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CHIPS OF NEWS. I The King received Mr. Marconi, the famous inventor of wireless telegraphy, at Buckingham Palace on Friday, and conferred upon him an honorary knighthood of the Grand Cross of the Victorian Order. The British Medical Association has de- cided to form a special fund for the defence of professional interests, to be placed in the hands of a trust a.,?sociaiio'n or other organisa- tion, not being a registered trade union. An attempt was made on the life of the Khed'ive at Constantinople on Saturday by an Egyptian student, who was shot dead by the escort. The Khedive was only slightly wounded. In a Government return issued on Satur- day it is stated that on January 1st the total numbers of paupers in England and Wales was 761,578, or 32,649 fewer than on January 1st, 1913. Two hundred yotyng swans were discovered in the reaches between London and Henley last week during the" swam upping." The number of swans on the Thames now is about 600. A report presented to the London County Council states that 47,901 of London's 69,172 old-age pensioners are women. In three years the total number of pensioners has increased, by no less than 14*3 per cent. A pathetic fire tragedy was reported on Saturday at Bolton. While lighting herself to her bedroom overnight with a wax taper at the house of her sou, an old lady of eighty- seven years, Mrs. Mary Deakin, accidentally set her clothing alight. Her burns soon afterwards proved fatal. Detectives in Birmingham on Saturday raided a place of business which has been under observation for some time, and seized between 40,000 and 50,000 rounds of rifle and revolver ammunition. The British three masted schooner Red Rose sank off Cuxhaven Harbour on Satur- day, afteE colliding with an unknown steamer. All aboard were saved. | Mr. John Last Sayer, the oldest salesman at Billingsgate Market, and for many years a member of the City of London Corporation, died on Saturday at Horsham. The sparks from a passing railway engine set fire to a crop of cut hay at a Paisley graveyard, which was laid bare from end to end, tombstones and many glass memorials being destroyed. A New York telegram says Lieutenant Porte has postponed his attempt to cross the Atlantic in his flying boat until October, mis- haps to bis machine necessitating extensive repairs. A gale of phenomenal violence for July pre- vailed in Liverpool on Saturday. The wind lashed the Mersey into a turbulent state, and for some time the ferry services were suspended. In Cheshire great damage was done to thousands of acres of crops. In many places growing crops were under water and utterly ruined. John Spence, thirty, was remanded at Newcastle on Saturday for stealing two cases of money, one of E20 in coppers and £ 50 in threepenny-pieces, and the other of &% in copper, from the Forth goods station, on the North-Eastern Railway. The two little daughters of a Mrs.. Fred Tuck, at Wells, Norfolk, found a bottle of liquid, and the older child, believing that it contained something nice, gave her sister a drill k. The bottle contained a weed-killer, and the child died. The St. Marie, a French ketch from Swan- sea to Aiguilou, having sprung a leak, was j abandoned fifteen miles west of Trevose Head. The captain, his wife, and crew of fix were adrift for twelve hours, being eventually i hauled up the cliffs near Padstow. Dr. Richard J. Anderson, Professor of Natural History, Geology, and Mineralogy at University College. Galway, died on Friday evening at his residence, Beech Hill, near Newry, aged sixty-six. Mr. G. Inglis, of Henlow, Hitchin, is the possessor of a black egg, which was laid last week by an Indian Runner duck. The egg is about the usual size, but the shell is abso- lutely black. A big haul of furs was made by burglars in the City of London in the early hours of Friday morning at the premises of Messrs. Aron Miller and Co., 57, Ch-iswell-itreet. About £3,000 worth of furs have been stolen. The third trial of Patrick Ryan and Patrick Hegarty for the murder of John Kildea, county Clare, resulted on Saturday evening in the jury's disagreement. The prisoners were twice tried in Dublin, their defence being an alibi. The two new submarines, E3 and E9, arrived at Portsmouth on Saturday from Barrow, escorted by the parent ship Adamant. The submarines have displacements of 800 tons each and a length of 178ft. Mr. ,Balfour received innumerable con- gratulations on the occasion of his sixty-sixth birthday on Saturday. It was only a few weeks ago that his old constituents at Hert- ford celebrated his completion of forty years of Parliamentary life. Shortly after half-past one on Saturday morning fire broke out on the premises of Messrs. Gee and Co., printers and publishers, Gatesborough-street, Shoreditch. The pre- mises consist of five storeys, of which three suffered both from fire and water. A remarkable sight was witnessed in the little village of Barton, Bedfordshire, on the occasion of the funeral of Mr. Joseph Brown, deacon for forty years of the local Methodist chapel, who died at the age of eighty-eight. The funeral was attended by 210 of his rela- tives, all of whom reside in the village. Two apprentices to the fishing industry have been sentenced, at Grimsby, to ten days' hard labour for disobedience to their master's orders bar faiLincr firv anil in « ata*m trawler.