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Sales bv Suction. POPE & SMITH (Late W. MANTON & Co.,) AUCTIONEERS, Agricultural & General Valuers, HOUSE, LAND, ESTATE, AND INSURANCE AGENTS. VALUATIONS for PROBATE & MORTGAGE. -Stock Sales in Ledbury Market On ALTERNATE TUESDAYS thoroughout the year. NEXT MARKET, AUGUST 11, 1914. Order of Selling— Pigs and Store Cattle at 10 a.m. Sheep at 11.30. Fat Cattle at 12. Houses, &c., to let Entered in Register Free of Charge. OFFICES NEW STREET, LEDBURY, AND St. ALDATES CHAMBERS. GLOUCESTER. NOTICE TO SHEEP OWNERS. LEDBURY STOCK MARKET. MESSRS POPE & SMITH advise their Clients that all Sheep brought to Ledbury Market after this date and until August 31st, 1914, must be accompanied by the usual Order of the Board of Agriculture, viz That Sheep moved to a Market or Sale Yard shall be accompanied with a Declaration on Form F., to the effect that the sheep have been dipped." Form F. may be obtained on application to Supt. Williams, of Ledbury, or outside the County from the Police Officer in charge of the District. New Street, Ledbury. GOLD HILL, EASTNOR. TO LET BY PRIVATE TREATY, about t. 160 Acres of Rich Grass Keeping to Sept. 29th, in convenient lots. Plenty of shade and water.—Apply, Pope and Smith, Auctioneers, Ledbury. TO BE LET, 19 Acres of Excellent Grass Keeping, 3 miles from Ledbary. To be grazed till December 31st, 1914. Apply. POPE & SMITH, Ledbury. SHOOTING. TO BE LET, 1,000 Acres of Excellent Mixed Shooting-100 Acres Wood. 500 Acres more jould be had if required. Apply, POPE & SMITH, Ledbury. TO LET, IS Acres of Sheep Keep near Led- bury,—Apply, Pope and Smith, Auction- eers, Ledbury. TO LET, an excellent Shop and Dwelling House in New Street, Ledbury.—Apply, Pope and Smith, Auctioneers, Ledbury. TO LET, Brierley Grange, Staunton, a con- venient gentleman's Residence, with stabling and grounds. T 0 LET, an excellent Residence in Southend- L street, Led bury, TO LET, a Dwelling House in Worcester-road, Ledbury. TO LET, a convenient Dwelling House in JL Sonthend Stæet. TO LET, the Corner House, Greenway.- For further particulars of any of the above, apply to- POPE & SMITH, Auctioneers, Ledbury. BOUQUETS. WREATHS. CROSSES. Harps, Anchors, Sprays, or any other design made up by expert hands with the choicest Flowers in season, at reasonable prices. Carefully packed and sent to any part of the British Isles at short notice. Bedding Plants A SPECIALITY. ANY QUANTITY AT ALL PRICES. Lists on application. Boxes of Cut Flowers Sent post free for Is 6d, 2s 6d, and upwards. Fruit Trees, Roses, Shrubs, Herbaceous Plants Alpine Plants, and Spring Bedding Plants, at reasonable prices. Silver Sand, Peat, Loam, Charcoal, Mats, and all requisites for the garden supplied at cut prices. New Gardens laid out, old ones renovated. Tennis Courts, Croquet Lawns, Bowling Greens, and Cricket Grounds. A trial order solicited. Satisfaction Guaranteed. W. BUNN, Nurseryman, OOLWALL. THOMAS JONES, MONUMENTAL and t BUILDING MASON, A Stone, Marble or Granite M Monuments Cleaned and Repaired. £ £ 0 Works— G.W.R. Station, Malvern Wells and Belmont, Malvern, Link. Private Address- Taynton House, Lower Wilton Rd., Malvern. A Popular & Effective ML Remedies. i Carboy Hair Tonic. Carboy Nursery Hair Wash. I i1, I Hoiisihold Eiiibrocation. Backache and Kidney Mixture. Sfev >v Blood Purifier. I f Chest, Throat and Lung Syrup. ?'?? l I Indigestion Mixture. I V A. ?? I ltheumatic Mixture. Quinine and Phosphorus Tonic. Tic and Neuralgia Mixture. Children's Nutritive Tonic. SYTUP Of Figs. 7id per Bottle. Double 7d. size, is. Sold ouly by- ARTHUR STEVENS, M.P.S. (Late FREEMAN), Pharmacist, 6, HIGH STREET, LEDBURY Sales bp Huction. BRUTON, KNOWLES" 00. Albion Chambers, Gloucester. Estate & House Agents, Surveyors, Auctioneers, Agricultural, Hotel, and Timber Valuers, and Valuers for Probate and Estate Duty. AN ILLUSTRATED REGISTER of Proper- L ties for Sale by Private Tre ty or to be Let may be had on receipt of Three Stamps. No charge is made for the inserton of particulars unless a Sale or Letting be effected. Telegrams Brutons, Gloucester. Telephone 67. 1912, G. No. 2413. In the High Court of Justice. Chancery Division. Mr Justice Eve. i Gray and another v. Ashbee and others. HANLEY CASTLE & MALVERN WELLS, Worcestershire. HENRY TEW BRUTON Will SELL by AUCTION with the approbation of His Lordship Mr Justice Eve the Judge to whom this Action is Attached pursuant to the Order therein dated the 13ih day of July, 1914, at the FOLEY ARMS HOTEL, GREAT MALVERN, on THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 17, 1914, At 2-30 o'clock in the afternoon most punctually, in Lots, Freehold Properties, comprising:— AN ATTRACTIVE RESIDENTIAL PRO- A PERTY, known as MORTIMER LODGE, with Gardens, Tennis Lawn and Pasture Orchards, 2a. Or. 25p. in extent. THE HAW- THORNS, a Residence with Garden and Land, 2a. Or. 33p. in extent. 17a. Ir. 19p, of VALUABLE ACCOMMODATION PASTURE LAND with Cottage and Garden. THREE COTTAGES and GARDENS, and an EN- CLOSURE OF SUPERIOR PASTURE ORCHARDING with Valuable Building Fmntage, alltftnate near Hanley Swan in the Parish of Hanley Castle; and also COTON FARM, a valuable compact Estate comprising Farmhouse, Buildings and 43a. lr. 21p. ot superior Land. close to Malvern Wells Station and MAY PLACE, a Residence at Malvern Wells. Further particulars and Conditions of Sale may be had of the Auctioneer, Albion Chambers, Gloucester, or of Messrs. TAYNTON AND SON, Solicitors, Clarence Chambers, Gloucester; Messrs. WILLIS AND WILLIS, Solicitors, 59, Chancery Lane, London Messrs. HARTCI/P AND DAVIS, Solicitors, Cromwell House, Surrey Street, Strand, London and H. POWELL HIGGINS, Esq., Solicitor, 6, Great James Street, Bedford Row, London. R. E. DAW, Wheelwright Every description of WAGGONS, LORRIES, CARTS, FLOATS, etc., Made to Order. Farmers' Lorries a Speciality. Estimates Given. REPAIRS Promptly Attended to. OAK FIELD GATES Made to Order. POSTS SAWN ANY SIZE. Manufacturer of Spokes, ladder Rounds Etc., Etc. FIREWOOD BLOCKS & BUNDLE WOOD. New Market Street, Ledbury. TILLEY & SON, LEDBURY. Jam Pot Covers In Id., 2d. and 3d. Packets. Fire Screens From 6d. to 5/ Tennis Balls, AYRES' 12/3. SLAZENGER'S 12/ Goss Crest China. Model of the Old Market House, 1/ Daily Mail Milestone Map of this District, One Shilling, 6d. Novels, 100 New Titles just received. Ledbury Woodland Scene Post Cards, Series of 7 for 6d. ready shortly. Genuine Thermos Flasks, From 2/6 each. Pen Painting Materials, Full Stock just received. TILLEY & SON, Ledbury. CHOICE PRESENTS! W. C. MANN'S Stock is complete with a Superb Collection of DIAMOND ORNAMENTS GEM JEWELLERY. SILVER PLATE. And !nexpens!ve Novelties, SPECIALLY SUITABLE FOR PRESENTS. SPECIALLY SUITABLE FOR PRESENTS. W. C. MANN (Member of the British Optical Association), Chronometer, Watoh and Clock Maker, Goldsmith, Jeweller, Optician, &o., THE CROSS. GLOUCESTER Telephone 98. public Notices. THE CINEMA HOUSE, The Homend, LEDBURY. Lessee and Manager MR. L. P. HOULT. TWO CRAND OPENING PROGRAMMES! AUGUST BANK HOLIDAY, Monday, August 3, at 2-30, 6-30 and 8-45 (School Children Id, 2d and 3d at Matinee-a Present will be given to each child), Tuesday and Wednesday at 8 p.m. (doors open at 7-45 p.m.), the Great Masterpiece and Renowned Exclusive by the Ambrosio Co.— THE LAST DAYS OF POMPEII. (Lord Lytton's Novel vividly portrayed in Five Acts). Thursday and Friday at 8, Saturday at 6-30 and 8-45. Matinee on Saturday at 2-30 p.m. (School Children Id, 2d and 3d). Complete Change of Programme, including the Famous- FANTOMAS V., The False Magistrate. Acknowledged by the Press to be the Best of the Series, and STRONG PROGRAMME IN ADDITION. PRICES :— BALCONY 9d; PIT STALLS 6d; PIT 3d. N.B.—Entrance to Balcony is in Bank Crescent. OPERATOR-MR. A. TWELVETREE. REDMARLEY AND DISTRICT FLOWER SHOW On AUGUST BANK HOLIDAY, AUGUST 3rd, at the Down House, Redmarley (By kind permission of Sir George Bullough, M.F.H., and Lady Bullough). PRIVATE GROUNDS OPEN UNTIL 6-30 p.m., and DANCING from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. UPWARDS OF .£70 IN PRIZES. SPLENDID PROGRAMME OF SPORTS AND OTHER AMUSEMENTS. Mir. Daini:on's Pierrots The Wei lands." THE ———— Imperial Viennese Military Band Will be in attendance. Refreshments of all kinds provided on the Ground. Cates open at 2 p.m. Admission 1s. After 4, 6d. Children Half-price. Schedules and all information from the Hon. Secretary, MR. T. KIRBY, School House, Redmarley. THE BOY SCOUTS' ASSOCIATION. Incorporated by Royal Charter. A GRAND ——— SCOUT DISPLAY Will be held at the Cricket Meadow, BOSBURY (by kind permission of E. B. Thompson, Esq.), On Bank Holiday, Monday, Aug. 3,1914 At 2.30 p.m., under the distinguished patronage of Lieut. General Sir Robert Baden-Powell,. K.C.B.. K.C.V.O., L.L.D., F.P. G.S. (Chief Scout), Lady Biddulph of Ledbury, Lady Hopton, Lady Harington, Sir John Cotterell, Sir James Rankin, Major-General Sir Elliott Wood, K.C.B. (County Commissioner), Colonel Bourne, The Rt. Hon. J W Wilson, M P., Captain P A Clive, M.P.. R Buchanan, Esq., W R Karslake, Esq., Major Essell (District Commissioner), Dudley Smith, Esq., Lieut.-Colonel Dietz, Captain Capper, The Rev C Litthton, The Rev K O'Neill, Colonel King-King, J T Lutley, Esq., H J Bailey, E-q., Mujor Mynors, G Cresswell, Esq., J Riley, Esq., Stewart Robinson, Esq. In aid of the Boy Scouts' Endowment Fund and the Bosbury Boy Scouts' Association. The Display will be given by the 1st City of West- minster Troop and the 1st Bosbury Troop. The Programme will include the following :-Bridge Building, The Making of a Scout, Wsggon Drill and Broken Bridge, Obstacle Race, Tub-tilting, Physical Drill, Wrestling, Rescue from House on Fire and Ambulance Work, Rescue from Wreck and Rocket Work, Wireless Telegraphy and Signalling, Musical March, Cook Fighting, Inspection of Troops by the County Commissioner (Majoi Oeneral Sir Elliott Wood, K.C.B.), Tattoo, Sports. Admission to the Ground, 6d. Reserved Seats in the enclosure (including admission), 2s. Tickets to be obtained from the Scoutmaster of the Bosbury Troop, at the Parish Hall, Bosbury. REFRESHMENTS BY LEWIS, MALVERN. There will be a Concert in connection with the Scouts in the Parish Hall, Bosbury, at 8 p.m. MUCH MARCLE & YAITON Flower Show & Sports At the RECREATION GROUND, MUCH MARCLE, Thursday, August 20th, 1914. PROGRAMME OF SPORTS. 1.—APPLE & BOWL RACE (on Horseback). Local. 2.—For the BEST HUNTER that has never won a prize in a similar competition. 3.—OBSTACLE CYCLE RACE. Local. 4.—For the Smartest and Most Skilfully Ridden CHILD'S PONY not exceeding 13-2. Riders under 14 years of age. Open. 5.—For the Smartest and Most Skilfully Ridden CHILD'S PONY not exceeding 13-2. Riders under 14 years of age. Local. 6.—HORSE JUMPING. Open. 7.—HORSE JUMPING. Local. 8.—MUSICAL CHAIRS (on Horseback). Open. 9.—COSTUME RACE (on Horseback). Open. 10.—BENDING COMPETITION. Open. 11.—UNSADDLING RACE. Open. 12.-DECORATED DONKEY & CART. Open. Particulars and Entry Forms from F TAYLOR, Moor Court, Much Marcle, Glos or W M PRICE, Welsh Couit, Yat ton. public notices. ROYAL" HALL Picturedrome, Ledbury. Lessee and Manager E. H. HOPKINS. GRAND HOLIDAY PROCRAMME I BANK HOLIDAY, Monday, August 3, at 2-30, 6.30 and 8-45 (doors open at 2-15, 6-15 and 8-30). Tuesday and Wednesday, August 4 and 5, at 8 p.m. (doors open at 7-45 p.m.), Out olF the Depths. A Lubin Drama, MOUNTAINS, OF KENTUOKY. Vitak-raph Drama. THEIR LESIONS (Selig Drama). LOVE AND DYNAMITE (Keystone Comedy). PUDDLETON POLICE (Clarendon Comic). VISIONS OFlt)ME (Cines' Interest). Thursday and Friday at 8 p.m. (doors open at 7-45 p.m.) Saturday (two houses) at 6-30 and 8-45 (doors open at 6-15 and 8-30 p.m.) Matinee on Saturday at 2-30 (School children Id, 2d and 3d). A Gamble -For Life. A Hubsch Drama. SUOCESS OF SELFISHNESS. A ThaDhauser Drama. KENTUCKY ROMANCE (K.B. Drama). PIMPLE'S BATTLE OF GETTYSOWNBACK (Phoenix Comedy). BLOOMER'S NEW DANCE (Cines' Comic). LUMBERING INDUSTRY IN CALIFORNIA (Jokt;r Interest). A Special Fireproof Operating Box has been constructed outside the main building to guaran- tee safety of patrons. Popular Prices of Admission Stalls 9d, Pit Stalls 6d, Pit 3d. Books containing 12 tickets for Stalls, 7s 6d, and 12 tickets for Pit Stalls, 5s, may be obtained at the Hall. LOOK OUT FOR FURTHER EXCLUSIVES AT LEDBURY'S ORICINAL HOME OF AMUSEMENT. LEDBURY RURAL DISTRICT COUNCIL. AUDIT of ACCOUNTS. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that a Copy 111 of the Accounts duly made up and balanced, together with all Account Books, Vouchers, and other documents refeired to in such Accounts of the Ledbury Rural District Council for the half-year ended 31st MARCH last, will an WEDNESDAY, the 5th AUGUST next, be deposited at my Office at Ledbury, and will be open between the hours of 10 to 1 to inspection by all persons interested, each day (except Sunday) until t'ie 12th day of AUGUST, on which day R. G. WOODWATT, Esq., the District Auditer, will attend at the hour of 10-45 in the forenoon, at the Workhouse, Ledbury, to audit the said accounts. RICHARD HOMES, Clerk to the Ledbury Rural District Council. SOUTH HEREFORDSHIRE Unionist Association. LEDBURY BRANCH. SECRETARY—HE? RY GARROOD. REGISTRATION OF ELECTORS. OCCUPIERS. A LL UNIONISTS entitled to VOTE are l\. requested to examine the LISTS of ELECTORS, now published on the Church and Chapel Doors. If their names are not inserted, or if there is any inaccuracy, they should com- municate at once with either of the undersigned. LODGERS. All UNIONISTS entitled to the LODGER FRANCHISE, who have not already claims, should do so without loss of time. ALL CLAIMS MUST BÈ IN by the 19th instant. Forms and information given free by- T. D. MORGAN, East Street, Hereford. HENRY GARROOD, Southend, Ledbury. MADRESPIELD AGRICULTURAL ANU HORTICULTURAL SHOW Thursday, August 6th, 1914., Horses, Cattle, Sheep, Pigs, Poultry, Butter, Eggs, Flowers, Vegetables, Honey; Forestry, Nature Study, etc. Horse Jumping and Driving, Bending Race, Sheep Dog Trials. GARDENS & PLEASURE GROUNDS OPEN. Band of the Worcester Hussars. MALYERN TOWN BAND FOR DANCING. ADMISSION—From 9-30 a. Iii to 1 pm., 2/ from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m., 1/ after 5 p.m., 6d. Railway Excursions aud Cheap Bookings. Brakes from Malvern Liuk Station. Tramway 'Buses from Worcester Cross. A. D. MELVIN, The Poplars, Malvern Link. Secretary. Hollybuslf Quarry. SECOND BROKEN STONE, suitable for pri vate, farm and bye roads, concrete and othei building purposes:— Small Quantities per ton. 50 Tons and over 2/9 100 Tons and over 2/6 II SECOND ROUQH STONE, suitable for bottoms of roads, filling in fold yards, et-c Up to 100 Tons 1/4 pex tm. 100 Tons and over 1/2 „ GRAVEL or Chippings (Unscreened), suitable for facing roads and paths: Small Quantities 2/3 per ton. 50 Tons and over 1/9 II 100 Tons and over 1/6 GRAVEL or Chippings (Screened), excellent material for concrete :— Small Quantities .„ .„ 3/- per ton 50 Tons and over 2/6 100 ions and over 2/3 „ WASTE, suitable for filling in, etc :— 8d. per ton. EASTNOR CASTLLLR ESTATE OFFICE, "NEAB LEDBURY. To J:' ORGANIST, TEACHER of thft PIANOFORTE and HABHONT, CLARENGNT,W COLWALL, MAt VEIU. Pnpils Prepared for Examination. Pianofortes Tuned & Repaired. Pianofortes by all the Best Makers to order. DETACHED PIANOLAS suitable for playing on any Pi&no. CHEAP PBEPAIDS. 9 d. for 20 Wordsuanndder Three Six Once. Times. Times. s. d. s. d. s. d. We? 0 9 1 6 3 0 20 words 0 9  6 3 0 28 words 1 0 2 0 4 0 36 words 1 3 2 6 5 0 SITUATIONS VACANT. WANTED, Agent to sell Reporter in Froomes Vv Hill and Castle Froome District; good commission.—Apply, Manager, Reporter Office, Ledbury. HO P Measurer wanted; good terms to an Hexperienced and capable hand.-Apply, W L Pritchett, Woodleigh, Ledbury. WANTED, a trustworthy Youth about 16 or TV 17 years of age; good milker and to assist in general work on small fruit and dairy farni.-Apply, Charles, Much Marcle, Gloucester. WANTED, a Boy to make himself generally W useful; live in.—Apply, Mrs Hanington, Millend, Cattle Froome, Ledbury. WANTED, for small country town, Carman TV and general handy man, with knowledge of gardening; good wages and regular employ- ment.-Apply, Reporter Office, Ledbury. WANTED, Apprentices to the drapery.— TV Apply, G C Spencer, Manchester House, High Street, Ledbury. WANTED, at once, Errand Boy.—Apply, G tv C Spencer, Manchester House, High Street, Ledbury. AMBERWELL HOUSE ASYLUM. PROBATIONERS REQUIRED TO TRAIN (or three years in mental work. Lectures given by the medical staff, and a certificate granted by the Medico-Psychological Association after successful examination. Applicants must be well educated, between the ages of 21 and 30 years salary commencing at, £ 20, and uniform. -Apply, by letter, enclosing photograph, or call any morning (eleven-one) upon the Matron, 33, Peckham-road, London. REQUIRED for AUSTRALIA Men with farming experience; also Btitish Lads 16- 20 to iearn farming special reduced fares jE3 only payable liere.-Apply. W W BELL & Co., Ltd., Governments' Accredited Shipping Agents, 9, Broad Street, Worcester.-Aiso vacancies for Farm Workers (Canada) and Domestics (Canada and Australia); assisted and advanced fares. DOMESTIC SERVANTS WANTED. WANTED, willing Girl, 18 to 20, as general; W fond of children (2); good home; references required. Apply, Mrs Newman, Woodniead, West Malveru. WANTED. WANTED, to rent, small House, with about W one acre ot land, from 29th September, 1914. in the Ledbury district.—W Ockey, Castle Froome, Ledbury. WANTED, useful Cob.—Apply, L W Cross- W ley, High Street, Ledbury. rXTANTED, White Aylesbury Ducks, 9 to 10 W lbs per couple, alive state lowest price. -S Lane,SLaplow, Ledbury. ANTIQUES OF EVERY DESCRIPTION £ JL WANTED. High Prices given for Old Silver.—J E PAGE, Jeweller, 4, Broad-street, Hereford. PROPERTY TO BE LET OR SOLD. TO BE LET. LEDBURY.— L Garden, Albert Road, Newtown. Convenient Residence, X23. Dan-y-Craig, dE35 per annnm. Roseville, furnished or unfurnished, JE30 per annum. Large Garden, Albert Road, Newtown, dE2. Gentleman's Residence, South Parade, im. mediate possession. South Cottage, Malvern Wells; large garden; zC25 Sporting Reside)ice, XSO per annum. Cottage and Gardenwer Road, New Town, 16/- monthly. Cottage, No. 9, Freeman's Buildings, 2/6 weekly. Small House, Southend Street, JE1 monthly. REDMARLEY. RTwo Cottages in the Village. TO BE SOLD. EDBURY.- mJ House, Shop and Premises at the Upper Cross, Ledbury. Two Cottages and Garden, Parkway, front ing main road. Country House and Grounds, £ 1,600. Four Cottages at Redmarley. Desirable Freehold Farm, about 70 acres. Small Holding at Leddington. Seven Building Allotments. House and very large garden, JE500. Building site, Albert Road, two plots adjoin ing. Cottages, Woodleigh Road. 6 Freehold Cottages and Gardens, Parkway Two Houses. Bye Street. REDMARLEY.— RCottage and Orchard. .For further particulars apply- HENRY GARROOD, SOLICITOR. LEDBURY. TO LET, Sitting Room and one or two Bed- JL rooms furnished or unfllrnished.-Apply, Box J.A., Repotter Oiffce, Ledbury. COTTAGE and Garden to let at Bradlow also small Portable Range for sale.—Apply, H Dew, The Cloisters, Ledbury. FOR SALE. FOR SALE, Orchard good Fruit, about 2 acres-apples, pears, plums, damsons, quantity walnuts, filberts and cob-nuts.—The Priory, Ledbuiy. PIANO for sale (by Robert Norman) £6.- I -Apply, G., Reporter Office, Ledbury. /RENT'S Cycle, quite new, Clincher Tyres, U. Sturmey Archer 3-speed latest improve- ments; cheap; £ 4 10s.—Apply, E. J., Reporter Office, Ledbury. FOR SALE, a Light Handœrt; solid-tyred Fwheels; suitable for a greengrocer or any tradesman.—To be seen at the Reporter Office.  ZANDERS, 1912^ 5 seater, 1 JLO ?\7 touring; fully equipped; .67?; any trial; low price for quick sale.—Swift, Ledbury. PURE BRED White Leghorn Cockerels for JL Sale April hatched, strong, healthy birds finest laying strain cheip for immediate sale.— 77, Albert-road, Newtown, Ledbury. GENT'S Cycle quite new Clincher tyres GSturiitey Archer 3-speed latest improve- ments cheap; £ 4 10s.—Apply, E.J., Reporter Office, Ledbnry. FOR SALE, Lady's Bicycle good condition £3; to be seen at the Reporter Office. PEDIGREE Shorthorn Bulls and Bnll Calves JL for sale from the very best strains both milk and beef atiains kept; separate stock bulls milk records kept. Inspection of the herd is cordially invited.—Wilfred Hewitt, The Home Farm, Hope End, Ledbnry. LOST AND FOUND. LOST, between the Cattle Market and Led- bury Park, a bird-shaped brooch, set with brilliants.—Finder rewarded on returning same to Manager, Reporter Office, Ledbury. MISCELLANEOUS. W ALL-PAPERS from lid per Roll. Any TV quantity, large or small, wholesale prices. Stock exceeds 250,000 rolls all classes. Write for patterns, stating class required. (Dept 377), Barnett Wail-Paper Co., Ltd., Knott; Mill, Manchester. I MPORTANT TO MOTHERS.-Every Mother who values the Health and Clean- liness of her Child should use HARRISON'S "RELIABLE" NURSERY POMADE. One application kills all Nits and Vermin, beautifies and strengthens the Hair. In tins, 4id and 9d. Postage Id.—Geo W Harrison, Chemist, Read- ing. Sold by Chemists. Ageut for Ledbary-A STEVENS (late Freeman), Chemist, Market Place; Newent, H Whittles; Colwall, Amos, Chemist. MILLIONS OF RATS HAVE BEEN SLAUGHTERED BY USING HARRISON'S RELIABLE" RAT POISON Equally good for Mice, Moles, and Beetles. Dogs and Cats will not touch it. Vermin dry up and leave no smell. Price 6d., 1° 28. 3d. and 3s. 8d. Postage 2d. G. W. HARRISON, Chemist, Reading. Sold by Chemists. Agent for Ledbury: V. W. MEACHAM, High St Newent: H. WHITTLES. Colwall: CLARK & AMOS. Lion I Bicycles, 15 5s. Od. Cash. Signed guarantee for 10 years. Now fitted with Three-Speed Gear without extra charge. SINCE 1905 I have advertised in this paper, and have made and sold over 18,000 machines. NO EXTRAS. Lamp, Bell, Pump, and every- thing included. Carriage paid. You can ride and test the machine for Ten Days. If you do not approve I pay all carriage. I have thousands of testimonials. Write to-day for copies, and the hnest Catalogue ever printed (with coloured illus- trations showing exact machines). GEORGE BEATSON, I Lion' Cycle Works, 84, Moseley Street, BIRMINGHAM. Payments if desired, 15s with order and 10s per month. REAL LEVER WATCH FREE. I f In the centre of the diagram —— t you see a figure 5. Arrange t 5 ) the figures 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 8 and j ) 9 in the remaining squares, so Ina| nm| J! that the columns total 15 each way. If correct and you comply with the con- dition we will send you, a Handsome Watch (with written guarantee) will be sent you ENTIRELY FREE OF COST. Send your answer NOW, enclosing stamp for reply.—BRITISH SUPPLY Co. (Dept 20), ILKESTON. W. F. WEST, Gi eeiagi ocer & Fruiterer, 38, Homend Street, Ledbury. All kinds of English and Foreign Fruits in season. ORANGES, Best Quality, 12 and 16 a Shilling. BANANAS, LEMONS, NUTS, &c. Fresh Vegetables of all Kinds Dally. New English Potatoes, lid. per lb. All Kinds of Brushes and Baskets In Stock. CHEAPEST HOUSE in TOWN for BASKETS. Wreaths and Crosses Of all kinds, at all prices, made to order on the shortest notice. ENGLISH AND AMERICAN DENTISTRY C. H. DOVEY ATTENDS LEDBURY EVERY TUESDAY From 11 a.m. till 5 p.m. at Mr. PEDLINGHAM, Grocer, Market Place, {),; "'1 ,.(j\¡" ',r 'L > t<, 'J ]L. I 1:' 't; :¡ J, }. TPI?T??TT ? HALF the Usual Cost. T EE T HFitted without extraction or pain, made on Vulcanite, Gold, and Alloy. Sets from One Guinea. We Re-make Teeth Supplied by ethers that have proved useless, at a trifling expense, and guarantee complete satisfaction Honesty ia the Best Policy, So the old proverb says, and we on our part believe it. We send out none but honest work at lowest prices. Give us a call. It will Cost you Nothing, As we make an examination of the mouth and give an estimate of the cost willingly without charge. You Fix the Price You can afford to pay, and we will meet you. We do not ask, nor do we wish, our patients to pay more than their means will permit. Patients may always depend On seeing Mr. Dovey personally, as he does not send assistants to his branches. Permanent Address— C.H. DOVEY, Anglesea House, Worcester Rd Gt. Malvern A. A. SHORTHOUSE, Ltd., MEAT & CATTLE SALESMEN, City Meat Market, BIRMINGHAM. All kinds of Cattle Sold on Commission. TELEPHONE-53 MIDLAND. TELEGRAPHIC ADDRESS 'MEAT" BIRMING'M. REASONS WHY RILEY'S should have your patronage in all matters a ppertilining to Pianos and Organs are liuraerous and convincing. A few will Miffice. RILEY'S have been the most "eutral and Principal Providers in the Kingdom for over sixty years. RILEY'S are also the Exclusive Agents for other makes which have obtained world-wide reputation. RILEY'S Business has been personally controlled through three genera- tions of the family, and the unfailing cour- tesy which has been extended to every patron in the past is cordially offered to you now. HENRY RILEY & SONS, CONSTITUTION HILL, BIRMINGHAM. Return Railway Fareb refunded to Purchasers RILEY'S WITH PRINCIPAL PIANO HOUSES, CLOSE SATURDAYS AT ONE. 1 If you have not already tried our "Guinea Ale," you are sure to do so in the near future. Then you will recognise, as others have done, that QUALITY is our best advertisement. Imperial Pints 2/3 per doz. LANE BROS. & BASTOW, Vine Brewery, Ledbury. Telephone—P.O. 12. ♦ PAINLESS DENTISTRY W. A. HOBSON, Lower Cross, LEDBURY. TI717TU Extracted, PAINLESS X JCJXJ X ijL Method. TEETH Artificial, from £ 1 Single Set. TEETH All Repairs Promptly X XX attended to (any maker) HOURS OF CONSULTATION Fridays, 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. Market Days (Tuesdays), 9-30 a.m. to 5 p.m. ADVICE FREE. Lower Cross, Ledbury (Next to New Inn Hotel). ESTABLISHED 1824. The Yorkshire Insurance Compui LIMITED. Reserve Funds nearly &3,000,000 Claims Paid exceed £ 6,500,000. CHAIRMAN EDWIN GRAY, ESQ. LIVE STOCK INSURANCE, Insure with thv wealthiest Company transact- ing this class of Insurance. For latest features including FOALING and other SPECIAL RISKS, see the Cempany's new prospectus, which may be had post Lee. WORKMEN'S COMPENSATION, Inoludingr DOMESTIC SERVANTS. ABSOLUTE PROTECTION against ALL LIABILI 7Y without limit as to amount, IN- CLUDING THE COSTS OF DEFENDING DOUBTFUL OR WRONGFUL CLAIMS, provi ed y this Company's policies. FIRE SURANCE. Survey made and minimum rates quoted re of charge. UFE DEPARTMENT. New Table of Life nsurance at Minimum Cost. The lowest prem ums charged by any British Life Office. Write or particulars. BRISTOL OFFICE :-2, Clare Street, Application for Agencies in unrepresented districts invited. r i r 8? ASK YOUR C?HEMMISSTT'O t Grocer or Wine Merchant, D FOR BURROW S I "ALPHA BRANND D" MALVERN WATERS You will find them Superior in Purity to all other Table Waters. IF NOT KEPT IN STOCK, apply to W. & J. BURROW, THE SPRINGS, MALVERN. ■ Malvem Soda, Malvern Seltzer, ■ Malvern Potash and Lithia Waters. 1 Six Dozen, Carriage Paid. 1 In Corked Bottles, Screw Stopper Bottles, I and BLUE SYPHONS A d. L. Larkworthy & Co., AGRICULTURAL ENGINEERS, WORCESTER, FOR Sheaf Binders, BY ALL LEADING MAKERS. Binder Twine. BEST QUALITY ONLY. Telephone-No. 46, Worcester. Telegrams—" Larkworthy, Worcester." J. ROMANS & Co., Ltd., GEORGE ROMANS Manager. TIMBER & BUILDERS' MERCHANTS, Docks, GLOUCESTER Large Selection of Well-seasoned Timber, Dea?s, Match and Floorin Boards, Mouddin?a, Skirtings, Out and Sawn Lath, Weather Boards, Oak and Deal Field Gates and Posts. Ladders. Ladder ?nd Scaffold Pal"p, ??dQe Corrugated Iron 8 set8. Noted Yard for Rough Boards, Scantlings, &ar~ other Tunber, suitable for Shedding, Fowl. Laam Garden and Farm purposes. Telephone Glouoester.