example, photographed from a distance- and even actually seen from a distance—presents a most allu- ring picture, but a visit to the town itself is disappointing in the extreme, for the only pic- turesqueness lies in the people themselves, fthe town and its immediate surroundings being absolutely void of scenery that pertains to being either beautiful or magnificent. But the bioscope dispels any such any such illu- sion where there is beauty, the speotator perceives it in its entirely; where there is absence of beauty, that likewise is re- vealed. The visitor to a bioscope exhibition would see not only Barmouth Viaduct but glimpses of the quaint little town itself- the grand mountains protecting it from evil, and the deep blue sea lapping its shore. Scenes such as these would convince him that Barmouth would be the the most charming spot in the world to spend his holiday. Could not our Local Adver- tising Association approach Mr John Walters, the popular and genial manager of the Art Picture House, with a view of him show- ing scenes and photos of Bar- mouth in his numerous Picture Halls at Bury and Bacup in Lancashire, and such efforts would be duly appreciated by the townspeople of Barmouth.


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