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LEDBURY BOARD OF GUARDIANS. The fortnightly meeting of the Ledbury Board of Guardians was held at the Board-room of the Union Workhouse on Tuesday morn- ing. Thsre were present—Mr W L Pritchett (Chairman), who presided, Mr J A Thompson (Vice-chairman), Revs A E Green-Price, WPP Matthews, Father Lynch, and A H Knapp, Miss Holland, Miss Lake, Alderman J Riley, Messrs S H Bickham, A G Bunn. L J C Riley, J Baughan, J Parry, junr., J J S Powell, H Bray, W Pitt, W S Lane, T S S Gardner, T W Holds, H Weston, H Cowell, T A Pedlingham, with the Clerk (Mr R Homes), the Relieving Officers (Mr A G Smith and Mr T Thompson), and the Master (Mr J Kendrick). A MEMBER'S BEREAVEMENT. Befora the commencement of business Mr Bunn proposed that a letter of sympathy be sent to Mr Fred Innes, a member of the board, who had suffered a deep and sudden bereavement « in the loss of his wife. Mr Gardner seconded and the resolution was carried. THE WORKHOUSE. The Master reported the number of inmates in the h()IH',) last: week as 30 against 63 for the corresponding period last year, an increase of 12. During tho fortnight 90 tramps were relieved as against 63, an increase of 22. He also reported the gifts of papers for the inmates from Miss Martin, Linden House, and Miss Wood, Ot-chardleigh. A serious burst of the water m".in had occurred in the women's yard, and it had been put right. Since then the meter showed t;he water used was 2,000 gallons per week, and b-fore then they had been using 4,000 gallons per week. He also reported that the inmates were entertained to their annual treat by Mrs Ballard, of Colwall. on the 15th inst., and it was thoroughly enjoyed by them all. He had also received an invalid chair for the infirmary from Miss Holland. Rev Father Lynch proposed that a letter of thanks be sent to the donors, to Mrs Ballard for her treat to the inmates, and to Miss Holland for the of a chair. Miss Holland said the chair belonged to the Colwall Nursing Association, but they had no use'for it, and she had had it done up and sent to the infirmary. Mr Thompson seconded the vote of thanks, and said it was extremely kind of Mrs Ballard to invite tho inmates to Colwall every year, and it wais an outing that they greatly enjoyed. (Hear, hear.) The resolution was carried unanimously. FINANCE. Mr Bickham stated that the balance in the bank was £ 1,676 188 3d. The cheques out- standing amounted to £400. and there had been received from the Herefordshire County Council the sum of C423 repayment of rate overpaid on the G.W.R. assessments. That amount would have to be repaid to the parishes and when those two items were paid there would be £ the bank, which was satisfactory. The Clerk stated that the cheque from the County Council for repayment of rate was £423 6s lOii, and that amount should be apportioned between the parishes, and he pro- posed to draw cheques for that amount. They claimed for the full amount for four half-years, and from what he heard from Mr Symonds, the clerk to the County Council, he thought they might get two half-yéa8, but he had received a further letter from Mr Symonds stating that no furtber-retum than for the last half-year would be made. The Rev Knapp: In what way will this money be refunded to the parishes ? The Chairman In proportion. The Rev Knapp Yes, but will it be paid back to the parishes and shall we get it off the next rate ? Mr Bickham said he would suggest that it be repaid to the parishes. re The Clerk said he had got out the figures, and could give them if desired. Mr Bickham (who is chairman of the Finance Committee) said he had had no opportunity to go into the matter, and would suggest that it be left over until the next meeting, which was agreed to. TENDERS FOR COAL. There was only one tender for the supply of coal for the ensuing twelve months, as follows:— Messrs Meates and Sons, Ltd.—Cannock Chase shallow kibbles, 14s per ton anthracite cobbles, 288 anthracite colliery screened 22s. These tenders were accepted, both qualities of anthracite to be tested. ILLNESS OF NEWLY-APPOINTED NURSE. The Clerk announced the receipt of a letter from Nurse Emily Hargreaves, of Prestwich Union, Manchester, who at the meeting a month ago was appointed nurse and assistant matron at the Workhouse, stating that she regretted she could not take the appointment and enclosed a doctor's certificate of illness and that she had to have three months' rest. On receipt of that letter, proceeded thaClerk, he wrote to Nurse Pattinson, who was one of the selected candidates for the appointment, but could not attend for the interview, and had recieved a. reply stating that she was open to accept the post, but would prefer to see the place before taking up the duties. It was decided to invite Nurse Pattinson to attend at the House for an interview with the Master, who was empowered to make the appointment on interview. tTHE MENTAL DEFICIENCY ACT. Mr Thompson reported that the conference of Boards of Guardians in the county took place on July 8, on the Mental Deficiency Act, and it was decided to obtain information ItS to any scheme workable through the Boards of Guardians. Until they knew the result of the corres- pondence, they would be unable to give any report. It was strongly urged that they should take the matter into their own hands if possible, and takt the Act in hand as far as it concerned them, but the difficulty was that certain Boards of Guardians seemed to stand aloof, and if the whole of the Boards of Guardians in the county would co-operate it would be desirable. If they did not and they had the County Council work- ing part of the Act and Boards of Guardians another part it would be somewhat difficult. This concluded the business of interest.