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LEDBURY POLICE. WEDNESDAY. I Before Alderman John Riley (in the chair), Mr I Spencer H Bickham, Dr M A Wood and Mr I J Wilfred Hewitt. EXTENSION. I Mr A G Parmee, of the Horse and Groom Hotel, Col wall, was granted an extension of one hour on Saturday, August 1, on the occasion of a dance in connection with the Oddfellows' Fete held that day. AN ADJOURNED CASE. The adjourned case in whick Thomas Hyde, bricklayer, of Woolhope, was charged by Ernest Ella way, under-gamekeeper for Captain Waters, of Woolhope, with trespass in pursuit of conies, again came on for hearing. The evidence was beard at the Court a month ago, but the case was adjourned -As the Bench were not quite satisfied as to the trespass. Mr H W Orme (Messrs. Russell and Co.), appeared for the prosecution. Mr Orme now produced a map of the Wes- sington Court estate, and explained that in the early hours of the morning of Sunday, June 21, Ellaway heard a gunshot, and going in the direction of the sound saw Hyde with a gun and rabbits in his possession. The point at issue was whether when he was seen by Ella- way, defendant was on land over which Captain Waters had the shooting. A new witness called was Alfred Brown, a cottager, of Woolhope, and said he had a strip <• land which ran right between Mr Roberts' land. where defendant is stated to have been. On June 14 he saw Hyde, who hung a rabbit on a stake, and he said he should want a rabbit for the cartridge. Witness told defendant if he saw a rabbit he could knock it down. The case was dismissed. LEAVING A CARCASE UNBURIED. I Wm Owen Price, farmer, of Mathon, was summoned for allowing a carcase of a sheep to remain unburied on his farm at Mathon on July 17. Mr H W Orme appeared for the defence. P.S. Howard, of Cradley, said on July 17 he went to Lane End Farm, Mathon, and in a field belonging to defendant found the carcase of a sheep partly eaten by dogs. From what he could see of it it had been there several days. Ue saw defendant and asked him why he had nbt buried the sheep, and he said it was not his. On the following day defendant came to his station and said he had found out from his count that it was his. Cross-examined by Mr Orme There was a spade by the carcase of the sheep. Defendant did not tell him that he had instructed a man named Wm. Thompson to bury the sheep. Defendant went into the box, and said he saw P.S. Howard in the field where the sheep was when he walked up to him. There was a spade stuck in the ground, but the man had been tailed away to attend to something else. He found-the dead sheep on Wednesday early in the afternoon and gave a man named William' Thompson instructions to bury the sheep on Thursday morning. Witness was away on Thursday. The man misunderstood him and did not bury the sheep. He was a casual labourer and had since left him. On Friday P.S. Howard came a little' after noon, and previously witness had seen the sheep was still unburied. He saw his man about it, and the man told him he went into another field and could not find the sheep. That was the reason it was unburied. The man then took a spade to bury the sheep, and came back again to see witness about it. Find 10s. and lOs. 4-1 costs. NO LICENSES. James Hankins, labourer, of Common garden, Ledbury, and Victor Jenkins, of Bye-street, Ledbury, were each summoned for keeping a dog without a license on March 13. The pro- ceedings were taken by Mr E Arnold Watkins, local taxation officer, of Hereford. In the first case against Hankins, P.S. Brier- ley said he saw defendant at 3 p.m. on March 13 and he had with him a dog. He admitted he had not a license, and would take it out -at once. He said he had forgotten it. Defendant said he took out a license the same day, and the dog had since been killed. It was pointed out by the Bench that defend- ant in two previous years took out a license in January and early in February, and this year within a very few minutes of P.S. Brierley Speaking to him. Mr Watkins said defendant could have obvi- ated the summons by paying 5a., but had not paid it. Defendant was ordered to pay 5a., and was allowed a fortnight to pay it in. In the case against Jenkins, who did not appear, P.S. Brierley proved the case. A license had not been taken out by defendant, though one had been taken out for the dog. Fined 17. 6d. E Robert Preece, junr., of Southend, Ledbury, was summoned for carrying a gun without a license at Ledbury on May 9. Defendant pleaded guilty, and P.S. Brierley proved the case. It appeared that the gun was an air-gun, and defendant was not aware that a license was required for an air-gun. A nominal fine of 5s. was inflicted.










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