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NEWENT POLICE COURT. YESTERDAY (THURSDAY). Before Mr E Conder (rD the chair), Mr T H Hulls and Mr J L Stelfox. SCHOOL CASES. The following were summoned under the Education Act in respect of the non-attendance of their children at school:—William Merrick, Albert Kendrick, Mrs Young, all of Bromes- berrow William Day, of Oxenhall.; and William Parry, of Newent. Joseph Williams, school attendance officer, gave the necessary evidence and defendants were fined 2s 6d each, with the exception of Mrs Young, who was fined Is. DOGS NOT UNDER CONTROL. George Phillips, of Newent, was summoned for not keeping his dog under control on June 28. P.C. Hamblin proved the case and the defendant was fined 5s and 6s costs. John Shewell, of Huntley, was also charged with not having his dog under control, at Huntley, on July 11. P.C. Davey gave the necessary evidence, and the defendant was fined 5s and,6s costs. ,DRIVING WITHOUT LIGHTS. For driving without a light on the off side of ,his trap at Huntley on July 12, Albert Knight was fined 5s and 6s coats. P.O. Davey proved the case, and said he was on duty on the night of July 12, when he met defendant driving a horse and trap. Defendant had a light on the near side of the trap, but not on the off side. He stopped Knight, who said there was no candle for the lamp. Defendant: I asked you to mind your own business. There was no obstruction in the road. Defendant went on to say that he had lent his light to a man. He was only about 200 or 300 yards away from his home, and he ,cotild not see that there was any cause for him being stopped. The Chairman said it was a clear case to him ,that he had a light on the near side and not on the off side. If a motor had been coming along lie would think he had more room than there was, and there wquld have been an accident. He would be fined 5s and •J&s costs. Thomas Bowkett was charged with driving a horse and trap without a light on July 6, at Newent. P.C. Ingram proved the case, and the defend- ant was fined 7s 6d and costs 6s. NO NAME ON DOG COLLAR. Thomas James Poiner, of Dymock, was sum- moned for not having the name and address attached to the collar on his dog. P.C. Timmsgave the necessary evidence, and a fine of 5s 6d and 6s costs was inflicted. THEFT AND ASSAULT. Thomas Jirnest Gritton, said to hail trom Dudley, was charged with stealing a pack of playing cards, value 6d, and two half-pint cups, the property of W Scragg, the landlord of the Black Dog, Newent, on July 21. Mr R F Melville Harvey, solicitor to the Gloucester Licensed Victuallers' Association, appeared for the plaintiff, and said it appeared that on Tuesday last prisoner came into the Black Dog in company with his wife. William Scragg, the landlord of the Black Dog, saw Gritton sit down near a table and take the cards out of the drawer, and when defendant went out he noticed that they were not replaced. Mr Scragg called out to defend- ant to give him the cards back, and prisoner came out of the Churchyard and handed him back the pack, and at the same time took off his coat and struck Mr Scragg, who called the police. He then asked for the two half-pint cups, but defendant denied having them and again struck Scragg. Wm Scragg, landlord of the Black Dog, said that at 4.30 on Tuesday, prisoner came into his bar. He sat near the table where the cards were in a drawer, and he saw him take the cards (produced) from the drawer. There was also two half pints cups on the table. Prisoner left the house a few minutes afterwards. Witness went outside and asked for the cards and cups and said Brass up and don't play the fool, and clear out of the town." Prisoner said he had not got them and then went into the Churchyard and brought out the cards and handed them over to witness. Prisoner As true as there is a God above there was no cups mentioned. Witness Yea there was, sir. P.S. Clutterbuck said he arrested defendant at ten minutes past five, in the street near the churchyard, on July 21. The Chairman then asked defendant if he would be tried by a jury or summarily, and priaoaer replied that he would be tried by that coact, and pleaded not guilty. Prisoner said he went into the public house with his wife, and three men, and saw the cards on the other table. One of the men in public house auked him to give him the cards and he reached over for them and gave them to the man. Smbsequently they went out into the street, when one of the men said he had put the cards in prisoner's pocket and he then went into the Churchyard and hid them. L jMrs Gritton, wife of the prisoner, said she was from Dudley, and had been travelling on the road with her husband. They came into Newent on Tuesday and went into the Black Dog and sat down by a gentleman who asked her to have a drink, and asked her husband to pass the cards. They went outside and Mr Scragg asked her husband for the cards, which he denied having. They had been playing cards. Prosecutor denied that they had been playing cards in his house. Referring to the assault, prosecutor said that outside the house he asked prisoner for the half- pint cups, and Gritton merely pulled off his coat and struck him on the cheek and on the shoulder. He did not give the man any provo- cation whatever, but simply asked for the cards and cups. P.S Clutterbuck saij he was going through the churchyard about ten minutes past five, and saw prisoner take his jacket off and use a dirty


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